How to Download DAZN Videos? Find Out Now!

Sports lovers are often left at the mercy of service providers to experience their sports events in a single place, and DAZN seems to crack the code for you!

DAZN has emerged as a hub of different sports like boxing, MMA, football, wrestling, Extreme sports, and many more, with some of the finest live and on-demand sports videos.

With shows and events like Impact Wrestling, Professional Fighters League, Premium Boxing, DAZN & Misfits Boxing, you may also need to download DAZN videos to watch them offline without interruptions.

But besides streaming, does DAZN provide a downloading or recording service? Or would you need a powerful downloader to save the selected sports titles offline? This post discusses all the answers with a snappy insight into the DAZN services.

Stay hooked with us to know the profound details of DAZN and the practical way to download DAZN videos seamlessly and flawlessly.

DAZN: A Must-Have for Fight Fans

DAZN is an exhaustive, diverse, and interactive sports media and entertainment service that has developed to be more than just a broadcaster. It offers global fans the finest portfolio of live sports and original content.

The service brings a horde of sports like DAZN boxing, wrestling, men's and women's soccer, basketball, motorsports, mixed martial arts (MMA), gymnastics, triathlon, pool, darts, eSports, Extreme Sports, chess, kickboxing, DAZN linear, American football, etc.

What makes it a chosen service is that it includes exclusive matches, documentaries, fights, weekly shows, and streams live and on-demand videos everywhere you go.

DAZN is available in a few selected countries, like;

  • The USA (including the Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands)
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Japan

However, you must know that DAZN is only available in the English language.

How to DAZN Login: Sign Up to a Chosen Platform

DAZN is available on Smart TVs, mobile tablets, computers, gaming consoles, and connected devices. Users can choose to DAZN login and sign up using their web browser, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, or Amazon device. Here’s the process to sign up for DAZN using a web browser.

Step 1: Visit the DAZN homepage.

Step 2: Enter your credentials and verify your email address. Click Continue.

Step 3: Put your payment details, enter the gift code in the required section (if any), and hit Apply.

Step 4: Click Start Subscription once your gift code gets accepted.

Step 5: Once you receive the confirmation pop-up window, you can start watching the DAZN NFL or DAZN boxing and other sports programs and do a DAZN login anytime to all your devices.

DAZN Subscription: Pricing Plans

DAZN subscribers can opt for a monthly or annual DAZN subscription to watch their selected DAZN content - live shows and original programming, innovative leagues, sporting events and competitions, and more.

Monthly Plan

USD 24.99/month

Available to all DAZN subscribers

Annual Super Saver Plan

USD 224.99/year

Available to all DAZN subscribers

Monthly Saver Plan (12-month Contract)

USD 19.99/month

(USD 239.88/year)

Unavailable on Amazon, Apple, Roku billing and Google

Flexible Pass

USD 24.99/month

Available to all DAZN subscribers

You also get the freedom and leverage to cancel your DAZN subscription plan at any time.

How to Download DAZN Videos?

Unfortunately, even after taking a DAZN subscription and login, a downloading and recording function is still unavailable with the platform. Instead, the service only lets you enjoy a "Catchup" after the LIVE streaming ends.

But you need not be upset, as Y2Mate DAZN Downloader is here to download DAZN videos in a matter of seconds. So be it DAZN boxing or DAZN NFL, you can download all your sports entertainment with Y2Mate at high speed and uncompromised quality. And that's not it. You can also watch Netflix offline among the multitude of streaming platforms on Y2Mate.

Y2Mate DAZN Downloader: Download DAZN Videos Seamlessly

Y2Mate DAZN Downloader is the finest solution to help you download DAZN videos ad-free on your device and seamlessly transfer them to other devices. Besides DAZN, Y2Mate is capable of supporting over 1000 platforms crediting it with an all-in-one downloader.

You can download offline selected videos from Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ HBO, Hulu, ESPN, Apple TV+, and Discovery+ among the chosen few. If you were thinking about how to record on Hulu, Y2Mate has simplified the answer for you by being a more robust Downloader than a Recorder.


Notable Highlights

  • Download high-quality DAZN shows in at least 720p or 1080p
  • Bulk download the selected videos at a super-fast speed
  • Videos will save in MP4 or MKV format
  • High-quality sound delivery of AAC 2.0 or EAC3 5.0 audio tracks
  • Download subtitles: Remux into video or extract to SRT file
  • Schedules downloading new episodes automatically
  • Detects M3U8 videos and downloads them effortlessly in high quality
  • Supported OS: Windows PC and Mac OS

Download DAZN Videos

Step 1: Get the Y2Mate downloader on your system

Install and get the Y2Mate Downloader on your Windows and Mac systems to download DAZN boxing or DAZN NFL shows.

Step 2: Visit the DAZN app or website

Copy the URL link of the selected DAZN sports show and paste it into the Y2Mate downloader's top address bar. Tap the Enter key on Windows or the Return key on Mac OS to progress with your actions.

Step 3: Play, customize, and download the DAZN video

Now play the selected sports video, whether DAZN boxing, DAZN NFL, wrestling, MMA, or another sport, and customize the settings on desired parameters like dubs, subs, resolutions, audio, etc. Then hit the Download Now button.

Final Verdict

DAZN gets its subscribers' unlimited access to the boxing and fighting world anywhere they want. Besides featuring phenomenal fight nights and a multitude of other sports, it lets its fans play, pause, and rewinds their sports shows without commercial interruptions.

While the app does not yet provide an option of watching their sports content offline, Y2Mate brings the sporting madness and enables users to download DAZN videos hassle-free to watch on any device at any time.


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