A Simple Guide on How to Download Discovery Plus Shows

Discovery Plus ranks among the most popular on-demand streaming services for US residents. As a member of the Discovery network family, it offers affordability in its services. The platform boasts hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows, sure to pique your interest and prompt downloads.

Want to enjoy Discovery Plus shows offline anywhere? This article provides an in-depth look at how to download videos from Discovery Plus.

What is Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus is an American streaming service that offers a vast selection of titles and renowned TV shows on-demand. It is owned by Discovery Inc., the parent company of the Discovery network. To access any content from Discovery Plus's libraries, an active subscription is required, similar to other premium streaming services. 

Discovery Plus

The subscription fee is exceptionally affordable at just $4.99 per month. Initially launched in India in March 2020, Discovery Plus expanded to several other countries in January 2021. The platform has secured a multitude of subscribers and is renowned for featuring factual programming sourced from Discovery's core channel brands.

Can I Download Discovery Plus Shows?

Currently, Discovery+ does not offer a feature to download shows for offline viewing. This means you would need to have an active internet connection to watch any of its content. 

Perhaps this limitation is due to the service being relatively new, unlike other streaming platforms that allow offline downloads. However, this shouldn't be a significant concern as there are alternative solutions. 

Despite the lack of offline viewing, you can stream Discovery+ offline with the help of professional Discovery+ video downloader. 

Best Solution to Download Discovery Plus Shows- Y2Mate

Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader is a reliable software designed to download movies and TV shows from Discovery+ in MP4 or MKV formats. This streamlined software is jam-packed with features and offers quick and smooth video processing. 


Particularly beneficial for basic subscribers (those on the $4.99 plan which includes commercials), the Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader also removes pesky ads from your videos, offering an uninterrupted, ad-free viewing experience. Let's take a closer look at the key features of this software.

1. Download Discovery+ Videos from All Available Regional Sites 

Discovery+ is now available in various countries including the United States, Netherlands, and India, where it was first launched. Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader supports all the regional sites, so users can easily download Discovery+ shows from any available regional site. 

2. Download Discovery Plus Shows in 1080p Full HD 

Y2Mate is able to download any of the over 55000 videos from Discovery Plus, and it accomplishes this in 1080p full HD. This ensures that users have access to any movie or episode found on the Discovery+ network in the highest quality. 

3. Download Real-life Episodes in Batch Mode and Fast Speed 

Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader also features a “Batch Mode”, allowing users to download multiple Discovery Plus videos at once. It boosts download speed significantly, ensuring users can acquire their content as quickly as possible.

4. Download Metadata Information

It saves Discovery+ movies with their metadata information, including the title, caption, and thumbnails, which is particularly beneficial for those using media servers to organize their video files and content.

3 Steps to Download Discovery Plus Shows on Laptop

Downloading videos from Discovery Plus is possible using the Y2Mate software. To make this process easier to understand, follow these three steps outlined below to download Discovery+ shows in MP4 format:

Step 1: Log in to Discovery Plus via Y2Mate

Firstly, you need to install the software on your computer system. Click the "Free Trial" below to download it safely.

After the installation, launch the app and click on the Discovery Plus icon to sign in to your Discovery+ account.

Y2Mate VIP Service

Step 2: Play the Discovery Plus Shows that You Want to Watch Offline

After successfully logging in to your Discovery Plus account, search for the movie you want to download and start playing it.

Step 3: Start the Download Process for Discovery+ Videos

A download prompt would pop up after you playing the video, select "Add to queue" or "Download Now." Your chosen Discovery Plus shows and episodes will be downloaded as MP4 in default as soon as possible.


Final Thought

This article has provided a comprehensive guide to understanding Discovery+ and the process of downloading content from the service. For one-stop downloading of Discovery+ videos, Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader is a top-notch choice.

Its credibility is corroborated by its smooth functionality on most Windows and Mac systems. Moreover, with its user-friendly interface, using the application requires no guide, making it even more appealing.

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