Download Deezer Songs/Playlist to MP3 Safely & Quickly

Founded in 2007, the French music streaming service Deezer is becoming an indispensable part of some users' daily lives. Because of its compatibility of various devices, such as mobile phones, computers and smart TVs, you can enjoy music from Deezer very conveniently.

Of course, Deezer provides a download functionality, but the music files saved in this way are specially encrypted, so that you can only play them in Deezer. So is there a way to download Deezer music to MP3 or other compatible formats for offline listening? Read on to find out how to download MP3 from Deezer quickly and safely.

What is Deezer?

To begin with, let's have a quick look at some basic information about Deezer, especially the notes you need to know before downloading songs/playlists from Deezer.


Deezer is a worldwide popular music streaming service, which has attracted over 10.5 million subscribers. As the No.2 global independent music platform, Deezer makes itself available in 185+ countries in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America and South America. Remember, you can't stream on Deezer outside these countries, let alone download songs.

Although Deezer allows users to download albums, audiobooks, favorite tracks, playlists and podcast episodes via mobile data and WiFi, such download service is only available for subscribers of the following Deezer plans. The highest quality you can enjoy also depends on the subscription you choose:

  • Deezer Student
  • Deezer Premium
  • Deezer Duo
  • Deezer Family
  • Deezer HiFi
  • Deezer Family HiFi

Download Songs from Deezer - Official Way

The first safe method to download Deezer music is to use the download functionality of its official app. Yes, Deezer provides its official app on iOS and Android mobile devices, and also on desktop. Now please make sure that you've installed the latest Deezer app on your device, and follow these steps to download songs from Deezer:

For Mobile Devices For Desktop
  1. Login in with Deezer app;
  2. Go to Favorites;
  3. Choose the album, playlist or podcast you wan to download;
  4. Click the arrow down icon to download the content;
  5. Now you can enjoy these downloaded songs without the internet connection.
  1. Login in with Deezer program;
  2. Go to Favorites;
  3. Choose the album, playlist or podcast you wan to download;
  4. Click the arrow down icon to download the songs;
  5. The downloaded content will be presented with a green tick icon.

It should be noted that the songs you download from the Deezer desktop program are saved in a special format like FLAC, which can't be edited and played on other music players.

Note: You can't download a single track unless you add it to your favorites or to a playlist. And you have to download the desktop app or mobile app to download Deezer songs. It's impossible to download tracks on the official Deezer site.

Download from Deezer to MP3

Since the official app can't help you download Deezer to MP3, you should use other third-party tools to do it. Here we recommend the safe tool SoundMate Deezer Converter, because it makes the process of downloading Deezer songs to MP3 very easy. What's more, even if you are using the free version of Deezer, it's possible to download songs with the help of SoundMate!

Tool Required: Y2Mate Deezer Converter

SoundMate Deezer Converter works for both Windows PC and Mac. It can download high-quality Deezer music up to 320kbps and automatically convert it into MP3/WAV/M4A/OPUS/FLAC as you prefer. No need to worry about quality loss when converting, as SoundMate can keep the highest quality based on your Deezer plan.

You can download your favorite albums, playlists and broadcast in batch. The ID3 Tags info and lyrics will also be saved along with the songs. If you want to make the download process more convenient, just click the auto-download button, which will download all newly added songs in a playlist for you.

SoundMate Deezer Converter
Dive into a world of premium quality and convenience and redefine the way you experience music and podcasts.
  • Download high-quality Deezer songs up to 320kbps;
  • Download multiple songs at a time;
  • Convert the downloaded music in to MP3/WAV/M4A/OPUS/FLAC when downloading;
  • Remove ads from songs and broadcasts;
  • Save ID3 tag and extract lyrics files separately;
  • Automatically download all newly added songs;
  • Free trial for 3 full songs in 30 days, supported with all advanced services.
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Note: Even if you don't have a Deezer subscription, you can still download full songs with SoundMate. (But the available music quality is up to your Deezer plan)

5 Steps to Download Deezer Songs to MP4

So how to download music from Deezer to MP3 with the help of SoundMate? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Choose Download Settings in Advance

launch SoundMate, click the hamburger menu at the top right corner and choose "Settings". Click "VIP Services" and find "Deezer Settings" to choose the output format you prefer. The highest output quality can also be set from the "Quality" section. Click "OK" to save the changes.

deezer settings

Step 2: Navigate to Deezer and log in

Now go back to "Home" and find Deezer. Click it to enter the official site with the built-in browser. Login to your account to get access to your favorite or your loved album and playlists.

soundmate deezer converter

Step 3: Choose the Playlist/Album You Want to Download

Browse the music library of Deezer and open the album or playlist you want to download. Please make sure the download icon doesn't grey out when you enter the playlist.

deezer download mp3

Step 4: Click Download Icon and Download!

Click the pink download button, and SoundMate will analyze and extract all songs from the album/playlist. A window will pop up so that you can choose the songs you want to download. Click "Download Now" to initiate the download process.

deezer download mp3

Step 5: Check Real-Time Download Process

Now the download works in background. You can navigate to "Downloading" to check the real-time process. Normally, one song will be downloaded in one or two seconds. To find the downloaded songs in the local folder, click the file icon through "Downloaded". The lyrics file will be saved in the same folder along with the song.

deezer download mp3


This post introduces 2 ways to download Deezer music for offline listening and one powerful tool to help download MP3 from Deezer. Although you can't directly download MP3 songs from the Deezer app, it's pretty easy and safe with the help of the SoundMate Deezer Converter tool.

By following the 5 simple steps provided in this article, you can enjoy your favorite music offline without any hassle. No more questions about "how to download music from Deezer to MP3", as all your problems can be solved by SoundMate. Start downloading your favorite Deezer songs today and enjoy the ultimate listening experience.

If you're interested in other video streaming platforms such as Apple Music, continue to read how to convert Apple Music to MP3 and the way to screen record Apple Music.


Q1. Does Deezer have free downloads?

A1. Yes. Deezer provides a 30-day free trial of Deezer Premium. In some countries, you can even get Deezer Student and Deezer Family trials for 3 months. With the free trial, you can download all Deezer content for free. But when it expires, you need to pay to download any music.

Q2. What are the system requirements of the Dezeer desktop program?

A2. Before downloading the Deezer desktop app, please make sure that your computer's system meets the following requirements:

  • MacOS 10.13 or later on Mac
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 on Windows machines

Q3. Can I upload MP3s to Deezer?

A3. Yes. You can upload MP3s to your Deezer account. Open the web version of Deezer and go to "Favorites". Then select "My MP3s" > "SELECT MP3s TO UPLOAD" > Choose the MP3 files on your computer to upload them to Deezer. It's recommended to upload files in the CBR MP3 format, instead of the VBR MP3 format, for better playback quality.

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