Top 4 Ways for Amazon Prime Music Download

In case you are an Amazon Prime member, you are perhaps aware of the service offered by Amazon Prime Music. Or simply called Amazon Music. The Prime membership provides you access to more than 2 million songs and playlists for achieving high-end features of options that can enhance your viewing experience by several counts. But, have you ever given a thought to find how to download Amazon Music to your PC or any other device for offline listening? 

NOTE: There are many solutions to download amazon movies, here we provide doesn't against the copyright infringement, which should be only for personal use instead of commercial distribution.

Top 4 ways for Amazon Prime Music Download -The Best options for your needs

While Amazon offers an on the ap feature to help you get access to enhanced performance with the download functionality, there are a few other options as well that can further enhance and improve your Amazon Music download experience further. 

1. Amazon Music Prime 

Amazon Music Prime can be one of the excellent options for downloading the content from its service. However, do note that the music you download on the official app will only be available through the app, and cannot be accessed outside the app in any way. 

Here is how you can go with it for the best Amazon MP3 downloader: 

  • Launch Amazon Prime Music 
  • Pick the music file you want to download 
  • Tap on the three-dot menu on the top left

  • Click the option for Download. 

You will need to choose the internal or external storage as per your preferences for the Amazon MP3 downloader to save your files. 

amazon music download

The file will be instantly downloaded. You can access your music file through your profile and play it without the internet. 

2. TunePat Amazon Music Converter

The TunePat Amazon Music download and Converter can be one of the exciting choices for almost all your needs in an improved and enhanced option for Amazon Music download. The files can be saved to your local computer in several formats such as MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF. 

amazon prime music download

With practically no need to install any other extra application, the Amazon mp3 downloader software can download and export your Amazon Prime Music to your PC or Mac. The ability to download music with the ID3 tags intact and a lossless output should be what would make it one of the excellent choices under almost all circumstances. With TunePat, you can back up your Amazon Music, transfer your music to the other devices and play the music on multiple devices.

3. Amazon Music Converter

The Amazon Music Converter can be one of the excellent and one stop solutions for almost all your expectations in Amazon Music download. The toll can double up as a great choice for downloading every type of content from Amazon Prime and Amazon Music download unlimited. 

The offline streaming service offered by the service can be what would provide you a huge degree of performance ever in terms of Amazon Prime Music download. The capability to download a high quality of the video can be what makes it one of the excellent services ever. It can be helpful in downloading both Amazon Video and music in HD quality which further enhances and improves your experience. 

How to download Amazon Prime movies, shows, and TV shows?
If you are checking out the best options for downloading a wide range of movies, TV shows, and other types of content on Amazon Prime, you can opt for an all in one service Amazon Music download service for the best possible experience in the realm of how to work with the best Amazon Prime Videos, music files and other types of content. 

amazon mp3 downloader

Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader is what would provide you a far more powerful performance ever in downloading any kind of content with ease and simplicity. Of course, you will also be able to get access to several other types of content across a few other select streaming services as well. 

4. Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader

Features of Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader:

  • High-quality Amazon Prime Video Download: The service provides you access to a truly high-quality video and music download. The efficiency to download videos in high quality as 1080p should be what makes it one of the huge advantages offered by the tool. You can also get access to an AC 5.1 audio channel which should further make it a great choice. 

  • Faster Video Download: In case you are checking the right options for an improved experience for a faster video download, Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader should be what provides you a great performance. 

  • Download your videos with subtitles: The Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader provides you access to the ability to save videos with additional information. You can either download your videos with subtitles or decide to remux the subtitles along with the video. 

  • The Meta info addition: The Amazon Prime Downloader lets you get access to additional information in the form of movie name, cast, genre, plot, and the storyline for your needs. This can be helpful in creating playlists on your devices. 

  • Auto Download functionality: In case you are watching a series, the software detects that it is a series and looks for the other episodes of the same series. The auto download features in the background

  • Batch Download features: The batch download feature offered by the Y2Mate Amazon Prime downloader should further make it a great option by every count. You can download several movies and TV shows in one go with the Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader. 
Y2mate Downloader
Y2mate Downloader is an one-stop solution to download movies from HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount Plus, U-Next offline in 1080p and 5.1 audio channel.


Download HBO Max and Amazon Prime
No wait time to download
  • No wait time to download YouTube video
  • Free to download YouTube video to MP4/MP3 forever
  • Download YouTube video up to 8K resoultion
  • Batch download and faster speed

Step 1: Install and launch Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader 

Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader is available on the official product page. Simply download the installer and install it on your device. 

download amazon music

Step 2: Opt for the options for streaming services section 

Choose the streaming services section. You will find the services currently available on the platform. Currently only Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max are supported and other services will be added in the future. You can pick the services as per your preferences. 

Step 3: Choose Amazon Prime from within the built-in browser 

Click on Streaming services on the left pane and pick the option for Amazon Prime. Sign in to your Amazon Prime account. Go to the video you want to download. 

Step 4: Click on the Ready to Download option for selecting audio and subtitle details 

Once you are in the video option, click on the video or on the Ready to Download option. You will be able to choose the downloading parameters for downloading the video. Click on the Download Now option to begin downloading the video. You can keep watching the video while it is being downloaded. 

Why Would You Choose Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader?

Y2Mate is an excellent option for downloading your favorite content across several streaming services. In addition to Amazon Prime music Downloads, it also provides you access to HBO Max Download and  Disney Plus download. More services will be added in a phased manner such as Hulu Video download and Netflix download option as well.  And you could download videos from more streaming services like the below:

You could try to download the best amazon prime horror movies, check out more: 

Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime

The ease of use and a streamlined interface are a few of the factors that further make it one of the exciting choices. The facilities such as subtitle downloads, extra information such as movie name, and the batch download functionality further make it one of the choicest options. The service does provide you access to an enhanced experience in downloading the content with several benefits. Get it once and check out the benefits that it offers you. 

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