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FOD Premium Complete Guide: Thorough explanation of how to watch, download videos, and even cancellation procedures

What is FOD?

FOD is the official video and e-book distribution service provided by Fuji Television Network, Inc. FOD Premium, a paid service, offers more than 60,000 dramas, animations, variety shows, and movies, from the latest releases to classic titles, as well as unlimited access to more than 150 magazines.

In addition, a wide selection of e-books, including manga, is also available, with more than 500,000 titles to choose from. Climb

About FOD Premium

FOD Premium" is a monthly video subscription service provided by Fuji Television Network, Inc. It offers unlimited viewing of more than 50,000 titles, including not only current programs but also past dramas, original dramas, variety shows, animations, and domestic and international movies. Viewing is available from any Internet-connected TV, PC, or smartphone.

In addition, FOD Premium offers more than 20,000 e-books, ranging from nostalgic manga to the latest manga. It also offers an extensive lineup of magazines, including more than 130 titles. You can enjoy these contents.

Does FOD Premium offer a free trial?

Yes, "FOD Premium" offers a free trial for the first time only. This allows you to see the full extent of the service.

Can I record or download FOD videos?

Since FOD is a streaming service, recording or downloading of videos is not permitted. Viewing is only possible in an environment that requires an Internet connection.

How to watch FOD on TV

The procedure for viewing FOD on a TV or set-top box varies depending on the device used. Below are instructions for viewing using the major devices.

Supported devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick,
  • Android TV, Apple TV,
  • Chromecast,
  • Pop-in Aladdin 2, Pop-in Aladdin SE

Fuji TV ONE/TWO/NEXTsmart are not supported.

For Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV, and Apple TV, the procedure is as follows

  1. Install the FOD app on your device.
  2. Select "Free to watch" if you wish to use FOD without registering or logging in. Select "FOD Premium" if you wish to watch unlimited titles after registering and logging in.
  3. Enter the email address and password you registered for your FOD account to log in.

After following these steps, you can enjoy FOD on your TV.

Download FOD programs with Y2Mate FOD Downloader


Y2Mate FOD Downloader
Y2Mate FOD Downloader allows you to download all playable streaming programs from FOD in high quality.

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How to download FOD videos

FOD is a very convenient video delivery service for users who frequently watch movies and dramas. However, it can be difficult to use FOD in situations where an Internet connection is not available. This is where Y2Mate FOD Downloader can help.

With Y2Mate FOD Downloader, you can download FOD videos and save them offline. This allows you to enjoy watching them anytime, anywhere, with or without an Internet connection.

Download FOD dramas and movies in high quality and high sound quality

The quality of downloaded videos greatly affects the viewing experience. Therefore, Y2Mate FOD Downloader provides a high-quality download experience.

It is possible to download videos from FOD streaming services with 720p high quality and AAC 2.0 high quality audio tracks. This allows you to enjoy a better viewing experience.

Save FOD show videos as MP4 files

Y2Mate FOD Downloader not only allows you to download FOD videos in high quality and high audio quality, but also to save them in MP4 format.

MP4 is one of the most widely used video file formats, and its high compatibility allows playback on most devices. Therefore, saving FOD videos in MP4 format allows you to enjoy watching them on any device.

Download FOD movies and TV shows at high speed and in batches

If you are experiencing slow download speeds or having trouble downloading one by one, Y2Mate FOD Downloader offers a solution. This downloader offers batch and fast modes, which will greatly increase your download speed.

The tool also allows you to select multiple videos at once and immediately save them to your local device. This saves a great deal of time and effort.

Storage of metadata information suitable for media servers

Organizing and managing all the videos you download can be a daunting task. However, the Y2Mate FOD Downloader feature allows you to download important metadata information such as title, cast, season, and cover image along with the video.

This feature makes it possible to have detailed information about each video at a glance, greatly facilitating management and retrieval.

How to download FOD contents

This section describes the procedure for recording video content from the FOD video distribution service.

Step 1: Download and install Y2Mate downloader

1. go to the official Y2Mate website. 2.

Click the "Free Download" button; download and install Y2Mate.

3. you can set the language.


Step 2: Customize your download settings

1. go to "VIP Services" and click "FOD" to access.


3. play the FOD video you want to download. Y2Mate will then automatically analyze the video. (You may need to log in to play the video.) Set the format (audio or video) and quality you want to download. 4.


Click "Download Now. You can check the video you are downloading in the "Downloading" section.


Why should you choose Y2Mate FOD Downloader?

FOD offers an all-you-can-eat service that delivers a wide variety of official videos and e-books. However, these contents can only be enjoyed when connected to the Internet via a PC or an application. Therefore, your viewing experience may be compromised if your Internet connection is unstable or if you wish to conserve data traffic.

This is where the Y2Mate FOD Downloader comes into play. With this tool, you can download any content available on FOD and save them as MP4 files. This allows you to watch videos on any device and enjoy them regardless of whether or not you have an Internet connection.

In addition, Y2Mate's downloader can download videos not only from FOD, but also from other streaming services such asABEMA andU-NEXT. This allows for centralized management and free viewing of content from all platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I cancel FOD Premium?

The procedure for cancelling FOD Premium is as follows, but the cancellation procedure may differ depending on your payment method. Also, due to system reasons, if you are using credit card payment or d-payment, you may not be able to cancel your subscription. Please check "How to Cancel" on the official FOD website for details.

  1. Log in to the FOD website.
  2. Go to My Page.
  3. Click on "Registration Information" under "Member Information.
  4. Click on the "Cancel FOD Premium Membership" link.
  5. Select the reason for cancellation and follow the instructions to complete the cancellation procedure.

You will continue to be a FOD Premium member until the end of the month in which you cancel. In addition, even after you have completed the cancellation procedure, your cancellation will be canceled if you re-register before the last day of the month of cancellation.

On which devices can I watch FOD?

FOD is available on the following devices

  1. Smartphones: iOS and Android applications are available. Please check the official FOD website for specific supported models and OS versions.
  2. Tablets: iOS and Android apps are available. Please check the official FOD website for specific supported models and OS versions.
  3. PCs: You can watch from a web browser on Windows and Mac. However, some browsers may not work properly, so please check the official FOD website for details.
  4. TV: You can watch on some smart TVs and set-top boxes (Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, etc.). Please check the official FOD website for specific compatible models and methods.

Please note that some functions may not be available depending on the course, device, or network environment. Please refer to the official FOD website for specific recommendations and details.

Payment Methods for FOD

FOD offers the following payment methods.

  • Credit card payment
  • iTunes Store
  • Amazon
  • D-Payment
  • au Kantan Settlement, au PAY, UQ mobile
  • au TV Pack Plan
  • My Softbank Authentication
  • Rakuten Pay
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