How to Cancel Prime Video

Are you using Amazon Prime to its fullest potential? The service Prime Video does come with a host of advantages and benefits. The excellent video content available on the streaming service should definitely make the service stand apart from the rest. However, it is quite possible that you are looking for how to cancel Prime Video and Amazon Prime subscriptions. With the recent rise in the subscription costs of Amazon Prime services, it is quite obvious that most of users are looking for how to cancel Prime Video and Amazon Prime subscriptions. Let us explore the best options for the purpose.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is an on-demand streaming service and has been a part of the Amazon prime service. In most of the cases, Amazon Prime Video comes as part of your Amazon Prime subscription. In addition to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, the membership to Prime membership also provides you access to several services and benefits.

How to Cancel Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the home of a host of popular movies and shows. The service comes with a host of original movies or TV shows and a few exclusive series. While Amazon Prime Video is a part of a Prime subscription, you can also opt for it as a standalone streaming service, just like a host of the other competing services.

The streaming service provides you access to as many as 24000 movies. You would also find it offering you over 2100 TV shows. The service also lets you buy or rent other movies and TV shows in case they are not included in your subscription. The Amazon rentals service can be a great option to help you enjoy a full-fledged video experience. The Prime Video Channels is yet another add-on with access to more than 100 channels.

The Amazon Watch party is one of the unique features of the service that lets you enjoy your favorite content with your friends.

How to cancel Prime Video?

There are several ways that you can cancel Amazon Prime Video. Let us explore a few of the options that can prove to be handy.

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership on the Web

The steps involved in how to cancel Prime Video and Amazon Prime membership can be quite easy and simple. Let us follow the steps here below –

  • Launch the Amazon website on your browser
  • Hover over Account and Lists and then click on Sign in. You can ignore this step if you have already signed in
  • Sign in to Amazon with your login credentials.
  • Hover over the option Accounts and Lists and then click on Membership and Subscriptions

How to Cancel Prime Video

  • Under the list of subscribed services, pick the option for Prime membership among the list of subscribed services

How to Cancel Prime Video

  • Select the option for End Membership
  • Follow the instructions.

That would do it, and you can easily cancel your subscription to Amazon Prime.

You may also check out the best options for understanding what is Amazon Live.

Cancel Prime Video on the mobile app

The Amazon app on Android and iOS lets you solve how to cancel Prime Video and Amazon Prime membership with ease. The steps in how to cancel Prime Video can differ slightly based on the country and the device that you are using.

Here are the steps that you can put to use –

  • Open the Amazon app
  • Tap on the profile icon and then on open Your account
  • Under Account settings, choose Membership and Subscription
  • On the next page, tap on Prime Membership settings
  • Tap on Manage membership
  • Locate the option for End membership and follow the instructions.

What Happens When You Cancel Prime Video Subscription?

Before you solve how to cancel Prime Video membership, take note of the following changes that would take place when it comes to your Amazon Prime subscription.

  • If you are using a bundled service with Prime Video, the cancellation will affect all your subscriptions
  • Your Prime membership benefits will continue to be available until the expiry of your existing membership.
  • You will not be able to cancel a membership that is offered by a third party such as your telecom service provider or ISP
  • You will not be able to end a membership if you have not configured the recurring payments. In such a case, the membership will be canceled at the end of the current subscription period instantly.
  • In some countries, it is not possible to cancel Amazon Prime membership with the methods outlined above. In such cases, you will need to get in touch with Amazon customer service.

Can you watch Amazon Prime shows offline after canceling Amazon Prime Video?

So can you watch Amazon Prime Video shows after you solve how to cancel Prime Video service? Amazon Prime Video does provide you access to an enhanced degree of experience in helping you enjoy a wide range of content without the hassles of Internet connectivity. Even then, the default download feature comes with a few limitations that can be quite annoying. That is perhaps why we recommend using a good and reliable third-party downloader for Amazon Prime titles.

In our view, Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader should be one of the excellent choices in this context. The easy-to-use interface offered by the downloader can make it a truly formidable option. The built-in browser that forms part of the downloader would indeed make it a good option. It can be a good choice to help you in browsing, downloading, and watching your content without the need to leave the app. The high-quality video content available on the downloader should further make the tool stand apart from the rest. The subtitle and audio performance offered by the downloader would further make the downloader a great choice.

To sum it up….

Amazon Prime Video is one of the excellent and powerful streaming services that provides you access to a great degree of content across multiple genres. However, the recent hike in Amazon prime membership has been the prime cause why most of the users are checking out the options to cancel Amazon Prime video membership. The tips and steps that we have outlined in the above discussion should be helpful in providing you with a great degree of experience in how to deal with the right means of how to cancel Prime video.

In case you are looking to download the titles on Amazon Prime Video titles, the Y2Mate Amazon Video Downloader is definitely what would make it a formidable option that you would find quite interesting. Check out the tool once and find out if it meets your individual expectations.

A few FAQs

Can I cancel Prime membership anytime?

Yes, you can cancel Prime Video membership at any time. If you have canceled your subscription in just under three days, you will be able to get a complete refund. If not, you will continue to use the Prime Video subscription till the expiry of the current billing cycle. That should help you answer the question of how to cancel Prime Video subscriptions on Amazon.

Why can’t I find the option for End Membership on Prime Video?

The option for End Membership is not available under certain circumstances. The End Membership option is not visible if you have opted for a one-time subscription and are not using the single payment method. The method is available only in the case of the auto-renewal options that you have configured.

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