Differences Between Netflix Regions: A Complete Guide

Netflix, one of the oldest OTT live stream platforms, spreads its wings all over the world. Across the globe, 190 countries can access Netflix movies, shows, originals, documentaries etc., to entertain with family, friends and even solo.

Netflix started its journey from the US and slowly broadened its network. In 2016 the live stream went through a massive upgrade, and the rest is history. At present, you can access Netflix from anywhere in the world except China, Crimea, North Korea and Syria.

There are reasons behind the popularity of Netflix around the globe. If we consider the massive upgradation in their live stream system, their marketing strategy and content distribution make rock-solid their stands in the competition.

Netflix Regions

Check their region-wise revenue growth from 2018 to 2020.

Source - Comparitech



The Reasons Behind the Netflix Expansion Around the World

There are several reasons for expansion that Netflix nailed it through constant show efforts in marketing and upgrading their content libraries. The analytical reasons are:

  • A massive content library filled with different shows, movies, documentaries, interviews etc., for all ages of people.

  • Economical subscription plans that suit every household budget

  • Device friendly live stream that ensures easy access from anywhere

  • A region-wise content distribution that provides every regional importance should take prior measures

  • Blockbuster movies, megahit web series and shows clutch the attention of the viewers

The above-stated reasons are there to expand Netflix globally and become a leading live streaming service.

If we divide Netflix regions, we will observe that Netflix has divided into four major areas. They are the US and Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific. Here is the graph.


Source - Statista

We will discuss country-wise so that whichever country you belong to can relate to our write-up for readers' better understanding. Continue reading and get the information!

Before plunging into the Netflix region discussion, let's check the supportive device list. Based on the devices, you can plan your Netflix plan and watch schedule.

List of Netflix supportive devices

  • Streaming Media Players

  • Smart TVs

  • Game Consoles

  • Set-top boxes

  • Blu-ray players

  • Smartphones & Tablets

  • PCs & Laptops

All these devices must have the latest integration required to watch Netflix movies or shows.

Netflix New Zealand

A peaceful island New Zealand has a great viewers base, and Netflix dominates the live streaming there. Though the content variations are not that great like US or Australian Netflix, still every month, they added new shows, new release movies, documentaries, reality shows, comedy shows to entertain the Kiwis.

Netflix New Zealand movies

The list of Netflix New Zealand movies is a perfect mixture of various genres.

  • The Farewell

  • Fear street Trilogy

  • Wasp Network

  • Lost Bullet

  • The Woman in the window

  • A Week Away

  • Extraction

These are a few blockbusters and hit movies on Netflix New Zealand. Viewers can watch and enjoy them. 'The Farewell' and 'Fear Street Trilogy' are the best movies on Netflix NZ.

How to login into New Zealand Netflix

You need compatible devices to watch Netflix NZ. Once you have the supportive devices visit the official website of Netflix.

Create an account and log in to Netflix.

Select the plan that suits your budget.

Make the payment and start browsing unlimited content from Netflix NZ.

Netflix NZ price

Netflix NZ starts with three plans, Basic, Standard, Premium.

Basic for $11.99, Standard for $16.99, Premium for $21.99 based on picture quality and the devices you select for watching Netflix NZ.

Netflix UK

After the US, Netflix has designed its vast content library with various movies and shows for UK viewers. The leading live streaming in the UK offers a wide range of entertainment packages for UK viewers.

List of Netflix UK movies

Netflix UK movie titles are famous, and viewers prefer to watch as per their choice of genres. The list is as follows:

  • Run

  • Things Heard and Seen

  • The Waterman

  • A Classic Horror Story

  • Fatherhood

The best emotional movie on Netflix UK is Fatherhood. You can enjoy it with your family and friends.

How to sign up in UK Netflix

Make sure you have a supportive device to watch UK Netflix.

 Visit the official website of Netflix.

Sign up with a mail id and password.

Click on the plan that suits you, make the payment.

Start browsing, watch and enjoy.

Price of UK Netflix

UK Netflix has modified their pricing model. Therefore, the new pricing list is here. You need to pay now £9.99 for a month, and yearly you have to pay £13.99. The rising amount is applicable for standard plans. They remain the basic plan as £5.99.

Netflix Germany

German Netflix is quite a popular live streaming platform. Viewers prefer to watch shows and movies from the OTT service as new releases, blockbusters, megahit shows air for its large audience.

German movies on Netflix

The list is filled with all kinds of movies that you prefer to watch in your free time.

  • Who Am I?

  • The Lives of others

  • Freaks, you are one of us.

  • Kidnapping Stella

  • 3096 Days

  • German shows on Netflix

  • Barbarians

  • Biohackers

  • Dogs Berlin

  • Tribes Of Europa

  • Freud

The German Netflix series is quite popular among Germans.

How to sign up for a German Netflix account

You have to visit the German Netflix official account. Click on the create an account bar.

Sign up with an email and password.

Choose the plan, pay the price, and you are ready to watch German Netflix shows and movies.

Price of German Netflix

The basic tier starts at €7.99 per month. The medium tier charges €11.99 per month with HD quality on two devices.

Netflix Portugal

‘La casa de papel’ Netflix is a popular show in Portugal. Portuguese people adopt the habit of binge-watching and enjoy their free time. Netflix Portugal has a wide variety of shows and movies to offer to its audience.

