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What Should You Do Before Canceling Netflix Membership

Reading the title, you may be thinking that I will show you the negative aspects of Netflix and ask you to cancel the Netflix membership. Bang on! Nothing like what you're thinking and figuring out in your mind. Rather, I would like to suggest to you some concrete advice you can consider after reading the full article. Later you will decide whether you cancel the membership or keep watching.


Surveys and statistics on various live streaming channels reveal a down surge in the numbers of Netflix membership for the last 6 months. Viewers stop watching Netflix shows and movies, cancel their membership plan, and delete their accounts.

If you plan to stop watching Netflix and cancel the membership and delete the account, you need to pay attention to your reading the article. Next, I'll tell you why viewers start cancelling their Netflix accounts.

Reasons why viewers leave Netflix and cancel their membership permanently!

The reason may vary from person to person, and the decision is purely made by you on which live stream you will watch and which not. Let me tell you some of the prominent reasons that people start leaving Netflix.

Less viewing of licensed content

When Netflix started the live stream showing maximum numbers of licensed content and strictly prohibited showing on the other live stream. Slowly the channel decreases the numbers of licensed content and starts showing random content that viewers refuse to watch anymore by paying to Netflix.

paying to Netflix

Subscription hike

When the quality went down, Netflix's authority hiked the subscription amount and lost members. Viewers do not spend money on the least authoritative content, repeated content, filthy shows that do not attract the thrilling feeling.

Repetitive content

The shows and web series have been repeatedly viewed on Netflix. Even repeat sessions also get the irritation of the watchers. It is one of the prime reasons watchers are leaving Netflix and cancelling membership.

Apart from the above-stated reasons, the competition among the live stream is high. Therefore, everyone is busy attracting viewers by showing their favourite shows. Quality content, action-thrill-drama packed entertainment package alluring watchers.

How to Cancel a Netflix Subscription?

Cancellation of Netflix subscription is an easy and simple method. You only need to follow a few steps, and your membership gets cancelled. Below are the steps:

Step1: Go to Netflix account: Open the Netflix app by clicking login credentials

Step2:  Select the streaming plan: Click on the Cancellation Membership button, and you will get the confirmation from Netflix.

Step3: Through Billing cancellation: If you activate your membership through a billing service provider, you must contact them to activate the cancellation procedure. Once you get the confirmation from their end, your membership gets cancelled.

Cautionary notes: if you only delete your account or delete the app from the device, do not serve the cancellation purpose. You need to click on the cancel membership button; after that, you can delete your account and Netflix app from the device. Or else you will get membership billed regularly.

What Could You Do before Canceling Netflix!

Canceling Netflix

If you feel you should not waste your money on Netflix, you can opt out of other live stream channels that showcase standard and licensed content, original web series, power-packed movies for all ages viewers. Here is a brief list of the best alternatives that can replace Netflix without a second thought.

Amazon Prime: Primarily, Amazon Prime is famous for movies and web series. Movies filled with drama-action-thriller give you a goosebump watching experience. Even the web series attracts the viewers for the amazing storytelling and way of presentation style.

Hulu: Hulu is a powerhouse of entertainment. The shows and movies attempt almost all the various genres of the existing society, deals with problems and solutions of every walk of life.

HBO: Warner Media Entertainment presents HBO with Go, Now, and Max showcasing movies, cartoons, web series, documentaries, and reality shows getting popularity among the viewers. The live stream can replace Netflix based on authoritative content that attracts viewers.

Disney+: The live stream by Walt Disney is famous for kids and grownups to understand them better by showcasing cartoons, kid's movies, science-fiction shows, scientific observations, tours to the imaginary world, etc., to keep them engaged with the channel.

Viewers can select various channels to watch their favourite shows on their selective live streaming. But the measures must follow viewers' preferences and choices. The moment they realize that shows are not worth what they're paying, they will switch on to other live streaming channels. Replacement is always ready to grab viewers' attention. The authority of these live streaming platforms should remember the basic metrics to attract the watchers to their channel. Otherwise, they will lose subscribers and members.

