How to Download AMC Videos and Everything You Want to Know About AMC+

Do you know about AMC? Are you a fan of the AMC channel? Do you know that AMC has launched its streaming service called AMC+? How much is it? How is AMC+ different from AMC Premiere? Where can you stream AMC+? Can you download AMC videos? How can you download AMC videos? This article provides the answers to all these questions.

What is AMC?

AMC is the flagship property of AMC Networks, an American international basic cable television channel. The channel's programming is mostly comprised of theatrically released films, with a small amount of original programming thrown in for good measure. The full name of the channel used to stand for "American Movie Classics," but due to a dramatic shift in its programming in 2002, the complete term has been de-emphasized.

What is AMC+?

AMC+, the streaming service from TV powerhouse AMC, began in June 2020. While Netflix and Hulu are stand-alone streaming services, AMC+ is usually obtained through a cable provider or other streaming services.

AMC+ customers will get access to content from some of the other renowned AMC brands, such as Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Films Unlimited, in addition to big names from the AMC network, such as The Walking Dead and Mad Men.

All of AMC+'s episodes and movies are accessible on demand, and you can watch them all without ads. As a result, upgrading this service to remove the advertising is unnecessary.

How Much is AMC+?

There are no various subscription packages available for AMC+, such as ad-supported or ad-free. All AMC+ subscriptions are ad-free. The cost of AMC Plus, on the other hand, varies. The price of your AMC+ subscription is determined by where you purchase it. The cost of a subscription purchased straight from the AMC website or app is $7 per month with an annual payment of $84 ($84 total). AMC+, on the other hand, costs $9 per month if you pay on a monthly basis. You can also purchase AMC+ from a cable provider or a third-party streaming service, each of which has its own set of rates.

AMC+ is available for $7 a month on some streaming services, such as Sling TV and Hulu. However, if you get AMC+ through the Roku Channel, it will cost $9 per month. AMC+ is also available as an Amazon Prime Video channel for $9 per month. While the price range isn't especially wide, if you're looking for the best value, sign up straight through the AMC+ app and then install it on a Fire TV stick or Roku device (where you can also consolidate your other favorite apps and channels).

AMC+ Supported Services and Devices

You may start viewing on-demand programming on a range of compatible devices right away if you acquire AMC+ directly from AMC via the website or app. Web browsers, iOS devices, Android devices, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV are among them.

You may also search for AMC+ on Apple TV to add it to your Apple TV channels. AMC+ is available as an Amazon Prime Video channel, which you can add to your account, or through The Roku Channel, which you can find by searching for AMC+ on the service.

AMC+ subscriptions are also available from a few TV providers. You can get an AMC+ subscription through Comcast Xfinity simply shouting "AMC Plus" into your Xfinity Flex remote. If you have Dish Network or DirecTV, you can look for AMC+ in the on-demand menu.

If you subscribe to a live TV streaming provider such as Sling TV or YouTube TV, you can search for AMC+ and add it to your monthly subscription. Any of these providers that offer mobile viewing should also allow you to watch AMC+ on your smartphone or tablet. The majority of these services are also offered by major smart TV manufacturers.

How Can I Download AMC Videos?

"Can I get AMC videos to download?" "How can I see AMC programming if I don't have access to the internet?"

Many individuals are looking for a means to download AMC videos. If you're looking for a way to create a personal library of your favorite AMC videos that you can watch whenever you want, don't worry. The simplest way to get AMC films on a Mac or Windows PC is Y2mate Downloader. It is a program that allows you to download files from the internet.

Features of Y2mate Downloader

Y2Mate Downloader is your greatest video mate for downloading movies, TV episodes, and series from popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO, as well as AMC+.

1. Download AMC Videos in High Definition

AMC shows and video content can be downloaded in high HD with Y2Mate. Smoothly enjoy high-definition videos!

2. The ability to download videos in batches

Y2Mate Downloader's batch download function allows you to store entire episodes of your favorite shows. Multiple videos could be downloaded at the same time, substantially increasing your productivity.

3. A Downloading Experience Without Ads

It's possible that the adverts that display during streaming have irritated you. It's simple to get rid of that obnoxious advertising using the Y2Mate Downloader, which can do it for you automatically.

4. Download AMC Videos in MP4 Format

You can download videos in MP4 format and adapt them for playback on all platforms with Y2Mate Downloader. You don't need to check for suitable devices because MP4 is a universally compatible format.

5. SRT Files for Peacock Subtitles

You have the option of selecting dubbed audio and subtitles before downloading your selected videos. You can also save the subtitles as SRT files individually.

6. A built-in browser for searching and playing videos.

The Y2Mate built-in browser ensures the same contents as the original video website, and you can search and download Peacock movies without having to leave the program, making the whole procedure simple.

Quick Guide to Download AMC Videos

Step 1: Download and Install Y2Mate Downloader

To start enjoying your favorite AMC videos, you need to install Y2Mate Downloader. Click "Free Download" and install the Y2Mate Downloader on your computer.

Y2mate Downloader
Y2Mate Downloader is your greatest video mate for downloading movies, TV episodes, and series from popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO, as well as AMC+.

Step 2: Copy and paste a video's URL to the search bar on Home page and press your Enter Key to start downloading.

Or, you can also download AMC videos by clicking "Paste URL" to the right on the homepage.

Then, you copy the video page's URL and paste it into the prompt window. You can choose the language of the audio tracks and subtitles, among other things. Then, to begin downloading, click "Download Now."

Step 3:

The videos can be found in the task list by clicking "Downloading" on the left bar. You may monitor the download progress and speed, as well as the videos that have been downloaded to your computer, from this page.


AMC+ is an excellent place to unwind by watching endless movies or listening to music in an online format. You can view videos on it, but you can't download them. So, if you want to download AMC videos to view them offline, you should use Y2mate Downloader, which is the finest AMC downloader.

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