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Is Apowersoft free? Paid? What is the difference between the online and installed versions?

Apowersoft is a free software for PC screen recording. Currently, there are many free software for PC screen recording, but Apowersoft is the most popular free software for PC screen recording because it is easy to use even for beginners.

Apowersoft has an online version and an installed version, and we will explain the difference between them.

There is also a solution if you have mistakenly registered the paid version.

Apowersoft has an online version and an installed version!

Apowersoft has an online version and an installed version. The differences and features between the two types are explained below.

The online version of Apowersoft is free!

The online version of Apowersoft is a free service. You need to install the activation tool on your PC only for the first time, but after that, you can use it online as long as you have an Internet connection, so it does not burden your PC storage.

The installed version of Apowersoft is paid!

Apowersoft's installed version is used by installing the application on your PC, and although there is a 3-day free trial period, it is essentially a paid service. If you install the application with the intention of using it for free, after three days you will receive a message saying that future free use will be limited in functionality and that you are advised to upgrade to the paid version.

The functionality restrictions are that the Apowersoft product mark will be displayed on the recorded video, and the recording time will be limited to a maximum of 3 minutes. Upgrading to the paid version removes these limitations and provides full technical support. The online version is comparable to the free version, so if you are considering using this free software, please make sure you are using the right type.

If you have accidentally registered the paid version by mistake

If you accidentally install an Apowersoft application and start using the installed version, do not worry.

It will not upgrade you to the paid version without your permission. If you receive a message prompting you to upgrade to the paid version, uninstall the application and start using the online version again.

Apowersoft Alternative: Y2Mate Downloader

Apowersoft's paid version is reasonably priced, but it can only download videos from free sites like YouTube.

For those of you who want to download videos even from paid subscription sites, here is a downloader that is more extensive and convenient to use than Apowersoft.

Y2Mate downloader is an all-in-one video preservation software that supports almost all distribution services.

The advantages of Y2Mate over Apowersoft include

  1. One product can be purchased and used on any site
  2. Easier setup process
  3. More extensive pricing plans

and more.

To elaborate, the settings screen will automatically appear during downloading, and you can set all the settings such as destination, subtitles, quality, etc. from there.

If your video has subtitles, they will be detected automatically, so there is no need to set them yourself.

If you visit the official website, you will see many products for different sites, but in fact, if you download one of them, you can download videos from all sites.

In addition, you can try them out for a reasonable monthly price, as well as annual and perpetual plans. As for the free version, there is a limit to the number of videos you can download, but all other features are available as in the official version, so why not take this opportunity to give it a try?

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