[3 Methods] Download 2K Videos from MLB TV in 2024

If you're a die-hard baseball fan who wants to catch all the games, then MLB TV is an excellent option for you. With this streaming service, you can watch live out-of-market games and replays on your favorite devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

To help you better enjoy this sports streaming service, this article covers everything you need to know about MLB TV, including its cost, free trial, and how to download MLB video without DRM. We covers 3 different methods to help you do this. Read on to discover their pros and cons.

What is MLB TV?

MLB TV is a streaming service that allows baseball fans to catch out-of-market live games, replays, and highlights from Major League Baseball (MLB). This service is perfect for those who want to keep up with their favorite teams and players but cannot attend every game in person.

With MLB TV, users can access live coverage of all out-of-market games, which means they can watch teams from across the country without any geographical restrictions. Additionally, subscribers can enjoy a wide range of features, including multiple camera angles, local broadcasts, and customizable audio options.

mlb tv plans

Is MLB TV free? Unfortunately, as a subscription-based platform, MLB TV does offer free content, but it's only a small part. To watch the competition and exclusive content, you have to subscribe to the MLB. TV plans:

  • Yearly Plan: $139.99 (for all teams)
  • Monthly Plan: $29.99 (for all teams)
  • Yearly Plan: $119.99 (for a single team)

If you're a broadcast fan, you can also subscribe to its At Bat Plans, to listen to all game live and get the additional service to watch Minor League games and MLB Big Inning. Here is the pricing:

  • Monthly Plan: $3.99
  • Yearly Plan: $29.99

Note: You can watch MLB TV shows on Apple TV+ and Roku (free). By subscribing to Prime Video, Fubo, and ESPN+, you can also stream MLB baseball competition from these third-party streaming platforms.

How to Download MLB Video for Offline Viewing?

MLB. TV provides an app for mobile devices (Apple & Android) for free. You can watch or listen to your favorite team's live game here without lag, and catch the latest news immediately. Although you can playback these shows for later entertainment, MLB TV doesn't allow you to download any game from it. This limit may greatly bother audiences without a robust internet connection.

No worries! The problem can be easily solved with a reliable third-party tool. In the next parts, we will introduce 3 ways to help you download videos from MLB and even MLB At Bat. Read on to discover more with step-by-step guidance.

Tool Recommended: Y2Mate M3U8 Downloader

download mlb video

Want to download MLB video for later playback without an internet connection? This is where Y2Mate M3U8 Downloader comes in. This powerful tool allows you to easily download and convert MLB TV videos to a variety of formats, including MP4 and MKV. You can also choose the video quality that best suits your needs, from 720p all the way up to 1080p, and even 2K (up to the original quality).

Prefer broadcast? No problem with Y2Mate, as it allows you to customize the download settings, which means that you can choose to download audio or video. Based on this feature, you can download both MLB TV videos and MLB At Bat shows effortlessly.

What's more, Y2Mate will automatically remove all ads from downloaded videos. You don't have to endure these annoying ads every time before watching your favorite teams. In addition to MLB TV, Y2Mate M3U8 Downloader can also download videos from 50+ streaming sites, including Fubo, Line TV, Yahoo and more.

Y2Mate M3U8 Downloader
Download high-quality videos from 50+ streaming sites, and remove the DRM protection effortlessly for unlimited playback, anytime, anywhere. Use the free trial to download 3 full videos from MLB TV , supported with all advanced functions. Release the potential of M3U8 Videos with Y2Mate!
Learn More

If you're interested in Y2Mate, please learn more about its pros and cons through Y2Mate v.s. Audials v.s. KeepStreams v.s. AnyStreams.

MLB Video Download Steps

Step 1: Enter MLB with Y2Mate

Copy the URL of the MLB live or videos you want to download, and paste it to Y2Mate. Hit Enter to open the video using Y2Mate's built-in browser.

download mlb video

Step 2: Play the Video You Want to Download

Play the MLB video with the inbuilt browser, so that Y2Mate can analyze the URL for later download.

download mlb video

Step 3: Set Download Options and Download!

The analysis often takes only one or two seconds. Then a window will pop up. Set the download options, such as video, audio, and subtitle, as you prefer. Click on "Download Now" to initiate the download process.

download mlb video

Step 4: Check Download Process and Saved Shows

You can navigate to "Downloading" to check the download process. All downloaded shows will be saved in "Downloaded" section. You can click the file icon to quickly trigger the local folder and find your MLB video/audio here.

download mlb video

Other 2 Methods to Download MLB Video

Except for Y2Mate M3U8 Downloader, there are also other powerful tools that can help you download video from MLB. TV. Here we will introduce 2 popular tools (online & program) in detail.

Dirpy Online Downloader

Dirpy is an online video downloader, which is available for various streaming sites. To download MLB video, you only need to paste the URL to the search bar, then click "dirpy!" Then you can customize the output filename, ID3 tag data and video quality as you prefer. And even edit the start and end time in one stop.


However, it should be noted that Dirpy is not free for MLB services. The highest quality it offers is 720P, and you have to subscribe to the Dirpy at $9.99/mo. to download MLB video. There is no free trial and the download speed is up to your browser, which means that it may take several minutes to download a MLB short video.

  • User-friendly usage
  • No need to install a program
  • Can edit start and end time
  • Support various output formats
  • No free trial
  • Can only download 720P videos
  • Slow download speed
  • Unstable download success rate
  • Only support English and Japanese


Aimersoft is another computer program that is compatible with Mac and Windows PC. The usage is also easy for all users: copy the URL and paste it to Aimersoft. The MLB video will be saved on your computer in a compatible format automatically.


Similar to Y2Mate, Aimersoft can also help you download MLB video in 1080P and even 2K. But there is no intuitive built-in browser. What's more, its free version can only allow you to save 1/3 of a video. Other functions like customizable output format and batch download are all not available for free trial.

  • High-quality download up to 2K
  • Fast download speed
  • Support various formats
  • Need to install a program
  • Free trial can only download 1/3 video
  • Complex UI


If you are a die-hard baseball fan looking for a way to catch all the games this season, never miss MLB TV, the ultimate streaming service for every baseball enthusiast. With live games and on-demand content, you can keep up with all the latest news and highlights from your favorite teams. You can also use Y2Mate M3U8 Downloader to download MLB video or save videos from MLB At Bat for offline viewing later.

If you're interested in other sports streaming platforms, continue to read how to download FIFA videos.


Q1. Can I watch local games on MLB.TV?

A1. Local games are subject to blackout restrictions, which means they cannot be watched live on MLB.TV if you are in the same local market as the team playing. However, blackouts do not apply to out-of-market games, so you can still watch those live on MLB.TV. Additionally, local games become available on-demand 90 minutes after the game has ended.

Q2. Does MLB TV have a free trial?

A2. Yes. MLB TV offers a 7-day free trial for all newcomers. This service is available for both MLB. TV plans and MLB At Bat plans. You can get it by clicking "START FREE TRIAL" when asked for a subscription for the first time.

Q3. What Devices Can I Use to Access MLB.TV?

A3. You can access MLB.TV on several devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. MLB.TV also supports Chromecast and AirPlay for casting games from your mobile device to your TV.


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