123 Movies Review and the Best Alternatives to look at

We are all movie fans and being able to get access to an enhanced experience with the best movies for free can be what would make it a rewarding experience ever. In case you are checking out the enhanced experience in the free movies, the 123Movies is a site that indeed lives up to the expectation.


Historical domains of 123movies and most recent ones in 2021

123Movies went through a host of iterations in terms of the domain name changes and was closed down in 2018. In fact, you may find a host of clones and services that have taken up the form of 123Movies. The last time the new domain came up for the site was with the name GoMovies.

The previous and historical domains of 123Movies have been 123Movies, GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, or 123movieshub. Referred to as the world's best and most popular illegal sites in March 2018. A few other popular domain names that were popular initially include GoMovies (GoMovies. to and GoMovies.is), GoStream (GoStream.is), MeMovies (MeMovies.to), and 123MoviesHub (123movieshub.to and 123movieshub.is).

The site was shut down as a result of a criminal investigation by the Vietnamese authorities, but it has been working even today as a through the clone sites.

A few of the domains you would find for 123Movies in 2021 would help you get access to 123movies new site name-

  • 123movies-a.com

  • 123moviesfree.net

  • 123movies-to.org

  • movies123.yoga/

  • ww5.0123movie.net

  • https://movies123.studio/

  • https://w-123movies.com/

  • http://online-123movies.net/

There are a host of 123movies websites clones that have been found to be one of the excellent options for achieving the excellent service quality.

What is 123Movies?

123Movies is a free online streaming service for the best movies you can think of. You can get access to a host of pirated movies and TV shows that you can get access to an enhanced experience. The service does provide you access to the movie content at no cost and with a hassle-free efficiency.

123Movies is a network of around 12 websites and works with a single domain that works across several websites. One of the excellent options offered by the service is that you will get access to a host of newly released movies. You do not need to signup or log in to the site for watching any of the content. The streaming service provides you access to a host of content across different genres. That is exactly what makes it one of the excellent options for one of the most popular streaming websites.

Can you watch the latest and upcoming movies on 123 Movies?

Watching the latest and upcoming movies can be a great option with 123Movies. The content available on 123Movies is, in fact, not hosted on its own servers. The site does come with a mechanism where you are redirected to several different movie streaming servers.

The primary advantage that you stand to gain with this mechanism is quite impressive. In essence, since the site does not host any of the movies on its own, you stand to gain a huge advantage wherein it can simply connect with any site that hosts a new or upcoming movie.

8 Best 123 movies alternatives

Having understood the prime features offered by 23Movies, here are a few of the excellent 123Movies alternatives that have created a name for themselves.

  1. Soap2Day

Soap2Day has been rated to be one of the excellent options for the best alternative to 123Movies. You can be assured of a great library of free movies with the high-quality graphics ever. You can also find a great deal of daily soaps on the streaming service that would further take you ahead in terms of an excellent service performance.


The streaming service does provide you access to a huge number of categories that you can opt for. Some of the best genres include Action, Horror, Adventure, Fantasies, Musicals, Biography, Drama, Comedy, and several other worthy options. That would make it rather easy to find your shows right away. The dark theme of the site and other usability features further to make it something you would find quite interesting.

  1. MoviesJoy

One of the latest entrants among the free streaming services for the best movies and other video content, MoviesJoy is a good alternative to 123Movies. You will find absolutely no ads or other popups that may disturb you in any way whatsoever. You can watch your favorite movies without registration and signup.


The constant movie updates offered by the service can further make it one of the excellent options. The movie library keeps getting the new movies and shows right away on a regular basis. You can keep expecting fresh and regular content at regular intervals. Each of the movies comes with a synopsis and a host of other information about the movie. You can get access to info that includes IMDB rating, genre, duration, video quality, and other content.

  1. YesMovies

In case you are looking for a high-quality live streaming, it can be one of the excellent options to go with the YesMovies service. A huge data of movies available on the service can definitely make it one of the excellent options for most of your requirements. The modern and minimalistic look offered by the service can be one of the strongest factors in its favor.


The availability of dark mode should be one of the unique concepts that can be a great option ever. The dedicated search bar is what would provide you access to an easier and quicker navigation. You have both numeric and alphabetical search functionality. The service does offer you several genres that include Action, Adventure, Animation, Documentary, Mystery, Thriller, War, and more.

  1. 123movies4u

A great alternative to 123Movies, the 123movies4u can prove to be one of the excellent options. The service provides you access to a far more advanced options through the movies and TV shows. The service is quite clean and simple in terms of the interface and usability . You will not have any annoying pop-up ads so that you will be able to watch the content as per your preferences.


