Disney Plus Gift Card- How To Get It

The on-demand streaming service from Disney, Disney Plus, is known for its wonderful content library that has created a huge name for itself. The ever-growing library of movies and other content available on Disney Plus should indeed prove to be quite innovative. If you are aware of someone who is looking to enjoy the best streaming service, you can gift them a one-year subscription with the Disney Plus gift card.

What is a Disney Plus gift card?

Disney Plus gift cards are digital codes that can be sent to or shared with friends or colleagues for availing the subscription to the Disney Plus streaming service. It can be a great option to assist you in enjoying a full-fledged experience.

Gift Disney Plus: How to buy a Disney Plus gift card

The Disney Gift cards are essentially the digital codes that would offer you a 12-month subscription. The Disney Plus gift card can be profitable, as the monthly subscription can be a little on the higher end of cost.

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Does Disney Plus have gift cards?

The Disney Plus gift cards are actually called gift subscriptions. The recipient of the digital code is emailed it. Once the gift card is redeemed, you will be able to get access to an entire year of subscription to Disney Plus. That would mean you will be able to activate the subscription to Disney Plus online.

The annual subscription can be conveniently purchased through the Disney Plus website. You do not have the option of one monthly subscription or a six-month subscription. That can be a whopping 15 percent saving on the monthly subscription.

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What does the Disney Plus gift card offer the recipient?

The Disney Plus gift card coms with the following benefits and options. You cab be assured of the following content as part of your free subscription.

Disney Plus: Every Movie And Show You Can Watch Right Now

  • Unlimited and free access to thousands of movies and TV shows sourced from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and 20th Century Fox.
  • Exclusive TV shows created specially for Disney Plus such as "The Book of Boba Fett" and "Hawkeye," and special premieres like Billie Ellish's "Happier Than Ever."
  • Download any show as per your preferences
  • Stream on up to four devices simultaneously
  • A GroupWatch feature.

Where can you get Disney Plus gift cards?

Disney Plus gift cards can be made available in several countries. They can be purchased from the regions that you are living in. do remember that you should not have an active Disney Plus subscription.

The Disney Plus gift cards can be availed in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany. If you are looking to gift the subscription to your friend or relative, do note that it can be gifted to the people residing in the same country or region.

How to purchase Disney Plus gift card?

If you are looking to gift a Disney Plus gift card to your friend, this can be one of the easiest option to go with.

Give the Gift of Disney+ this Holiday Season!

Follow the steps that you would find much impressive –

  • Visit the official page for visiting the Disney Plus gift card.
  • Enter the details such as your information, your recipients name, and email.
  • Enter the date by which you want to get the code delivered
  • You will be charged $80 to your account soon after making the purchase
  • The recipient will receive the mail with the code on the date you specified
  • The recipient can redeem the code on the official site on DisneyPlus.com/redeememail
  • He will then select the offer and enter the code received on the mail
  • The recipient will receive one year subscription

What if the recipient does not receive the gift card?

If the recipient does not receive the gift card, they can check their spam folder to check if the email has landed there. If he or she is not able to receive the mail, they can contact the Disney Plus customer service.

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Can you get a Disney Plus gift card with the ESPN+ Hulu bundles?

The Disney Plus gift card is made available only for the annual subscription of Disney Plus. You can, however, upgrade to the bundled options such as Hulu and ESPN+ at a discounted price.

Here are the steps that you can use to upgrade your package –

  • Redeem your Disney Plus gift card and create your Disney Plus account.
  • Go to the Disney Plus Billing details page and choose the option to switch your Disney Plus bundle.
  • You will be upgraded to the $14 a month bundle plan with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+.
  • You will get a credit equivalent to your gift card subscription.

Is a Disney Plus gift card for existing users available?

No, if you already have a Disney Plus account and a subscription, you will not be able to use the Disney Plus gift card. Disney Plus gift card can only be availed if you are not yet tasted the streaming service and what it offers you.

It can only be made use of by new subscribers and provides the card holders with 12 months of streaming service. The gift cards do not necessarily are usable as gift cards but have been designed to work as a means of gifting a subscription.

Can you watch the Disney Plus shows offline?

Yes, there is a default download option available on the Disney Plus streaming service that lets you download the titles on the streaming service. However, the default or built-in download feature comes with a few limitations. For one, the download functionality may not be available on every title on Disney Plus. Apart, the downloaded titles come with an expiry date and will be deleted after the period.

That is where it is quite practical to look for the best third-party Disney Plus downloader that can prove to be extremely handy in providing you a better performance. One such downloader that you would find much impressive can include Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader. The built-in browser on the downloader should definitely make it stand apart as one of the unique choices. You will be able to download, watch and browse for your titles without the need to leave the downloader. The downloader provides support for practically every title on Disney Plus. You will also be able to enjoy high-quality video downloads with an enhanced degree of performance.

The Closing Thoughts

Disney Plus gift card is what would make it a great option, in the long run, to help you enjoy a great degree of experience in introducing the new users to get an impression of the Disney Plus subscription. That can help them get a feel for a year of what Disney Plus can provide you. The steps that we have explained in the above discussion on how to get and gift the Disney Plus subscription to your loved ones can prove to be quite effective.

In case you are checking out the best options to find how to download the Disney Plus shows, the Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader should be the excellent option ever. Check out the tool and find which features it offers you excellence.

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