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If you are fond of German TV programs, RTL+ should perhaps be one of the excellent options that you would want to check out. However, watching RTL+ and downloading the contents from the service has been a little difficult given the regional restrictions imposed by the service. But, you need not worry – You have Y2Mate RTL+ Downloader that has proved its efficiency beyond doubt. 

What is RTL+? 

RTL+ is a streaming platform from Germany. Coming from RTL Germany, it offers you shows from across several German channels, including RTL, VOX, and the children’s channel Super RTL. It has been known well enough for the huge library of German content. 
The RTL+ streaming service does host a huge collection of German language streaming libraries. In fact, RTL+ has become one of the most popular household names. It began producing its own shows and series in 2019, and since then, it has become a great service provider in itself. 
Some of the content available on RTL+ would include game and quiz shows, documentaries, and the soap operas like Good Times, and Bad Times (GZSZ). You would also find it providing you live sports coverage right from  Formula 1 to German football matches. The multiple high-speed servers available across Germany make it one of the exciting and excellent options for your needs. 

Can I Download RTL Plus Videos?

RTL+ streaming service does provide you a built-in option for downloading the content on its platform. You can simply download your favorite shows and watch them on your device without the need for the internet. Of course, the functionality comes with a few limitations. 
To begin with, not all the content is available for download. The availability of download features on any specific title may be based on the licensing terms with the license holders of the title. One of the huge limitations is that the download feature is available on mobile devices only and is supported on the RTL+ Premium package. 
You can simply go to the show that you want to download and look for the info page. If the title is available for download, you should find the download icon on the page. Click on the icon, and the title will be downloaded onto your device right away. 

What is Y2Mate RTL Plus Downloader?

While RTL+ provides you access to the ability to download the titles on it as per your preferences, a few limitations may make it not so comfortable. The downloads expire after a stipulated time and cannot be accessed forever. Moreover, you will not be able to share your downloads with others. That is perhaps why you should invest in a capable third-party RTL+ Downloader. 
Y2Mate RTL+ Downloader efficiently fills this gap and provides you access to one of the powerful options for downloading the RTL+ content. One of the extremely powerful video downloaders for RTL+, it does offer a great standalone tool option for downloading your favorite content. It does provide you an option to download practically any content on RTL+, irrespective of which package you are on. 
Some of the features that make Y2Mate RTL+ Downloader a formidable choice can include:

Downloads of High-Quality RTL+ Videos

Y2Mate RTL+ Downloader is your best video mate for getting high-resolution videos from your downloaded videos. The ability to download videos in 1080p visual clarity and AAC audio should make it a high-end alternative for the foreseeable future.

MP4 Format Supported

Your videos are downloaded in MP4 format, which is an additional benefit. You'll be able to watch your videos on almost any device that supports the MP4 format, which is supported by almost all of them.

Downloads of Customized Subtitles

You have the freedom to choose how you wish to use your subtitles. You have the option of downloading them as an SRT file or embedding them into your video.

Downloads of Batch Mode

Batch mode is one of the most important features of any video downloader, and the Y2Mate RTL+ downloader has one. You may even download all of the episodes of your favorite RTL+ show all at once.

Quickest Downloading

Another excellent feature that you will like is the ability to download files quickly. You'll be able to download a full movie in about 10 to 20 minutes with this method.

Metadata Information

Another important feature that should make Y2Mate RTL+ Downloader a viable option is the ability to add additional metadata. You can download your video with additional metadata information that is compatible with media servers. Title, cast, season, episode title, and cover are examples of supplementary metadata.

How to Download RTL Plus Videos with Y2Mate RTL Plus Downloader

The steps involved in how to download RTL+ videos with Y2Mate RTL+ Downloader should rather be quite simple and easy. 
Here is how you can download your favorite RTL+ titles using Y2Mate RTL+ Downloader:

Step 1 – Launch Y2Mate RTL+ Downloader.

Download and install Y2Mate RTL+ Downloader. You should get it from the official site and install it as you would with any of your apps. Launch the service and go to the RTL+ service if you are not already on it. 

Step 2 – Play the video you want to download. 


The built-in browser can help you pick and check the video that you would want to download. You can even play it for a while to find out if you really want to download it.

Step 3 – Pick the subtitles and audio language setting.

Tutorials for Users

Choose the audio language and the language for the subtitles that you would want to use on the downloaded video. Once you have confirmed your preferences, click on the Download option. That would do it. The download process will begin in the background, and you can choose to download other videos as well in batch mode. 

Why Choose Y2Mate RTL Plus Downloader?

A valid question. When you have a huge number of downloaders for streaming services, why choose Y2Mate? What special features does Y2Mate come with? 
Y2Mate has always been a great and powerful contender when it comes to the best video software options. The downloader comes with several advanced benefits. The ease of downloading your videos in different resolutions as per your preferences, the subtitle download customization, auto-detection of the audio and subtitle language, additional metadata information, and several other advanced features ideally make it something that you can rely upon. The simple interface and a hassle-free download experience should definitely make it the right choice for you would want to go with. 


1. Is RTL+ Free? 

The RTL+ streaming service has a free plan, but only a few titles are available under the free plan. If you want to access all the shows, including RTL+ Originals, you need to go with a Pro plan

2. Which Devices Does RTL+ Support? 

RTL+ is available on a wide range of devices and platforms. Some of the select options that you can watch RTL+ on can include 

  • Smartphones and tablets, including iOS and Android
  • Computers and laptops, including Mac and Windows
  • Smart TVs and TV box systems, including Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV Stick

3. Can You Watch RTL+ Outside Germany?

Only a few limited numbers of shows are available and supported on RTL+ outside Germany. If you want to have access to a full catalog of RTL+, it is recommended to use a good VPN service 

4. What Can I Watch on RTL+.de?

RTL+ does host a huge range of content across different genres, and it does host several programs from different channels that would including RTL, VOX, and the children’s channel Super RTL.  A few of the shows that you would find quite impressive can include Prince Charming, Everyone Loves Jimmy, Die Bachelorette, Temptation Island, and many other shows. If you are a fan of German TV channels, you will find the live programming from several German channels, including RTL, VOX, Nitro, VOXup, Now!, Toggo Plus, NTV, etc. RTL Passion, and Geo Television.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Well, RTL+ from Germany is indeed one of the most promising streaming services ever. You would find it quite a rewarding experience to enjoy an extreme quality of content on the prime German streaming service. If you find it difficult to watch or download the content from RTL+, Y2Mate RTL+ Downloader should definitely double up as an exceptional choice by every probability. 
Check it out today and enjoy your RTL+ experience to the core!

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