The service does provide you access to an option to browse the collection of movies through a search bar. You also have access to the option to check the IMDB rating of the movies.

  1. FMovies

Any list of the best 123Movies alternatives will not be complete without FMovies. It has been regarded as one of the oldest and most respected streaming services ever found there. The site specializes in the movies released since 2009 and can be a great source for the fresh content. The high-quality downloads you stand to gain can be yet another premium option you would find rather interesting.


One of the excellent options we found rather rewarding can be it can be controlled through the keyboard shortcuts. The millions of unique visitors per month should stand as a proof of the high-end performance offered by FMovies. Just like 123Movies, FMovies is also a series of different websites that have been bundled together.

  1. SolarMovies

SolarMovies is yet another excellent option for the excellent performance when it comes to the best alternatives for 123Movies. It can also double up as a great option for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. The polished appearance of the service should be yet another prime feature that should further make it one of the excellent options.


The services offered by the service have been rated to be exemplary. The streaming service lets you get access to a host of advanced options for the additional information of the movie. Some of the options additional information offered would include IMDB rating, synopsis, and other details. The content is streamed in HD quality making it all an exciting experience.

  1. GoStream

The lack of pop-ups and ads along with the high-end quality are a few of the prime features that make it one of the best alternatives to 123Movies. The service links to redirect to sponsored sites. A few pop-ups and redirects are visible and that may perhaps be one of the serious issues you may come across with the streaming service. You may use an ad blocker for solving this issue.


The content library offered by GoStream is quite extensive. You would find a wide range of classics, blockbusters, and a host of other genres. Any movie buff will get access to a huge number of options you would indeed fall in love with. The content library is regularly updated. You will find something new on the platform every time you browse it.

  1. Yify TV

The Yify TV is one of the excellent options for a torrent site and provides you access to a very high degree of an amazing collection of movies and TV shows. You need not create an account or register on the site for getting access to your favorite content . The ability to stream and download the content can further enhance your experience.

Yify TV

The advanced search bar should be one of the excellent options for finding your favorite movie. The streaming service also categorizes the movies into genres and years of release. You can also make use of the tags for arriving at the best possible understanding of the content library .

How to Download movies from 123Movies?

Downloading movies from 123Movies can be one of the easiest ever options. Most of the content available on 123Movies or even the alternatives to 123Movies do offer you the download options. You can simply use the functionality to download the content that is available for download.

However, not every movie may be available for download. Moreover, you may also find that the download quality may be limited. One of the prime issues you are likely to come across can be that you may need to download the movies and another content one by one.

Could you download directly from streaming services?

Is it possible to download movies directly from 123Movies or the other 123Movies alternatives? Well, you can try out a host of the options for downloading the content from the streaming services. Y2Mate Video Downloader is one of the excellent products that can assist you in downloading your content across multiple services and platforms.

download directly

Y2Mate lets you download content from a wide range of streaming services apart from 123Movies. Some of the features that make it one of the prime options can include:

Download Movies offline
No wait time to download
  • No wait time to download movies from streaming services
  • Free to download videos to MP4/MP3 forever
  • Download movies, TVs and shows up to 8K resoultion
  • Batch download and faster speed
  • Support for multiple streaming services – The Y2Mate does support a huge range of services apart from 123Movies. You can use it to Download Netflix Offline or even to Download Hulu Shows . The other options available on the platform include U-Next Downloader , HBO Max Download and even to Download Amazon Prime Video .

  • Options for a high-quality video and audio download – Y2Mate Video Downloader is one of the exciting options for downloading a high-quality video at 1080p. You can also be assured of downloading your content in the best audio quality on C 5.1 channel.

  • Subtitles and metadata information – You can download the videos along with the subtitles embedded within the video or you may choose to download the subtitles separately as an SRT file. You can download additional info such as movie title, cast, genre, plot, and storyline . This can be helpful in organizing your movies and other content efficiently.

  • High-speed download – You can be assured of a very high-speed download capability. If you opt for hardware acceleration, you can opt for a 2x download capability.


Final Words

123Movies s indeed a great service for an enhanced streaming service ever. Offering you access to a wide range of movies across different genres and categories, 123Movies should be what should make it a truly rewarding option ever. If you are not able to get 123Movies for any reason, the 123Movies alternatives here should help you get access to the best possible experience ever.

Now for downloading the content across these streaming services, Y2Mate Video Downloader has been rated as a great solution ever for almost all your expectations. A great video downloader, it can be useful in Download Disney Plus Movies or even to Download Amazon Prime Video .