Disney Plus NZ Review

Disney Plus, or Disney+ as it is commonly styled, is Walt Disney's paid on-demand video streaming service. It allows subscribers to enjoy ad-free and exclusive content from Walt Disney-owned productions such as Marvel Studios, National Geographic, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, and Pixar. Besides, plenty of other Disney Plus originals are in various phases of production that would provide customers with a choice of content other than Disney's legendary productions.

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Disney Plus


Disney Plus NZ Launch

Walt Disney launched Disney Plus in the USA and Canada on November 12, 2019. Within 24 hours of its launch, Disney Plus racked up more than 10 million subscribers. Disney Plus NZ was launched on November 19, 2019, when Walt Disney introduced its streaming services to the Asia-Oceanic region, including Australia and New Zealand. Within just six months, Disney Plus managed to earn more than 50 million subscribers, which was a testimony in itself of its growing popularity. Encouraged by the response, Disney Plus started operations in the UK and Ireland on March 24, 2020, and in France on April 7, 2020.

This article will focus on a detailed review of Disney Plus New Zealand, including Disney Plus NZ price and several other aspects. Please read on.

Disney Plus Price in New Zealand and Other Countries

The Disney Plus NZ price is based on a simple to understand strategy. Disney Plus NZ is available at a monthly subscription cost of NZ $9.99, billed monthly. You can also avail of a yearly subscription for Disney+ NZ, which costs NZ $99.99, billed yearly. If you work out the monthly cost of the annual subscription, it comes out to NZ $8.33 per month. So, subscribing to the yearly plan can help you save close to NZ $20.

Disney Plus Price in New Zealand

US subscribers can enjoy Disney+ at USD 6.99 monthly or USD 69.99 yearly. Canadian subscribers need to shell out Canadian dollar 9 monthly and Canadian dollar 90 annually for Disney Plus. Similarly, fans in Australia need to lighten their pocket by AUD 8.99 per month or AUD 89.99 annually to subscribe.

Please note that Disney+ always encourages you to try before you buy. As such, all subscribers receive a Disney Plus free trial for seven days before their credit or debit cards are billed. If you do not want to continue and wish not to be charged, you can cancel Disney Plus subscription before the free trial ends. For more information on how to cancel Disney Plus subscription, you can visit your account settings or contact their customer support. The Disney Plus free trial NZ strategy is no different and works in the same way.

What is Streaming on Disney Plus NZ?

Besides blockbuster content from Marvel Studios, National Geographic, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, and Pixar streaming on Disney Plus NZ currently, Disney's additional channel, Star, will launch in New Zealand on February 23, 2021. It will be available for NZ $12.99 per month or NZ $129.99 per year. If you plan on signing up for Disney + NZ, ensure that you subscribe before February 23, 2021, to save the 25% increase in Disney Plus NZ price. However, do remember that the Disney Plus free trial would unfortunately not be available if you do.

The Star channel will contain old content consisting of more than 430 movies and 150 TV shows, plus four Star originals, including Big Sky, Love Victor, Helstrom, and Solar Opposites.

Additionally, several other Star originals that are scheduled for launch in 2021 include:

  • Dopesick

  • The Dropout

  • The Last Man

  • Only Murders In the Building

  • The Old Ma

  • Shogun

  • American Horror Stories

  • New Kardashians and Jenner shows

Although not a Star Original, the first five seasons of Black-ish would also be available. The hit comedy has never been made available for streaming in New Zealand previously.

How Many Devices Does Disney Plus NZ Support?

Disney Plus NZ allows the freedom to watch movies, TV shows, or documentaries through a single account on four separate devices simultaneously. Besides, Disney Plus New Zealand also offers an online viewing option wherein you can download your favorite movies and shows for viewing later. So that also answers the question if Disney + NZ content is available for offline viewing or not.

Salient Features of Disney Plus NZ

Disney Plus NZ is a family-oriented service. You can activate the 'Parental Control' function for content you do not consider appropriate for children. Also, you can use the 'resume,' or the 'continue watching' features to begin watching your favorite movies, shows, and documentaries from where you last left them. Moreover, as stated earlier, you can download the entire media content available on Disney + NZ offline using its 'offline viewing' feature. Lastly, if you wish to watch any particular movie or show, you can request Disney+ NZ to include them in your content library.

What Sets Disney Plus NZ Apart?

Disney Plus NZ offers various benefits that set it apart from several other streaming services. Some of these benefits include:

  1. At just NZ $9.99 per month, the Disney Plus NZ price is lower than Lightbox, Neon, and Netflix.

  2. Just like customers can avail of a Lightbox free trial before subscribing, they can also avail of the Disney Plus free trial NZ. Please note that the free trial offer is no longer available in the case of Netflix.

