How to Download 6play Videos

What is 6Play?

Its digital platform, 6play, is operated by the M6 Group. You can watch or rewatch shows from the M6 network for free, with a viewing window that can last anywhere from 7 days to over 6 months (excluding the TEVA and PARIS PREMIERE networks)! (smartphones, tablets, operators IPTV, etc.).

Many new shows (that haven't yet aired on the network's channels) are also available through the service. The duration of these courses starts at 12 months. Radio and television shows are typically posted online between 1 hour and 1 day after they air on the air.

You can watch the videos on 6play as often and for free as you like (excluding the cost of Internet connection).

6play's streaming quality modifies itself automatically based on your connection speed. The quality drops with slower connections, but you can still see everything easily.

Who can access replays on 6play?

In what circumstances can one view a 6play replay?

Depending on the location and the viewing medium, we may or may not be able to make all 6play content available. Therefore, it's conceivable that you won't be able to watch some shows if you're not in France or if you're not using a French-friendly device.

6play's live feeds are available around-the-clock, seven days a week, but only to viewers in continental France.

The 6play platform and its catalogue are available for no cost and with no subscription requirements. However, you'll need to sign in with your 6play account (or, failing that, establish one by following the instructions for making an account on the main screen) to watch the films (replay, live, unreleased content, etc.).

Why are some programs not available on 6play?

There's a chance the show you're trying to find isn't on 6play or has been removed (website, application or TV offers). There are a few possible explanations for this:


DELIVERY TIMES: Our shows are usually available online within a few hours of their initial airing on TV, which is significantly later than the norm. There may be some delays due to publication limits, but we're doing our best to minimize those with a streamlined process for getting articles online as quickly as possible.


The web availability time for the program you want may have ended, and as such, our website may no longer make it available to you. There is good news: TV packages now typically include lengthier and always-free episodes of your favorite series.


PRIVATE PROGRAMS ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH TV PACKAGES: Certain 6play shows are only available through select TV packages. In such cases, a separate notation is typically included on the appropriate program page.


You can set a parental filter from within your account to restrict content that could be harmful to younger members of your group. When the parental filter is on, no films that are rated "not safe for all ages" (which includes those under 10, 12, and 16) will play.

What is 6play max?

Paying for 6play max removes advertisements and other restrictions from the free 6play streaming platform, allowing customers to watch any show from the M6 Group whenever they want.

  • Ad-Free: Ads may be included in some rebroadcasts as required by contract. Streams from live events will still be available online. (Orange is also accessible if your service provider has it)
  • Downloadable for use on the go using a mobile device or tablet. (Canal is also a service your provider provides)
  • When using Chromecast-enabled devices and the Cast-to-TV function.
  • Both Samsung and Google have their own linked TV offerings.
  • HD (1080p) quality.
  • More than a month long. (also provided by the following carriers: Canal, Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free, Salto, and Molotov)

You can stream 6play max on your computer, mobile device, tablet, Google TV, or Samsung smart TV.

How much does 6play max cost?

Subscriptions made before November 10th, 2023, include the 6play max feature for just €2.99 per month (after a free 7-day trial).

After that date, the price of a new subscription will be EUR 3.99 per month.

The monthly fee is flexible and there is no long-term commitment.

How to subscribe 6play max?

The 6play app is the only place where the 6play max option may be subscribed to (available on App Store and Google Play Store).

For those who have already installed the 6play app, all they need to do is sign in and then tap the 6play max button at the app's footer to begin the membership and payment process.

Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to get the 6play app if you haven't already. After installing the app, sign up for a 6play account and then select the 6play max button at the app's footer to begin the subscription and payment processes.

There is presently no access to the 6play max subscription plan through any internet-enabled device, including computers, smartphones, and TVs.

How can I watch 6Play in USA?

Possibly you're a French tourist who absolutely must not miss an episode of Scénes de Ménages while you're away from home. Perhaps you're studying French and think viewing Kaamelott will be a good way to relax and practice the language while also providing some much-needed comic relief. Perhaps you're a native French speaker who lives outside of France and is looking for a new show to obsess over. M6's special blend of French and American shows is perhaps what you're looking for.

Whatever your motive for wanting to catch an episode of M6, you'll have a hard time doing so because the show is exclusively shown in France.

Don't worry though! Getting a reliable virtual private network and linking to a server in France will solve this issue quickly and easily.

How can I download 6play Videos?

Users with a 6play max subscription can instantly download videos. The price of a subscription, however, is not trivial. Don't fret; Y2Mate 6play Downloader makes downloading a breeze.

The Y2Mate 6play Downloader is Your Best Friend for Downloading Videos from 6play.

With Y2Mate 6play Downloader, you may quickly and easily download videos from the 6play platform. And there won't be any commercials interrupting your high-definition viewing of the downloaded videos. Also, Y2Mate allows you to download videos from RTL+ and over 100 other streaming websites. With Y2Mate, you may bypass Internet restrictions and watch any video without a problem.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to obtain 6play videos:

  1. Visit the site and get the Y2Mate 6play Downloader from there. Then, start the application.
  2. Step two involves visiting 6play and copying the video's URL.
  3. The last step is to copy the URL and put it into Y2Mate 6play Downloader, then select Download from the menu.

Downloading videos from 6play is as easy as following these three steps.

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Final Words

To sum up, 6play is a French streaming service that allows its users to watch any episode of any show or movie that is available online. Replays with 6play are used extensively. While 6play is free to use, the ad-free 6play max requires a paid subscription.

The Y2Mate 6play Downloader is a convenient program that facilitates the downloading of 6play videos with minimal effort on the user's part. Not only can you use Y2Mate to download videos from 6play, but you can also use it to get videos from other providers like Netflix and Hulu.

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