Best Danish Series On Netflix

Denmark's most widely known exports are suspense thrillers, but the nation's plotlines and entertainment shows have also found success outside of its boundaries. Several of the Danish sci-fi Netflix shows or Danish movies on Netflix are excellent blends of offenses, plot twists, hazard, and tragic endings, making them easily binge-worthy. Impressive Television programs from all around the world have now been distributed, discovered, and most relevantly, cherished by people from different nations thanks to sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The Killing has prepared the path for other Danish sci fi netflix, and Europe as well as the rest of the civilized world can't get enough of great murder mysteries, which the Danes excel at. Netflix has a variety of Danish exhibits to keep you entertained. There are 10 Danish showcases on Netflix that you should watch.

Best Danish Series On Netflix to Binge-Watch!

Let’s check out list to find out what the top picks are for today and what you need to do just after reading this article. Here are the following:


The novel behind Liberty was written by Jakob Ejersbo. The show is based on his book, which chooses to follow his household as they travel through Tanzania. A Scandinavian foreigner moves his household to South Africa to make a fresh start.

The story follows a household as they attempt to launch a business residence and incorporate it into society while confronted with new possibilities and moral ambiguity.

Liberty was a one-season television Danish series on Netflix that aired in 2018, but it told a powerful story about beginning over and accepting the unknown.


Warrior tells the story of a combat veteran who is plagued by guilt after his platoon's final battle. He joins forces with his best friend's former wife to infest a threatening Copenhagen motorcycle gang.

The story revolves around diverse communities for the most part. Combat veterans, cops, and bike riders are all members of the community.

A flourishing love story between CC, the combat vet, and Louise, the law enforcement officer, is thrown into the mix.

The Rain

Are you looking for the perfect, special Danish tv series to watch on Netflix to improve your communication skills or get enthusiastic for a future trip to Denmark?

Sure, I can admit that the Rain will assist you with the former, but perhaps not with the latter, as it was a dystopian doomsday series about what would occur if virus-infected rain began miraculously massacring everyone it came into contact with.

As you might expect, civilization crumbles rapidly, and the lead protagonists (two siblings) are shielded from the worst of it in a fallout shelter for six years until they begin exploring the exterior world to see what's left of Denmark after the destruction. It also delves into the secrets of the rain's origins and their family's involvement in it.

The Hunt

While Jagten (The Hunt) is not a television program, it is a compelling film with famous spots – Ishj, Gadstrup, and Taastrup – worthy of mention in several of the leading travel documentary films.

Before it had been set to release in Denmark in 2013, this hotly debated and strenuous drama debuted at Cannes in 2012.

Lucas, a 40-year-old recovering from a difficult divorce, is the protagonist of Jagten. Sadly, he is alleged of a heinous crime for which he will lose almost everything.


When Nikolai begins investigating a local person's unfortunate death in his homeland, he plants proof to keep his brother, an unremarkable local cop, from being intertwined in the violent act. Nikolai's companion, on the other hand, suspects foul play, putting him in a threatening cat-and-mouse game while still on task.

As he traverses over to the negative side by misleading his companion, Nikolai's situation quickly comes crashing down as word of the potential suicide propagates throughout the town and throughout Sweden.


Borgen is a Danish ideological political thriller set in Copenhagen, Denmark's country's capital. This gripping sequence tells the story of a centrist minority party leader's unexpected but astute emergence to become Denmark's first female Prime Minister.

The tv show is shot throughout the town of Copenhagen, with most of the action taking place inside Christiansborg Palace, the Danish parliament, as well as the TV1 news studios.

Pilou Asbaek is by far the most famous worldwide and recognizable of the Danish actors who play the major roles in the tv adaptation. He portrays Kasper Juul, a "spin doctor" or public relations representative. Euron Greyjoy from Game of Thrones is his most well-known role.


Sofia Karppi resumes her job as a homicide detective with the Helsinki Police Department whilst also caring for her two kids following her husband's death by mishap. As Karppi's companion, rookie investigator Sakari Nurmi is relocated from the securities fraud unit to the murder unit.

Their first case starts out as a standard vanishing. Women's clothing discovered at a construction area gives rise to the body of Anna Bergdahl, an external affairs advisor who was tucked away with a bouquet in her fingers at a wind energy research firm's coast.


Occupied is an ideological thriller television series from Norway. The series centers on an original concept by Jo Nesb, and it has been auctioned to the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Serbia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, and Portugal.

Netflix also has it available in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Ireland, the UK, India, Canada, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Occupied portrays a fictional nearish future in which Russia, with the assistance of the European Union, invades Norway in an attempt to reestablish the nation's natural gas production, in reaction to a Europe-wide energy shortage triggered by the Green Party's election to authority, which halted the nation's natural gas production.

The Chestnut Man

The Chestnut Man, which was just launched, is a crime story with a twist. The show's assassin, like several other fictional as well as some all-too-real murderers, tends to leave a troubling calling card in the form of a chestnut figure.

Two investigators start their search for the murderer with the chestnut figure for their first hint and explore a connection to a politician's missing child.

The Chestnut Man has engaged in more than one killing along with all Copenhagen, it soon becomes clear. Will the investigators be able to apprehend him before it's too long?

The Day Will Come

Between bashings to make them virtuous, Erik and Elmer spend most of their time in the children's home, imagining their discharge at the age of 18.

Fortunately, Elmer, who does have a knack for narrating, carries the brothers and their peer group closer together and improves morale.

With the aid of their newfound friends, the boys devise a bold strategy to attract vengeance on those who wronged them all through their time at the children's home.

This is a difficult show and one which is still unfolding in the real world; nevertheless, it is an important reflection of the old days and why events like those at Godhavn must never be forgotten.

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Final Thoughts

With their depressing but gorgeous contexts, tormented heroes or heroines, and twisty-turn plot lines, there's something really satisfying about sinking your dentures into a Scandinavian tv series on netflix 2020 crime drama or Danish movies on Netflix.

There have been plenty of sequences to clamp and attract you in, even if you're searching for a Swedish crime drama, a Norwegian Nordic Noir sequence, a terrifying Finnish film, or fascinating Icelandic theatrics.

Several of our latest absolute favorites are included in our list of the greatest Scandinavian tv series on netflix 2020 for police procedural, suspense, and thriller reveals on Netflix. The mentioned cop dramas are one of the most important series available on Netflix due to their exceptional settings, interesting characters, and thrilling plot lines.