Despite several reasons for the cancellation, if you wish to save a few interesting movies and shows for repeat watch, it would be the best idea. Once you cancel the membership, you cannot watch until you reactivate your account.

An Alternate Solution to Watch Netflix Offline!      

You can rely on downloader software that will make your job easy and less time-consuming for the repeat watch. You only need to install the software and run on and download your favourite shows, movies, and videos before going for permanent deletion.

The Y2Mate Netflix Downloader serves the purpose of Download the content and saves the items for repeat watch. The high-end technology and fastest downloading speed made the software a five-star rated application in the tech world. With the help of the software, you can download movies, videos, shows, web series from Netflix and save them for later watch.

The application runs with supportive devices, specifically user-friendly and go-to-gig software. The technology is equipped with all the modern techniques to download from the live streaming channels during your watch time. There is no need for any extra efforts or schedule your time to download content from Netflix.

Y2Mate: High-end Engineering that Suits Multi-purpose Downloading Solutions!

The Y2Mate downloader software presents all the downloading solutions on a single go. You need to install the application on your PC or laptop and run it; click on the given sections, and your favourite shows will save on the laptop. The out-of-the-box features and a low subscription plan are sufficient reasons to acquire the application and use it for a better downloading experience. Get a brief discussion on its features and how they become your assistant in downloading any of your favourite shows from any online channel.

Features that accomplish the download hunting!

download hunting

  • High-speed downloading capability from any online resources
  • The application can run on various supportive devices with the latest updates available
  • Complete HD 1080p picture quality that is relaxing the eyes during offline watch
  • Batch downloading options enable to download the series or episode followed by one another without your efforts, its automatic set-up
  • Meta info and subtitle of your preferred language setting options available to allow you better gripping over the content
  • Stereo soundtrack with 5.1AAC audio channel experience to tranquillize your ears while listening
  • A low-cost subscription plan that suits your budget includes a monthly and yearly option
  • Auto-updates of the software pop-up on your screen
  • 24*7 and 365 days a year, you will get technical support from our efficient professionals
  • You can avail free version to get equipped with the application system

What else do you want?

Subscription plan with pricing!

You will get the complete package with an affordable subscription plan. You need a supportive device, an internet service provider, electricity to run the system, and pay the Y2Mate downloader software monthly $9.9 and yearly $99.90 only. You can cancel the Pro-version at any time. You will get the payment reminder through notifications for not to skip the system smoothly running.

Y2Mate Downloader User Guide, Step-by-Step Instruction!

If you gain enough knowledge about the application and its price, let's move to the installation process to become accustomed to the application in-depth.

Step 1: Set up the application

Go to the Y2Mate downloader, open the live streaming services interface.

Step 2: Select the Live streaming service.

Click on the Netflix streaming service from the interface of the window pane.

Netflix streaming

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Step 3: Sign in to your Netflix Account

To select anything from Netflix, log in to your account by putting login credentials.

Step 4: Specify the show or movie, or video you want to download

Select the content and click on the “Ready to Download” button.


Step 5: Choose subtitle language, meta info, and Download Now or Add Queue.

Once you click the download button, you can see the subtitle and meta info saving checkbox, click it and select the language. After that, you can immediately download the video or click on Add Queue.

Download Now or Add Queue

Step 6: Batch Download enable

If the show consists of episodes or series, it will download one by one without clicking any button. You can watch the show, and the download process can run in the background.

Batch Download enable

Step 7: Save the content

Once done, you can save the content wherever you want. The file can transfer to a new device through a USB cable.


Y2Mate Netflix offline downloader can give you an offline watching experience. If you decided to cancel the membership or delete the account, you could save the favourite shows for a later watch. It would be wise to install the Y2Mate software, download the content, and cancel your Netflix membership and delete the account. You could also download movies, shows and TVs from a batch of other streaming services like HBO, Amazon Prime, Disney+ with Y2mate.

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