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How to Change Netflix Region

If you have been a fan of the content available on Netflix, you would definitely find that the content available on the streaming service differs based on the region you are from. There is every chance that you are not happy with the content on Netflix that is available for your region alone, and you are looking for options about how to change Netflix region. There are a few options that can come in quite handy and assist you in how to change Netflix region with ease.

Why Change Netflix Region?

There can be several reasons why you want to change Netflix region, and the good news is that you can go with a few good options to help you in this task of how to change Netflix regions.

How to Change Netflix Region

Netflix comes with plenty of content, but not every title is available for every region. There are several international streaming libraries. Once you change Netflix region, you will be able to watch Netflix shows and movies that are not available in your region. There are also chances that you are suffering from throttling issues with your ISP, and changing the region with the right choice of VPN service can be helpful in enjoying your shows in full HD with no lags whatsoever.

How to change Netflix region?

The best and only option to change Netflix region is to use a good VPN service. The VPN or Virtual Private Network lets you connect to the servers in another country. The technique in how to change Netflix region using VPN is to trick Netflix into believing that you are from another region, the other region being the one that you want to access the Netflix content from.

How to Change Netflix Region

The steps in changing Netflix region would be on the almost similar lines in how to change Netflix region–

  • On any of your devices, download and install the VPN service that you would want to use to change Netflix region. You can either install the standalone app or use the extension for the same.
  • Click on Sign in
  • Select the server for the country in which you want to watch Netflix content on.
  • Click on Connect to change the region for Netflix.

Now that your location has been spoofed, Netflix believes that you are from a region that you have chosen on VPN and shows you the content meant for those regions.

Do note that you need to be careful when selecting your favorite or preferred VPN service. Not every VPN service is likely to work with Netflix. In fact, Netflix has a robust VPN detection algorithm, and most of VPN services tend to fail to work with Netflix.

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Should I Use a Free or Paid VPN to Change Region on Netflix?

Most VPN services come with a premium cost. Of course, there are a few VPN services that do offer a free option. However, since the free version comes with a few limitations in terms of the data that can be utilized, they may not be the right choices for changing the Netflix region.

A few of the limits imposed by the free VPN services can include

  • They may limit the number of servers that you can access. Not every server on the VPN service is available for free users.
  • There may be a limit on the time that you can use the VPN service.
  • There may also be a limit on the amount of data that you can access on the VPN service.

Since using Netflix involves a lot of streaming, we would recommend opting for the paid VPN service. If you are regularly changing the Netflix region, investing in a good VPN service that works seamlessly with Netflix can be a good option.

Can I Watch Netflix Abroad?

Getting access to Netflix when you are abroad would need you to use a proper Netflix service. If you are in another country and looking to access the Netflix content meant for your own region or your own country, you need to pick a good VPN service and select the servers for your country.

In fact, using a proper VPN service is the only way you can watch Netflix when abroad. This method should be a good choice to go with in case you are a frequent international traveler.

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Can you watch Netflix shows offline?

If you find the VPN service that you have is not much of a help in letting you enjoy your favorite content on Netflix, it would be advisable to check the offline download feature on Netflix. While Netflix does provide you with an easy-to-use download functionality, it also comes with a few limitations. Your downloads come with an expiry date, after which they will be automatically deleted. Moreover, once you begin watching a downloaded title, you need to finish watching it within 48 hours. After that stipulated time, the downloaded content is automatically deleted.

It is also possible that the downloaded titles may or may not be available if your VPN fails to work with Netflix. In such a scenario, it is always advisable to download the Netflix titles using a third party downloader. We would recommend using Y2Mate Netflix Downloader as one of the promising tools in this context. The downloader helps you get rid of most of the limitations that you are likely to face with the built-in download functionality. The ease with which you can download your favorite titles and the ability to keep the titles as long as you would want to will make it a formidable choice. If you are unable to find out third-party, this should be the only option for you to watch your Netflix titles when you are abroad.

The Concluding Thoughts

Netflix is one of the most unique and promising options that you would find quite excellent and unique in more ways than one. The wide range of content available on the platform should definitely make it a truly formidable option in terms of every type of content that you may be looking ahead to. If you are looking to check out the content on other Netflix regions, the only way you can do so would be to use a good VPN service. The above info should be helpful in finding the right technique how to change Netflix region with ease.

In case your VPN services do not work as expected, it would be advisable to download the Netflix titles well in advance or ask your friends in the other region to download the titles and share them with you. The Y2Mate Netflix downloader is one of the best choices in this context.

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