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Everything You Want to Know About Disney Plus Premier Access

There was Disney Plus first, and then there was Disney Plus Premier Access. So, what is Disney Plus Premier Access all about? After gaining more than 100 million subscribers in its first year and outstanding content such as Raya and Last dragon, it has now opted for the best possible experience with the Disney Plus Premier Access.

What is Disney Plus Premier Access?

The Disney Plus Premier Access is a higher level of access when compared to the regular access to Disney Plus. It is not a higher subscription plan but a name for the content that floats over the content that is in addition to the regular Disney Plus subscription.

Everything You Want to Know About Disney Plus Premier Access

The Premier Access is a great way to help you bring the cinema experience to your living room. The Premier Access on Disney Plus will only be available on the day of the premiere of the movies at the cinema houses. The movie will be released to Premier Access and will be available at $30. For that extra price, you would get to watch the movie in a high quality that would include UHD, HDR, and listen in Dolby Audio.

The $30 is a one-off charge that you will need to incur and lets you access the movie whenever you would want to. The only prerequisite that you need is to have an active Disney Plus subscription.

How can you get a Disney Plus Premier Access subscription?

Getting Disney Premier Access is quite simple and easy. You just need an active Disney Plus subscription to begin with. Once you are on Disney Plus, you will be able to buy the Disney Plus Premier Access titles.

Everything You Want to Know About Disney Plus Premier Access

You can find the Premier Access titles on their home page, or you can even search for the particular title as per your preferences. Once you have found the correct title, you can click on it, and you will now need to verify your details. Once you have been verified, you will have access to the title as early as the theatre release.

How much does Disney Plus Premier Access Cost?

The Disney Premier Access is available as an add-on with the regular Disney Plus subscription. The regular Disney Plus subscription costs you $6.99 per month, and the cost of the movie would be above this regular subscription.

So, how much is Disney Premier access? Most of the movies are available at $30, but the actual price for each of the movies would be different for each of them. The pricing in different regions is as follows –

  • USA - $29.99
  • Canada - $34.99
  • UK - £19.99
  • Australia – AUS $34.99

Is Disney Plus Premier Access equivalent to early access?

The Disney Plus Premier Access is quite likely to be equal to the early access to your favorite content. Before the content hits the proper Disney Plus library, it will be available as early access. Since you cannot get the content anywhere else until it has been added to the regular content library, you can consider it to be equivalent to early access to a larger extent.

Under ideal conditions and what has been observed so far, once content is in Disney+ Premier Access, it will not stay there forever. For almost all the movies released so far on Disney Plus Premier access, all of them had had a window of 90 days before they were released for all the subscribers of Disney Plus.

What movies are or were available under Disney Plus Premier Access?

There have been several Premier Access movies that were released on Disney Plus. These titles were later made available for all the Disney Plus subscribers without any extra subscription charges. Movies such as Cruella have now become a part of the regular Disney Plus content.

Here is the list of the Disney+ Premier Access movies –

The Movies

Release Date

What is the status now?


September 4, 2020

Now available to all Disney Plus subscribers

"Raya and the Last Dragon"

March 5, 2021

Now available to all Disney Plus subscribers


May 28, 2021

Now available to all Disney Plus subscribers

"Black Widow"

July 9, 2021

Now available to all Disney Plus subscribers

"Jungle Cruise"

July 30, 2021

Now available to all Disney Plus subscribers

Can you watch Premier Access movies offline?

What if you are not able to watch the Premier Access content at the time it was available? What if you are looking to watch it offline or want to download the title so that you can watch it in regions where there is no internet connection.

Just like other streaming services, Disney Plus lets you download the titles for offline viewing. The downloading capability enables you to download the titles for offline viewing on the streaming service itself. You can simply tap on the Download icon on the title and save the title for offline viewing.

However, this offline download feature comes with a few limitations. That is precisely what makes it quite obvious to look for third-party downloader options. One such downloader we will recommend would be to go with the Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader. The powerful presence of the downloader should ideally make it a genuinely prime option for an enhanced degree of experience. The titles that you download with the Y2Mate downloader will remain with you and will never be deleted automatically unless you delete them yourself. Moreover, the download functionality is available on almost every title available on the streaming service.

The Concluding Thoughts

Disney Plus has been one of the unique streaming services and has grown consistently after the acquisition of 20th Century Fox. The streaming service does provide you access to one of the excellent experiences in, providing you one of the most promising experiences ever in wholesome entertainment. The Disney Plus Premier Access is one of the unique offerings from the streaming service and has become quite an excellent option in the long run.

If you have been confused about the Disney Plus Premier Access service and how to gain it, the information contained here can prove to be quite helpful in letting you enjoy your movies and other content to your heart’s content.


Will Premier Access always be $30?

The pricing of the Disney Plus Premier Access has been $30 so far. Each of the releases so far has been limited to $30. The Disney Plus Premier access cost today is $30 as of now in the US

Do I 'own' the movie if I pay the $30?

No. Once you pay $30 for a movie, you will be able to watch it as many times as you would want to, but only as long as you have an active subscription to Disney Plus. You will be able to have thee Premier Access only till you have an active Disney Plus subscription.

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