  3. Like Lightbox and Netflix, Disney + NZ also offers you the capability to simultaneously watch content on four separate devices.

  4. Disney+ NZ offers a wide selection of content because of its collaboration with Disney giants such as Marvel, Pixar, 20th Century Fox, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Like Netflix NZ new releases that are frequently available, Disney Plus NZ also has many new releases ready to go on air in different phases throughout 2021.

Which OS and Devices Go Well With Disney Plus NZ?

Disney+NZ supports several OS and devices, including:

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Linux

  • Android phones and Tablets

  • iOS, including iPhones and iPads

  • Apple TV

  • Sony TV

  • Samsung Smart TV

  • LG Smart TV

  • Magenta TV Stick

  • Roku

  • Amazon Fire TV and FireStick

  • Chromecast

  • PS4

  • Xbox One

How to Download Disney+ NZ content offline with no Sharing and Expiry Date Limitations?

As highlighted earlier, Disney Plus NZ does offer you the option to download content for offline viewing. The standard download feature on Disney+ NZ allows you to watch content on the same device you download to and for a limited period only. Moreover, it does not allow you to share the content with other devices.

Disney Plus NZ

The Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader is an excellent option for downloading Disney Plus NZ content offline at high speeds and with sound and picture quality. Also, it allows you to share the content you download with other devices. Moreover, you can watch your favorite movies and shows anytime you want as the downloaded content does not have an expiry date. Some of the benefits offered by the Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader include:

  1. The Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader offers you the capability to download and save your favorite Disney Plus NZ movies and shows offline in 1080P full HD resolution and a crystal-clear 5.1 audio channel output.


  1. You can download videos with subtitles that lay embedded within the videos. You can also download and save the subtitles as a separate .srt file. Moreover, you can also download meta-information relating to the title, cast, plot, genre, and storyline of any movie streaming on Disney + NZ.


  1. The Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader comes with a unique and excellent batch or bulk video download function. If you are playing an episode on Disney+ NZ that is part of a series, it automatically detects and downloads the other episodes. That way, you can bulk-download all episodes of a series on Disney Plus New Zealand at one go instead of downloading them one by one.


  1. The Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader provides country-specific support. It lets you access and download a wide range of content streaming across different regions supported by Disney Plus. These regions include Japan, Australia, France, the USA, NZ, and many more.


  1. The Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader allows lightning-fast, high-speed content download while streaming or watching your favorite movies or shows on Disney Plus New Zealand. Moreover, it also enables you to experience a 2x download speed efficiency with hardware acceleration.


Steps to Download Disney Plus NZ Movies Offline Using the Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader

You can easily and quickly download Disney Plus NZ movies offline in 3 simple steps using the Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader. The steps involved include:

Step 1 - Install and Launch Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader

Launch Y2Mate Disney

Visit the Y2Mate Video Downloader's product page on the official website. There, you will find the option for'streaming services' to the left of the screen. Click on'streaming services'. It will open up a menu on the screen's right-hand side. You would be able to see the option for'Disney+' services right there on the menu screen. Select the'Disney+' services option from the menu and open it within the browser.

Step 2-Get Access to Disney Plus and Download Your Video

Disney Plus and Download Your Video

Sign in to your Disney Plus account, browse through different videos and select the one you want to download. Start playing the video.

Step 3-Download the Video

Download the Video

Click the'Ready to Download' button to access and customize configuration options for subtitles and audio. Once done, click on'Download Now'. Your video will start downloading in the background, and you can continue browsing other content or watch the content that is being downloaded simultaneously.

'Download Now'

Once the download is complete, your video gets saved in the appropriate folder on your device. You can access the folder to watch the downloaded content any time you please. Moreover, you will also be able to share it with other users or devices.

To Conclude-Our Final Thoughts on Disney Plus NZ

Since the day it was launched on November 19, 2019, Disney+ New Zealand has become one of the most preferred choices of streaming services. The Disney channel NZ allows you to first test its excellent Disney streaming NZ services through the Disney Plus free trial feature before subscribing. It is cheaper compared to Netflix, Neon, and Lightbox. Its multi-login feature allows you to stream content on four separate devices simultaneously. All these features and benefits make Disney Plus NZ a favorite choice for Kiwis looking to access great content at reasonable prices. Download the Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader today and start downloading your favorite movies and shows streaming now on Disney Plus New Zealand.

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