Girl in the Basement 2021 - Is Girl in the Basement True Story

The series Girl in the basement from Lifetime is what has caught the attention of all the fans out there. The new movie is said to be based on a true story. Let us check out whether the movie Girl in the Basement is based on a true story.

Girl in the Basement 2021- Is Girl in the basement True Story?

The movie Girl in the Basement is based on the harrowing experiences of Elisabeth Fritzl, a young woman who was held captive by her father for nearly 25 years. The movie has been created by adding, omitting, and re-writing certain elements from the true story.

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Life in the Basement is a horrific story that depicts the life of Sara played by Stefanie Scott. She is a suburban girl who is held in captivity by her father. She is held captive for 20 long years, and she is repeatedly tortured and raped by her father. Sara gives birth to two children due to this torture whom Sara’s parents raise. Sara’s mother has been told that Sara has run away and she believes that the kids have been sent to them from another country.

Sara finally escapes and the entire world learns about her plight.

What is the Girl in the basement True Story?

To begin with, the true story of the Girl in the basement is filled with depictions of sex and abuse. It involves the plight of Elisabeth Fritzl, a young Austrian woman who was imprisoned by her father, Josef Fritzl, from 1984 to 2008.

Girl in the Basement 2021

She was lured by her father to the basement off their home in August 1984 and made her pass out. He captivated her there and then forced her to write a letter to her mother stating that she has run away from her home. She was then raped and assaulted almost every day over the next 24 years. She gave birth six children in the course of 24 years and Josef brought the kids to his wife claiming that they have been sent to her Elizabeth. So much harrowing it was that even her children were made to see the tribulations and abuse that their mother was going through. Elizabeth was made to enact violent, pornographic movie scenes.

It has been assumed that Josef assaulted her sexually at least 3000 times all through those 20-plus years.

In 2008, Elizabeth managed to escape and this brought her harrowing story to the world. Her father was arrested on August 26, 2008. He was booked on several charges that included enslavement, incest, rape, coercion, and the false imprisonment of Elisabeth. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, a sentence that he is still serving.

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Where is Elizabeth Fritzl now?

Elizabeth was given a new name during the trial to protect her privacy and now she lives with her six children at an unidentified location. The village is termed Village X in the media. The children sleep and live in separate rooms that are always open.

Girl in the Basement 2021

The two-story home is under the constant CCTV surveillance and always patrolled by security guards. Elizabeth is in a relationship with her former boyfriend Thomas Wagner, who lives with her and her family.

The children were made to follow a diet plan, exercise regularly, and take the medicines for mood-altering. This was extremely necessary to help them go back to their normal lives. The children are currently in the age group of 17 to 35. They had a lot of anxiety issues and panic attacks. The children, in fact, had a very hard time healing and regaining their composure.

Where can you watch Girl in the basement?

The movie Girl in the basement is available on Lifetime’s official website for streaming. You can also get access to the movie on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video as part of the Lifetime Addon. You may also decide to rent or buy the movie from the official website.

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The Concluding thoughts

The movie Girl in the Basement was what created huge havoc among the movie buffs. More harrowing and difficult were the actual tribulations that the woman had to go through in her real life. The movie attempts to explain the harrowing experiences of Elizabeth in the best possible, yet restrained manner. The Girl in the basement True Story is more disturbing than the movie.

The movie does make you think about human tendencies and how wild they can get. Do note that the move has a lot of abuse and graphical sexual acts.