How to Activate and Use Roku Com Link?

Today, there are lots of smart devices and accessories that allow you to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and programs on the go. There are now many alternatives to cable TV and's Player or TV is one of those best devices to get if you are a lover of entertainment. Just as Amazon's Fire Stick device, Roku Streaming Players or Roku TV grants you unlimited access to lots of good channels, both free and paid options. However, to get started with Roku streaming, you must have to "Link" your device - your Roku TV device or Roku Player - to your personal Roku account. Link: How To Do It?

  • Log in to your Roku account

  • Click on “Activate a Device” or simply visit

  • Connect your Roku streaming device to your TV and turn it on (for the first-time installation, you'll need to set up the device with your TV)

  • Enter the Roku Link Code that appears on your TV (final step)

Actually, Roku physical devices are ready to start playing right out of the box, but you must have to visit Roku Com Link to link the device with your account. That said, first things first, you need to open a Roku account using a valid email address and strong password. Once your personal account is fully set up, then you can proceed to link your Roku device with your account for unlimited entertainment.

However, some people usually face issues - get stuck - trying to enter the Roku Link Code required to activate their device. If you face such an issue, contact Roku’s customer support for help. The Link Code should appear on your TV when you set up your Roku TV with your smart or HD Television.


How To Set Up Roku TV With Your TV

Connect your Roku streaming device with your TV using the compatible interface (HDMI)

Power the Roku player and follow the step-by-step process of setting it up. The process is as follows:

  • You have to choose a language option

  • Connect to your home WiFi (wireless) or Ethernet (wired)

  • Choose a display type

  • Check your Roku player’s remote buttons

  • Enter your email (a valid email address)

  • Check your email (including the SPAM folder) and click on the activation link sent by Roku.

  • Sign in to your Roku account and connect/finish setting up the device

  • Link your Roku streaming device via the Link page.

Roku streaming device

As mentioned earlier, Roku streaming players or Roku TV come ready-to-play right out of the box. However, you need a compatible TV to set it up. Roku players can be set up using cables (for older TVs) or using the HDMI interface on modern TVs. The process isn’t stressful if your TV is compatible with your Roku player; hence, it is important to check for compatibility before purchasing a particular Roku streaming device.

You are required to pay zero fees for linking your Roku device with your personal account. Once your device is set up with your TV, proceed to to link and activate the device to start streaming the many available channels on your account. You can actually customize the channels on your Roku TV device; add new channels, move channels, change themes, and all other exciting stuff you could do.


Personalizing Your Roku Streaming Player

When you're done with the link stage, next is to personalize your device to enjoy the best possible streaming experience you could.


How To Add New Channels On Roku TV

There are lots of channels available on Roku TV and other Roku players, including free and paid channels.

  • Press the Home button home on your Roku remote

  • Scroll to Streaming Channels (using the remote’s arrow keys) and open the Channel Store.

  • Search for the channel you want to add by entering the channel name using your remote controller. In contrast, you can navigate the category tabs featured, new, and popular to find the channels you want.

  • Free channels can be easily added by selecting the “Add Channel” option. But for paid channels, you have to select the “Buy $X.XX” option and purchase them before they can appear on your Roku device channels’ list.


Note: New channels are added to the bottom of your channels list in the “Home” section.


How To Change Theme and Screensaver On Roku Stick/TV?

Another customization you can do to your Roku streaming device is to change the theme or screensaver. This option is available on the "Settings" page; here's how to get to it:

  • Using your Roku remote control, go to Settings

  • Scroll to Themes or scroll to Screensavers, whichever one you wish to change

  • Choose the available options and install


Troubleshooting Your Roku Player


If you’re unable to hear audio or there are some issues you’re facing with your Roku device, firstly, what you need to do is to check the connection cables. Ensure that the cables are well-fitted into their respective ports, and also test the cables to see if they are good (working fine).

When you have checked and the cable connections are perfect as they should be, then you can contact Roku’s support team and explain to them; maybe your device is defective and you could get a replacement.


Roku Device Channels

Roku Device Channels

There are thousands of channels available to Roku streaming service users - about 4,200 channels, including free, paid, and on-demand options.

Here are some channels available on Roku TV or any other Roku streaming player: TV Player, BBC Sports, Deezer, Sky News, Red Bull TV, BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Hub, Demand 5, STV Player, Deezer, Box Plus, VEVO, TuneIn, Netflix, Amazon Video, NOW TV, Rakuten TV, Sky Store, and Google Play.

You will definitely enjoy unlimited entertainment with Roku, but it all starts with a successful Link to your account and device.

Tools to download movies from these streaming channels:

  1. HBO Max Downloader

  2. Amazon Prime Video Downloader

  3. Disney Plus Downloader

  4. Paramount Plus Downloader

  5. U-Next Downloader Streaming Alternative Streaming Alternative


With the advent of Smart TV, several streaming services have launched devices that allow you to enjoy their content on bigger screens (TVs). A very good alternative streaming device to Roku players is Amazon Fire Stick.

The Amazon Fire Stick device is well advanced and provides a lot of channels, digital content, and much more.

Roku vs Fire Stick: Battle For The Best Media Streaming Device

Choosing between Roku and Amazon's Fire Stick is quite challenging and also points down to personal preferences. However, here is a major difference:

Roku players provide you with more free channels and access to any streaming service you use, including Amazon TV, Netflix, Google services, and many of them, but it doesn’t support any smart assistant. In contrast, Amazon Fire Stick supports voice control via Alexa and also provides a wealth of channels (though not as many as Roku players’ offer).

Interestingly, both Amazon Fire Stick and Roku players have a 4K version for people who want to stream 4K digital content. The 4K-compatible streaming devices from both companies are costlier than the regular ones.

It is practically impossible to say that one of these streaming devices has more content to offer. Why? It is only possible if one can make out time to count the number of videos, TV shows, or other digital content available on the streaming services supported by each device.

Both support mainstream services like Both platforms have access to all of the main services Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go/Now, Sling TV, and YouTube. In addition, Roku edges over Amazon Fire Stick with the inclusion of a free ad-supported Roku Channel.

What Again?

Roku players are relatively cheaper when you compare them with an Amazon streaming device of the same level. Both platforms offer HD or 4K streaming on compatible TVs.



This article is made to explain the link process and how you can get the most of your Roku streaming device.