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What is Amazon Live?

Amazon Prime Video, which is one of the most popular and entertaining streaming services that entertainment freaks around the globe vouch for is known for introducing a few unique services and features along with the outstanding content such as Shahadi Wright Joseph movies. One such service that was recently announced includes the Amazon Live service. Want to know what is Amazon Live and how to use it? Let us try finding out more about the Amazon Live service.

What is Amazon Live?

Amazon Live refers to the Amazon live streaming platform specifically designed for the eCommerce service providers and sellers. This platform is used by the Amazon influencers to host the live streams to demonstrate their products and also recommend their products on Amazon to their uses and clients.

What is Amazon Live?

Amazon Live is completely different from Amazon Prime Video but is specifically built a platform for eCommerce sellers. It acts as a live streaming platform and also provides access to an on-demand video of the previous streams. The platform is specifically created for the benefit of sellers who can use it as a tool for the live video content of their products.

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How to use the Amazon Live program?

The Amazon Live program can be used if you are a seller registered on Amazon. It is a sales tool for Amazon sellers, and that should be something quite obvious. The platform is not available for the general public, as in the case of YouTube.

Make sure that you fulfill the following conditions when using Amazon Live as a service –

  • You should be a professional Amazon seller
  • You should be registered on the Amazon Brand Registry
  • You should own an iOS device – either iPhone or iPad
  • You need to have access to a powerful internet connection

To use Amazon, you can follow a couple of different choices and options.

Using the Amazon Live creator app

You can use the Amazon Live Creator app available on the App store. You can only download it on iPhones. Sign in to the app with your Amazon Advertising Console account. You should create your brand registry account.

What is Amazon Live?

Once you are signed in to the Live Creator app, you can create your live streams and even check your previous live streams.

Using the Broadcast option for the recorded video

If you already have a pre-recorded video, you can make use of suitable broadcast software for the purpose.

Where can one watch Amazon Live videos or live streams?

The Amazon live videos or live streams can be watched in several locations on the Amazon app or the web version of Amazon. The live stream can appear on the information page for the product that you are searching for, or it may also appear when you search for the particular brand as a whole.

There can be several locations and placements where the shoppers on Amazon tend to browse for their favorite products. If you want to watch all the live streams, you can go to the Amazon Live section directly.

What is Amazon Live?

The Best Practices recommended for Amazon Live

Amazon has recommended sticking to certain best practices before you can make use of the Amazon Live services. Let us try finding a few of the best practices that you are expected to follow here.

  • Your live streams should be at least 30 seconds at a time. More streaming time is recommended
  • Encourage the audience to interact with you. You are expected to encourage the shoppers to interact with you when watching the live stream.
  • Use off-call-to-action options can further improve the performance of your live stream.
  • You too are expected to engage live with your shoppers.
  • Showcasing the products in action is recommended. Just showing the products will not be a good idea.
  • You are also expected to share the Amazon Live streams with your audience outside the Amazon interface
  • Opting for the live streams when you have any special deals running can also be a good idea.

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What are the advantages of the Amazon Live program?

The Amazon Live program can be the best option for providing you access to a great degree of experience in improving your footfall and helping you impress your clients. It can be a great way to boost your sales more effectively.

Some of the advantages that you stand to gain with the Amazon Live program can include

  • It can be a great option to create brand awareness.
  • It can create a better impact on the eCommerce arena
  • The live chat feature can be handy in letting you engage with the shopper.
  • It can be a perfect choice to help the clients get access to special offers, benefits, and product features
  • It can be an excellent choice for the best influencer program.

Is there any way to download Amazon Prime videos offline?

Amazon Live videos can be easily downloaded by following the right steps offered by the streaming service itself. However, the default download option can perhaps be limited in nature when it comes to the features. That is perhaps why it is recommended to use a third-party downloader to ensure better performance.

The Y2Mate Amazon Downloader is one of the excellent options that you would find quite impressive in letting you download the videos on Amazon with ease. The downloader provides you access to all the titles available on the platform. The downloaded titles do not come with an expiry date which should be yet another added advantage.

The Concluding Thoughts

Amazon is one of the most unique and exciting options for the best eCommerce platform ever. The Amazon Live platform is one of the most unique choices for eCommerce sellers to showcase their promotional videos and live streams to influence potential clients and shoppers on Amazon. The information shared here can be helpful in providing you access to one of the excellent experiences in how to deal with the Amazon Live service with ease and simple service quality.

If you want to download Amazon videos for offline viewing, the Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader should double up as a great service in almost every respect. Check it out and enjoy one of the most excellent experiences ever.

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