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Apple TV Remote Not Working

Did you find your Apple TV remote not working? There can be several reasons that would make Apple TV remote not working. You can check out the right options that would meet individual needs. Leet us explore several options that you would find much impressive and helpful in fixing your Apple TV remote not working.

How to fix Apple TV remote not working?

Let us explore a few of the fixes that can assist you in fixing the issues of Apple TV remote not working.

Apple TV Remote Not Working

Fix 1. Charge it Up!

That should be the first fix that you would need to go for. The remote might have the batteries exhausted. Make sure that the Apple TV remote battery on your remote is charged to the full capacity. You would need to charge the remote for at least 30 minutes.

Under ideal conditions, a single charge on your remote should last several months. You would ideally get a notification on your remote when the charge is less than 20 percent. You can either charge the built in battery or insert a new battery depending on the individual situations.

Fix 2 – Reset your Apple TV remote

Resetting your apple TV remote should be one of the easiest options that should fix Apple TV remote not working. You can follow a few simple steps to help you reset Apple TV remote.

Apple TV Remote Not Working

Follow the steps here below –

  • Turn on your Apple TV
  • Point your remote towards the Apple TV
  • Press and hold back the Back and Volume keys for a few seconds
  • You should find the message appear on your screen about pairing the remote.

Bring your remote closer to the TV to begin the pairing process. This should get your Apple TV remote back to the working condition

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Fix 3. Restart your Apple TV

Restarting your Apple TV should be yet another easy and simple option to help you in fixing Apple TV remote not working. That way, your remote will be able to communicate with your TV afresh.

3 Easy Ways to Reboot Your Apple TV

Unplug your Apple TV from the power source. Wait for at least 6 seconds and power your TV back on. This will make your Apple TV to boot up. You should find if the remote works fine now.

Fix 4. Restart your remote

If restating Apple TV does not work, you can consider restarting your Apple TV remote. Make sure that your remote is charged fully and you have kept your TV ON, follow the steps here below –

  • Pres and hold Control Center/TV button and Volume Down button for around 5 seconds
  • Keep looking at the status light on your Apple TV
  • When the status light flashes, release the buttons.
  • You should find a message Remote Connection Lost
  • Wait a for a while
  • You should find the Remote Connected message in around five to six seconds.

That would do it and your Apple TV remote is restarted. Check if this resolves the issue with your Apple TV remote.

Fix 5. Unpair and repair your remote

If the above steps do not work, you can unpair your Apple TV remote and repair it. It is quite possible that the remote might have been unpaired or there may be a few glitches with your remote that may need to be addressed.

Easy Guide to Pair Apple TV Remote

To pair your Apple TV remote with your TV, follow the steps here below –

  • Place your remote around three to four inches away from the main Apple TV that you want to connect it to.
  • In case you have 1st gen Siri remote, press and hold down the volume up button along with Menu button simultaneously for five seconds.
  • If you have 2nd gen Siri remote, press and hold down the volume up button and back button for five seconds
  • If you have an older Apple TV remote, hold the menu button and the left arrow for six seconds. This will make the remote to unlink. Hold the Menu button once again along with the right arrow for six seconds, and you will be able to connect easily enough.

If you are able to pair up your Apple TV remote with your Apple TV, you should find the message on your screen.

If everything else fails….?

If you have tried each of those fixes and found that your Apple TV is not responding, the only option that you would find good enough to fix the issue would be to replace the remote. Apple TV remote replacement should be your last resort to fix the error.

You can perhaps get in touch with the Apple customer support or buy a new remote. Until the time you can fix the remote and get it back to the working condition, you can use your iPhone, iPad or any other compatible iOS device and use it as a remote. You can do this simply by following the path Settings > Control Center and add the “Apple TV Remote” shortcut to your “Included Controls” list.

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Can you watch a few Apple TV shows offline until your Apple TV remote is fixed?

Until the time your Apple TV remote is fixed, you can check out if you can download a few of your favourite Apple TV shows and watch them offline. You would need to check out the best third party tools for downloading the best possible experience.

In our view, Y2Mate Apple TV Plus Downloader should be one of the excellent options from this perspective. The ability to download the Apple TV shows in a high end quality should make it stand apart from the rest. The downloader also offers you a faster batch download capability which should further make it a formidable choice. The high speed downloads in MP4 can definitely prove to be one of the excellent options that you would find much unique.

The Closing Thoughts

Apple TV remote not working can definitely be quite annoying and frustrating. In case you are checking out the best options for fixing the issue of Apple TV remote not working, there are several fixes that you can apply. The tips and fixes that we have outlined in the above discussion can indeed prove to be helpful in how to fix the issues effectively and efficiently.

In case you are looking forward to the best experience in downloading the Apple TV content for offline viewing, picking the Y2Mate Apple TV downloader can indeed prove to be quite impressive. Check out the tool and find how effective it can be in meeting your download requirements of Apple TV shows.

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