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Does Apowersoft have a virus? Verify its safety!

Apowersoft is a Hong Kong-based software development company known for its PC screen recording software.

Since the developer is an overseas company, there are concerns about viruses and scams, so we tested Apowersoft's safety just to be sure.

What is Apowersoft?

Apowersoft is a free software for PC screen recording. Currently, there are many free software for PC screen recording, but Apowersoft is the most popular free software for PC screen recording because it is easy to use even for beginners.

Safety and danger of Apowersoft

Apowersoft is a reputable service that is easy and convenient to use because it can be operated almost entirely on the web, but on the other hand, safety and risks such as viruses are a concern. Below we explain the safety and risks associated with the use of Apowersoft, including viruses.

No virus or other risks have been reported.

There are currently no reports of major trouble cases regarding safety and risks related to viruses and other risks. If you have anti-virus security software installed on your PC, you can avoid damage caused by viruses and use Apowersoft without any danger.

Safe because of the large number of users

Information supporting Apowersoft's safety is the large number of users currently using Apowersoft's services.

According to Wikipedia, Apowersoft currently serves more than 30 million users in over 100 countries and territories worldwide. The fact that so many users have not reported any damage, danger, or major problems caused by viruses is a testament to Apowersoft's safety and reputation.

Apowersoft Reviews

A search on the Internet revealed the following pros and cons about Apowersoft.

Despite a few problems, I think it's a pretty big advantage to be able to complete the process using only a browser. Very convenient when you want to record a screen quickly."

When I click the "Start Recording" button, the screen does not change to the screen I was using until then (the app starts up and I specify the range and other settings). I'm sure there are a lot of people out there, including myself, who are having trouble with this.

The usability wasn't bad, but it would often fail to start and I would have to re-install the launcher. And finally, when I re-installed the launcher, it wouldn't start, and all I got was a screen asking me to re-install the launcher."

If I may give my personal opinion, I feel that this software is indeed for beginners. I think that people who want to use it especially for saving movies may be particular about image quality, etc., but in many cases, depending on the work, it is not possible to maintain the image quality. In addition, it is quite heavy for long movies. After all, it is different from downloading software, so it may not meet all your needs.

Y2Mate Downloader as an alternative to Apowersoft

Y2Mate Downloader is an all-in-one video preservation software that supports almost all distribution services. To give you a clearer introduction to Y2Mate's downloading capabilities, we have summarized its benefits in the table below.


Y2Mate Downloader


Main Features

Video download and playback from almost all free and paid distribution sites

PC screen recording


Automatically detected

Not supported

Picture Quality

Up to 8K

As-recorded video

Usage Limits

Monthly to annual and perpetual plans available

All features are available from the free version

Monthly to perpetual licenses available

Restrictions depend on the plan.

As you can see, Y2Mate Downloader has richer functions for downloading, making it a good choice for those who usually enjoy video content in their home theaters. It is very easy to use.

After launching the software, you will see icons for the various services available, so simply select the service you want to use or copy and paste the video link to start downloading automatically.

The next screen that appears allows you to set the picture quality, subtitles, and other settings. It is easy to use and beginner-friendly for its features. The service also comes with a 30-day free money-back plan, so in the unlikely event that you are unable to download the video you want, you can still get your money back. Of course, you should try the free trial first to get a better understanding of Y2Mate's advantages.

The best video companion for all streaming services.
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