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How Do I Sign Into Amazon Prime On My TV?

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular streaming platforms today. It is one of the best streamers there is to stream content whether TV shows or movies. Amazon Prime is an amazing platform for you to watch TV shows, movies, and Amazon Originals. Content on Prime Video has been able to discover the success mantra in OTT platforms. Amazon Prime Video is one of Amazon’s media streamers. There are other streamers in Amazon’s kitty such as the platform Amazon Music.

Amazon Prime is easily accessible on your smartphone and its app supports both macOS and Windows 10 platforms on your PC. It is also available on Android, and iOS platforms making it feasible for you to watch on mobile phones. Apart from that, Amazon Prime is also available on a smart TV, this is what many people do not know. You can access Amazon Prime on your smart TV and enjoy the streamer in the best digital viewing experience in UHD and HD. In this article, we will discuss How you can sign into Amazon Prime.

Steps Before Signing Into Prime Video On Smart TV

Before moving forward, you need to first know what shall be the process like to sign into Amazon Prime. You need to have an account registered with Prime Video before registering your TV with our Prime Video account. Here is what happens before the sign-in:

  • Choose a prime Video plan.
  • Register an account with Prime Video.
  • Download the Prime Video app to your phone or open the platform in a web browser on your PC.
  • Now proceed to sign in.

Choose A Prime Video Plan

Prime Video Plans need to be known before you proceed with the registration of your device. That is the first thing you will choose before moving with keying basic information. Before moving forward let us understand the difference between Amazon Prime and Prime Video. Amazon Prime includes Prime Video and a multitude of other benefits such as free delivery of Amazon Orders, Access to premium services of Amazon like Amazon Drive, Prime Reading, Prime Gaming, and Prime Music.

Amazon Prime Subscription Plans

Amazon Prime as a service has the following plans. In case, you want to apply only as a student, you even get a decent discount. If you are on EBT, Medic aid, and other Govt assistance jobs you to get a discount.




Amazon Prime



Access to Amazon Services including

  • Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits Amazon Household
  • Amazon Photos & Amazon Drive Amazon Music
  • Prime Gaming
  • Prime Reading
  • Prime Video
  • Prime Try Before You Buy

Prime Video

Monthly: $8.99/month

Access to all Amazon Originals and relevant content on Prime Video in HD, UHD format and downloading facilities.

Amazon Prime Student membership



All features of Amazon Prime Plan

Can only be accessed by students

Prime Access


All features of the Amazon Prime Plan

Can only be accessed by EBT, Medic Aid and other selective Govt assistance workers

Both Prime Student and Prime access are subject to verification of documents. It all depends upon the authenticity of the documents you need to prove to Amazon. Amazon Student Membership seekers can proceed with registration here. While for prime access they can proceed with registration here.

Amazon student membership Interface

Amazon Prime Access Interface

Register An Account On Amazon Prime Video

If you have an Amazon account which I guess you probably have. If you do not have an Amazon Account that means you must have lived under a rock by the way it's super easy.

Creating An Account On Amazon

  • You need to navigate to the top right and you will see the ‘Hello Sign in Account and lists option’. Click on the option.

  • Now you will see the sign-in interface. You need to then select the Create your Amazon account option.

  • Now you will be asked your username, mobile number, or email and password you want to keep. Please be careful while giving your mobile number and email since the Amazon Team will send you an OTP for verification.
  • Key in your OTP on the next page.
  • And now you have your Amazon account.

Now, after creating an Amazon Account you can move to Prime Video and sign in through Amazon. You need to select your plan, pay the required amount and then access the content of its platform. TV shows, Movies, Anime, and Short Films are all available. You also have access to the exclusive Amazon Originals that have won Emmys like Fleabag and Mrs. Marvelous Maisel.

Download Prime Video App On Android And iOS

You can download the Prime Video app on Android and iOS through Play Store and Apple Store and then sign in to your Prime Video account. You can also download movies and shows from Prime Video using a third-party software tool known as Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader. One of my friends has taken 1-year subscription to Prime Video, and in that year, he downloaded more than 300 movies and videos using this downloader. In the next year, he didn’t renew the subscription and started watching those downloaded movies. This is an amazing way to download so many movies and then keep watching them for a long time.

Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader
Keep Your Amazon Prime Movies, TVs and Shows Offline with Y2Mate.
  • Download Amazon Prime Movies, TVs and Shows from multiple regions and countries
  • Download Videos in High Quality up to 1080p to view offline
  • ADs-Free with Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader
  • Save Subtitles as External SRT Files
  • Free trial for 30 Days
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How Do I Sign Into Amazon Prime On My Smart TV?

Now you are all set in to register your smart TV with Amazon Prime. You will have the Smart TV pre-installed in Vizio, Amazon Fire TV, and Firestick. Apple TV, Android, Roku TV.and many more such top smart TV brands. Here are the steps to sign in:

  • Open your account on the Prime Video app on your phone or sign in to Prime video through a Web browser on your PC.
  • Open your Prime Video app on the TV, and click on ‘sign in’. You will see a code.
  • Once you have signed in, you need to go to this link, http://www.primevideo.com/mytv.
  • There will be a drop-down menu, you need to choose the ‘My TV’ button.
  • The next menu shall be an activation page. You need to key in the code appearing on your TV screen.
  • After entering you will have another ‘sign in’ option. Click that.
  • Once done, wait for some time, do not turn off your TV, and your profile will appear on TV screens.


Why Can't I Get Amazon Prime On My TV?

Make sure to see if other aspects of the Smart TV are working fine or not like date and time. Is your internet working? If it is it can be a device issue and not a Prime Video issue. If there is an issue with the smart TV OS get its OS updated. In case, you are still facing a problem try updating the Prime Video app. If nothing works, call customer care or request assistance on Amazon.

How Do I Get Amazon Prime On My Smart TV?

It’s easy to get Amazon Prime on your smart TV. You need to sign in to Prime Video and then go to this http://www.primevideo.com/mytv.link. Then you need to choose ‘My TV’ from the drop-down menu on the next page. Now type in the displayed code on TV to your phone. And voila! You can play your favorite shows on Amazon Prime without any hurdles

How Many Devices Can Stream Amazon Prime In A Single Time?

At a time, you can stream Amazon Prime through only three devices.


Amazon Prime is an amazing streamer, kind of an owner in the OTT game. It can be watched on smart TV. I have mentioned to you all the possible info required to stream Amazon Prime on your smart TV. Watch and enjoy!

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