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5 Best Fixes To Get Rid of CleverGet Can't Download issues 2023

Downloading videos from various platforms and websites have become complicated because the developers impose rigid restrictions on the sites. In such a case CleverGet video downloader is the popular choice for downloading videos from any social media site quickly.

Although users often look for free websites, they carry potential risks that may harm your devices.

For example, CleverGet Video downloader supports many OTT platforms, and that's how it became the user's first preferable to download videos. Unfortunately, many users deal with the cleverget can't download issue, which we have discussed later in the article. So let's explore all the information about the tool here. Get to learn about Audials here.

What is CleverGet?


CleverGet is a popular video software that gives access to 1000+ websites where users can stream video, music, movies, shows, live content, etc. It also enables an easy downloading feature. You can also put your shared videos from different social media sites on download. You can also know about other similar streaming sites like Vudu for further exploration.

The software is suitable for every model, be it Windows or Mac. It offers beginner's friendly interface. The downloaded video quality ranges from 4k to 8k in MP4 format. If you wonder if is Cleverget safe then yes it is a good tool. We have also dealt with the CleverGet can't download problem here.

CleverGet System Requirements

  1. Compatible OS: Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
  2. Processors: 1 GHz or above Intel/AMD Processor
  3. RAM: 512MB RAM (1024MB or above recommended)
  4. Free Hard Disk Space: 5GB+
  5. Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and above

Pros & Cons of CleverGet


  • In-built browser
  • Offers live M3U8 link video downloading
  • Equipped with advanced hardware acceleration.


  • You cannot resize the software's interface, which disables working in full-screen mode.
  • It doesn't offer device-optimizing tools.

CleverGet Can't Download: Causes Behind It

We have brought up some frequent causes which spark up the CleverGet can't download problem.

1. Changes in Video Specifications

If your video suddenly stops downloading, it might be because you have updated the specifications of your video distribution system. Unfortunately, these systems disable downloading software because of rigid regulations on illegal streaming. At times Cleverget freezes because of it.

The technical specifications are frequently updated. In these cases, be patient until the subsequent software updates come that are compatible with the specifications of your video distribution system.

2. Malware Attack

The file you are attempting to download may contain viruses, so per your antivirus software settings, your device may restrict the downloading process. So it's recommended to check the security settings to know if the antivirus software impacts it.

3. Software Bugs

There may be a bug in CleverGet and changes in the requirements for the video distribution service. For instance, the video might not be recognized, the application might need to be fixed, or other mistakes might happen.

4. Unstable Internet Connection

If your web connection is unstable, it may cause an interruption in the video downloading process. So it is recommended to bring changes in your network connections to disable Cleverget freezes.

Must Try Solutions To Resolve CleverGet Cannot Download


1. Restart Your Device

If your device is operating slowly, consider restarting the device. Since sometimes your PC may lag or hang if you use it for an immense period. Immense virtual memory is created on your hard disk, which hampers the CleverGet downloading process.

2. Update the Security Settings

The video file might be flagged as a virus by your security software, so you might be unable to download it. Check your security settings to see if downloading or access to the site is prohibited. You can also disable security settings only when downloading, though this is not advised.

3. Reinstall CleverGet on Your Device

If you're using CleverGet, there might be an issue that may stop the software from functioning correctly. In addition, the cache may accumulate and cause the app to lag. Try reinstalling the most recent app version if this happens. For example, you can download videos again by returning the app to its initial state.

4. Use an efficient Downloader

Users frequently have difficulty downloading when a video distribution service's specifications change because the application's response time takes too long. It is best to use a video downloader that is updated as frequently as possible to quickly identify and react to changes in the requirements of the video delivery service.

Best Alternative of CleverGet Video Downloader: Y2Mate DRM Downloader


The Y2Mate DRM downloader stands apart from the other tools, with thousands of downloading software available online. It offers the best interface with easily approachable menu options, including the in-built browser. However, the downloading support of 1000+ websites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo, is an added benefit for the users.

You can download your favorite content from anywhere at any time. The downloading process facilitates multiple resolutions range. Besides regular movies and TV shows, the Y2Mate DRM downloader can convert live streaming into your favorite offline format. All these features are without any annoying ads and popups. We have summed up its versatile features below. 

Features and Benefits

Batch Downloading - You can select all your favorite shows, movies, or episodes and proceed with multiple downloads simultaneously.

Downloads Playlists - You can easily download all videos on YouTube channels or playlists.

Saves metadata information - It preserves your metadata for the best future management.

Use an in-built browser - The built-in browser can search for your desired content.

Ensure safety - The downloading process occurs quickly and with 100% safety.

Compatible Video Formats & Resolutions:

  • Video & Audio Resolutions - Upto 8k video quality and AAC 2.0 and EAC3 5.1 are supported audio tracks.
  • Output Audio formats - MKV, M4A, WEBM, MP4
  • Output Video formats - 3GP, MKV, WEBM, MP4
  • Output Subtitle formats - SRT

How to download videos with Y2Mate DRM downloader?

Step 1: Install Y2Mate DRM Downloader.

Installing Y2Mate DRM Downloader on your PC is the initial task that needs to be done. First, launch the app after installation.

Step 2: Select your preferred streaming service/ Use the built-in browser.

Select your favorite streaming service from the VIP section and enter your login details.

Users can download the file by pasting a video's URL into the built-in browser.

Step 3: Choose your favorite video.

When you've successfully signed into the ID, search for the video you need to download before starting the download process. Then, you will be presented with a download box asking you to select between "Add to queue" and "Download Now."

Step 4: Download your videos.

You can add videos to your "Download Queue," and they will start downloading immediately. Next, locate the films you want, access each individually, and select "Download Now" for every video when prompted.


With an informative CleverGet Video downloader review, you know the Y2Mate DRM downloader is superior in many ways. This article gives solutions to common issues like Cleverget can't download, why Cleverget freezes and if is Cleverget safe.However, we recommend choosing a better alternative than facing trouble identifying causes and solutions.

Use the Y2Mate DRM downloader to ensure quality video downloads and experience the best and safest entertainment with no trouble. This software quickly downloads videos, and its HD video quality gives you the charm of theater. Make the right choice and use this software now.

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