Is Girl in the Basement True Story and How to Download Full Movie?

The series Girl in the basement from Lifetime is what has caught the attention of all the fans out there. The new movie is said to be based on a true story. Let us check out whether the movie Girl in the Basement is based on a true story and whether you can download the Girl in the Basement for offline viewing.

Is Girl in the Basement True Story?

The movie, Girl in the Basement, is inspired by real-life events surrounding Elisabeth Fritzl. Elisabeth was an Austrian woman held captive by her father, Josef Fritzl, from 1984 to 2008. Josef tricked Elisabeth into going down to their home's basement one day in August 1984, where he immobilized her. Subsequently, he forced her to pen a letter to her mother, in which she had to mention running away from home. 

Following this day, Elisabeth endured daily rapes and assaults for the next 24 years, all this, while imprisoned in the basement. During this horrible ordeal, Elisabeth became the mother of six children. In a cruel twist, Josef presented these infants to his wife, deceiving her into believing that they were dropped off by Elisabeth.

However, 2008 brought a glimmer of hope when Elisabeth managed to escape this horrific captivity. Consequently, her father was apprehended on August 26, 2008. Later, he received a life sentence for his heinous actions. 

In the movie Girl in the Basement, Stefanie Scott portrays Sara, a character based on Elisabeth, a suburban girl subjected to 20 years of captivity, torture and repeated assault by her father. The narrative unfolds as Sara finally breaks free, sharing her disturbing experience with the world.

Where is Elizabeth Fritzl now?

Elizabeth was given a new name during the trial to protect her privacy and now she lives with her six children at an unidentified location. The village is termed Village X in the media. The children sleep and live in separate rooms that are always open.

Girl in the Basement 2021

Where to Watch Girl in the Basement?

Girl in the Basement is available for streaming on Lifetime’s official website, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime members can access the movie immediately as part of the Lifetime Addon. If you're not an existing member, you can either rent or purchase the movie directly from the official website or try Amazon's subscription service. 

For a monthly fee of $14.99, Amazon Prime Video offers a range of viewing choices, from feel-good movies to psychological thrillers like "Girl in the Basement." 

How to Download Girl in the Basement?

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Concluding Thoughts

The movie the Girl in the Basement was what created huge havoc among the movie buffs. More harrowing and difficult were the actual tribulations that the woman had to go through in her real life. The movie attempts to explain the harrowing experiences of Elizabeth in the best possible, yet restrained manner. 

The movie does make you think about human tendencies and how wild they can get. And if you want to download the girl in the basement, Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader will be a good option.

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