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There is something about Zombie movies. Just when you think they are done and dusted with, Zombie movies, just like their characters, rise from the grave to enchant millions of audiences.

So, what makes Zombie movies so popular? What makes horror movie fans enjoy the tales of those coming back from the dead? After all, don't all Zombie movies use the same theme, a frantic survivor, an attempt to keep safe from the stumbling army of the soulless, and a glimmer of hope within the frightening situation. Either the hero and his troupe overcome the apocalypse or turn into Zombies themselves.

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In the text to follow, we will learn about why people love Zombie movies. We will look at some aspects of the web series Black Summer Season 2 release, including the Black Summer Season 2 release date, its cast, and plot. So, please stay tuned.

Why Do People Love Zombie Movies?

There are essentially three reasons why people relate to and enjoy Zombie movies.

Firstly, we like being scared, especially when we know Zombies do not exist in the real world. Deep down, Zombie movies allow us to figure out what we would do to survive in such a situation.

Secondly, Zombie films provide us with a form of twisted escapism. You do not have to worry about earning a livelihood, or procuring a loan, or looking after your family. All you worry about is surviving.

Lastly, Zombie movies often reveal the dark side of humans. An aspect that is present in every human being, but one nobody likes to reveal. With no societal regulations, no rule of law, and policing, humans would do anything to survive, irrespective of however unpleasant it may seem. They would be free to indulge in any crime or compulsion without worrying about the consequences.

Black Summer - The straight-up, Kick-you-in-the-mouth Zombie Horror

Black Summer season 1, an 8-episode Canadian television series created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams, was released on Netflix on 11th April 2019. It was produced by The Asylum, the same company that produced Z Nation. You would not have come to know of this fact had it not been highlighted in Black Summer Season 1 Episode 2. Most of the series was shot in Calgary, Alberta, in Canada.

Black Summer

Jaime King played the lead role of Rose, a helpless mother who gets separated from her daughter Anna during a Zombie apocalypse. The rest of the story is about a group of strangers getting together to survive and get back to their loved ones.

The series generated a lot of interest. It earned high praises from critics and viewers alike. Seeing the tremendous response it received and its popularity, people had already started speculating, will there be a season 2 of black summer. Judging the people's sentiment, in November 2019, Netflix renewed the series for an 8-episode second edition. Since then, millions of fans have been eagerly waiting for the Netflix Black Summer season 2 to arrive.


Black Summer Season 2 - Release Date

The second season of Black Summer is just one of the many series that have borne the brunt of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The producers had to suspend production and were only able to resume and complete production in the latter half of 2020.

Assuming there are no more hiccups because of the Coronavirus, one can expect the season 2 Black Summer extravaganza either during summer or fall of 2021. It would mean a relatively long gap of 2 years between the first and the second season. Fortunately, the fans understand the reason for the delay. As such, the viewership and the response are likely to transform the Black Summer season 2 Netflix project into a blockbuster whenever it arrives.


Black Summer Season 2 - The Cast

One peculiar aspect of a Zombie series is that you can never guarantee that characters will stick around permanently. However, with Black Summer season 2, you can rest assured about the return of Jaime King as Rose. One saw her track her daughter down and reunite with her eventually in the first season. You can expect the dynamics of the mother-daughter relationship to be at the helm of affairs again in the Netflix Black Summer season 2.

Apart from Jaime King as Rose, other characters who are most likely to return are those who managed to survive at the end of the first season, including Spears (Justin Chu Cary) and Sun (Christine Lee). Looking at how Lance (Kelsey Flower) fled from a herd of zombies in the last episode of season 1, it is unclear if he will be a part of the season 2 Black Summer adventure. The suspense becomes deeper as audiences still do not know if Lance was able to get away or ended up like a Zombie. Anyways, coming back to the cast. You can expect more new characters to enter the frame, helping to raise the horror quotient by providing more options for the Zombies to hunt and feast upon.

Black Summer Season 2 - The Plot

Season 1 of Black Summer left us with several unanswered questions. How will Rose protect her daughter in a hostile environment? Will Lance reunite with his team or join another group of survivors? Or will he end up being a Zombie? These are plot threads and twists and turns that the Black Summer season 2 is likely to build upon. Whatever the plot may be, you can rest assured of loads of Zombie action in the Black Summer season 2 Netflix adventure.

Jaime King has already promised viewers that the Black Summer Season 2 will be unlike what they have in mind. According to her, the show's unpredictability will keep audiences on their toes, and the show itself will continue to surpass all expectations.

How to Download Black Summer Season 2?

As we already know, Black Summer Season 2 will be available on Netflix. Downloading your favorite content on Netflix is as easy as just signing in to your Netflix account, adjusting your audio and video preferences, and downloading the content. However, all is not hunky and dory as you think. The Netflix download functionality comes with a lot of shortcomings.

  • You can only view the downloaded content on the device you download it to.

  • You cannot share the downloaded content with other devices or users.

  • The downloaded content comes with an expiry date, after which it is deleted.

These shortcomings can frustrate you to no end, especially if it concerns a show like the Black Summer season 2.

Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

Netflix Downloader

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Steps to Download Black Summer Season 2 Offline Using the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

Here is how you can download the Netflix Black Summer season 2 following 3 easy steps, but before downloading Netflix videos, you should understand one thing about Netflix Quality: How Device and Browsers Matter for HD and 4k Netflix Content.

Step 1 – Install and Launch the Y2mate Downloader

Y2mate Downloader

Visit the Y2Mate Video Downloader's official web page. You will find the option for 'streaming services' to the left of the screen. Clicking on 'streaming services' will open up a menu on the screen's right-hand side. You would find the option for 'Netflix' services right there on the menu screen. Select the 'Netflix' services option from the menu and open it within the browser.

Step 2 – Choose a Video to Play

Video to Play

Sign in to your Netflix account, browse through the different videos available and select the one you want to download. In this case, the video will be Black Summer season 2.

Black Summer season 2

Step 3 – Select Audio and Subtitle, and Download the Video

Click the 'Ready to Download' button to access and customize subtitles and audio preferences. Once done, click on 'Download Now'. Your video will start playing, and the software will start downloading it in the background. In the meantime, you can continue to browse or watch other content online.

Download the Video

The Y2mate Netflix Downloader is undoubtedly the best option for downloading the Black Summer season 2 Netflix sojourn for offline viewing. Contact us today to subscribe to the Y2mate Video Downloader and enjoy the Black Summer season 2 for free without any hassles. For more information, please visit Download Netflix Offline.