Series de Netflix

  • Invisible city

  • Behind Her eyes

  • The One


  • Haunting

  • Unorthodox

  • Netflix de graca ( comedy show/series on Netflix Portugal)

  • Big Mouth

  • Arrested Development

  • Archer

  • After Life

  • BoJack Horseman

These series and shows are megahits in Portugal. Creating an account in Portugal Netflix is similar to any other country. We will see the price of Netflix.

Netflix Portugal Price

You can watch Netflix series or shows or movies on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and the price range is between EUR 7.99 to EUR 13.99 per month based on your channel and device selections.

Netflix Japan (Netflix JP)

Japan Netflix has a wide variety of movies, shows, documentaries, series etc., to entertain a sizable Japanese audience. Netflix Japan leads the OTT live stream with its unmatched service and content library.

Japan Netflix shows/movies

The content library is vast in terms of variety in Japan. A few famous movies and series are:

  • A Forty-year-old Version

  • My Happy Family

  • The Bleeding Edge

  • A Silent Voice

  • Athlete A

Japanese audiences prefer to watch real-life movies and documentaries. Netflix senses their choice and designs the content list based on their preferences.

Sign up process in Japan for Netflix is similar to other countries. Let's check out how much a Japanese needs to pay to watch Netflix.

Netflix Japan price

Japan Netflix has divided the planning scheme into three tiers, Basic, Standard, and Premium. The basic plan starts at ¥990, Standard at ¥1,490, Premium at ¥1,960 per month. The price plan depends on the resolution like SD, HD, and UHD, respectively.

Despite the vast content and the variations in the genre, Netflix maintains certain restrictions. Viewers cannot afford the shows and movies to download them for a long time. Even in some content, viewers cannot find a share option which is disappointing.

Netflix, unlike other OTT services, follows the restrictions, and viewers have to obey them.

The Restrictions that Netflix Impose on the Viewers Worldwide

  • You cannot keep the downloaded content for more than 30 days. After 30 days, it will be removed from your device.

  • If you start watching after the download, then the removal time reduces to 48 hours.

  • New releases and megahit shows are restricted to download.

  • Classic movies and shows after download you cannot share.

  • The region-based restrictions prevent you from downloading another country's content to download and save.

But still, there is a way to watch and download movies and shows uninterruptedly.

Y2Mate Netflix downloader software, one name with many solutions

We want to introduce you to a stunning third-party downloader software that has the capabilities to solve the problem you are facing. Advanced software can detect, sense, download at the fastest speed and reduce your download task.

Y2Mate Netflix downloader software

You must be curious to know more about the Netflix downloader!

Features that turn you on to watch, download, and save more

Let's learn the comprehensive features that are incredibly amazing and serve the true downloading purpose.

High-resolution picture quality

You can watch the download content in 1080p. As per the original show or movie quality, you can adjust the resolution to 4K and 8K.

Batch download option

The advanced technology enables the auto-sensing process that senses whether the content has episodes or series. If it is a part, the software will download the following parts automatically without clicking any button.

Subtitles and meta info in your language

To understand better, you can select the subtitles and meta info like movie name, genre, cast, plot settings etc., in your language. Now you can enjoy a foreign language.

Break-free offline watch

No commercial break will interrupt you in your offline watch as the software downloads no-break mode from Netflix.

High-speed downloads

The supersonic speed reduces the download task so that you can do your other work.

Quality soundtrack

You can enjoy the songs, music in the 5.1AAC stereo sound. The incredible soundtrack in download shows or movies.

Save the download in the.SRT file

You have the flexibility to download and save the content in the.SRT file, safe and easily accessible.

These are all top-notch features that make Y2Mate Netflix downloader software a premium application to solve all your download issues.

The pricing plan

You will get all the premium features with an economic plan. Monthly you need to pay $19.9 and yearly $59.9 with a single license for 1 PC for both plans with all the features access.

The free plan is available for limited days and features.

The installation and content download process

If you are a beginner and do not know how to install software, still you can manage. Read the steps and apply when you try to install and download content from Netflix.

Step 1: Visit the official page and click on the install button.

Go to the official page and click on the download button.

Step 2: Go to the Netflix streaming window.

Once you install the software, open the streaming service window and click on Netflix.

Netflix streaming window

Step 3: Sign up for your Netflix account.

Log in to your Netflix account and browse the shows.

Step 4: Select the shows or movies.

Choose the show or movie and click on the download button.

Step 5: Check the subtitle and meta info language

Before downloading, you need to check the language box, and it will save the subtitles and metadata in that language.

Step 6: Click on the download.

Once you select the language, click on the download button. If the content is part of a series and episodes, the application will download them automatically.

Click on the download

The auto-sensing function reduces your download lag as now no need to find out the other series or episodes. All will be on your device once the download process finishes.

Y2Mate downloader software is not only limited to Netflix but offers other OTT live stream downloading products. Here is the list:

Y2Mate HBO Max downloader software

HBO Max classics are worth downloading and save for later watch. You can install Y2Mate HBO downloader software and can download all your favorite shows from the live stream.

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Modern time is running short of time, and it isn't easy to manage time for your entertainment. Furthermore, the OTT norms and regulations are sometimes miserable. Viewers are ready to watch whatever they feel to watch, but the restrictions prevent them. Rely on the Y2Mate Netflix downloader software and forget the OTT norms that you cannot follow.