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Amazon Watch Party

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most promising streaming services. The streaming service provider recently launched a service called Amazon Watch party. What is the Amazon Watch party, and how does the Amazon watch party work? We will check out the best options for enjoying one of the excellent experiences.

Amazon Watch party – What is it?

The Amazon watch party is a unique feature wherein all the members of the Prime Video subscribers or the Prime members can create a group movie viewing environment. It will be a great feature in these pandemic-driven times where it is still a little tough choice to hang out with friends.

Amazon Watch Party

The feature can be one of the unique options that you would find impressive in enjoying a movie with your friends even when they are in remote places and are not physically close together. The service is made available on smart TVs and even a host of streaming devices such as Roku and gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation. If you have movies to watch with friends, the Watch Party should be a great option in this connection.

It should be noticed that the Amazon Prime Watch party started by an Amazon Prime member in the United States cannot be joined by an Amazon Prime Video member in the United Kingdom or vice versa. This is perhaps something you need to take note of before inviting anyone to your watch party.

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How to use Amazon Watch Party?

The steps involved in how to make use of the Amazon Watch party are quite self-explanatory and easy to use. Let us check out the right steps in how to use Amazon watch party.

Follow the steps here below –

  • Go to the Amazon Prime Video website on your desktop devices.
  • Ask all your friends who want to be a part of the watch party to simultaneously open their Amazon Prime Video site on their desktops as well.

Amazon Watch Party

  • Type in the name of the movie that you would want to be a part of the watch party.
  • The title or info page for the movie should show you the watch party option

Amazon Watch Party

  • You will need to pick a chat name before you can create a watch party. You will need to use this chat name to chat with your friends when watching the movie.

Amazon Watch Party

  • Click on Create Watch party
  • Now share the link with whoever you would want to be a part of your watch party. You can share the link with up to 100 people.

Amazon Watch Party

Do note that each of the invitees will need to be a Prime subscriber. No Prime subscribers will not be able to enjoy or be part of your watch party. If you are wondering how many people can watch Amazon Prime watch party, you an invite as many as 100 people to your watch party.

Once everyone has joined and everyone is appropriately set, you can instantly begin watching your show or movie right away. As you keep watching your movie or the show as a group, you can continue to chat and share your inputs and have a review of the movie on the go. That can be one of the excellent options to help you in how to do a watch party on Amazon Prime.

What content is available on the Amazon Watch party?

Do note that the title or movie that you are looking to watch as part of the watch party needs to be on Prime. If it forms part of the add-ons, it will not be available at the watch party. You will not be able to have a watch party with the Premium Channels.

Some of the shows and content that you would find impressive can include My Spy, Troop Zero, Jack Ryan, Lore, Carnival Row, and many others. The other titles can consist of Downton Abbey, Vikings, Chicago P.D., Hotel Artemis, Dirty Dancing, Takers, The Spy Who Dumped Me, and more. You can even watch the movies such as Girl in the basement.

What devices can you watch the titles on as part of your Amazon Prime Watch party?

The Amazon Watch party option is available only on the web version of Amazon Prime Video. You would find the feature available on almost all the mainstream browsers irrespective of which operating system you are on.

The Amazon Watch party option is not available on the Safari browser. The feature was available initially only on the Fire TVs, but it has now been extended to most of the Smart TV options. The Prime Video app on most of mobile devices does support Amazon Watch party chat alone, and not the movie or the show that you are watching. You can chat with your friends on your mobile devices while watching the movie or the title on your computer.

Can you watch Amazon Prime Video shows offline?

Amazon Prime Video does provide you with default or built-in download functionality on its platform. However, the default download option does come with a few limitations. To begin with, the download functionality is not available on every title available on the streaming service. The downloaded titles come with an expiry date and will not be available to you forever.

The best third-party downloader that you would find much impressive can be the Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader. The powerful downloader provides you access to a full-fledged download functionality on almost every title on Amazon Prime Video. Your downloaded titles do not have any sort of expiry date, and you will be able to keep them with you forever as long as you do not decide to delete them. The built-in browser that forms part of the downloader helps you watch, download and browse for your titles from streaming services without hassles of any nature.

The Concluding Thoughts

Amazon Prime Video is one of the popular streaming services and has become something the entertainment freaks have been seriously looking forward to. The Amazon Watch Party is one of the unique features that has been launched recently. It provides you with one of the simplest and easiest options to help you in terms of watching your favorite movies and other titles with your friends without the need to be in the vicinity of one another. The info shared above on how to enjoy an Amazon Watch party without hassles should indeed be helpful in getting access to a great experience

In case you are looking to download the titles for offline viewing from Amazon Prime Video, the use of a third-party downloader can prove to be much helpful. The Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader should prove to be a great option in helping you download the titles effectively. Check it out once, and you will find it to be a great option in the long run.

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