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How to Download myTF1 Videos

MyTF1 is the website for the digital channel MyTF1 Xtra's TF1, TMC, TFX, and TF1 Séries Films. Additionally, myTF1 allows you to access La Chaine Info through the organization's news website, myTF1 News (which has become LCI since August 29, 2016). It is a combination of the websites for the various channels, a broadcaster, a news website, and a video-on-demand service.

How to Download myTF1 Videos

What is myTF1?

Users of the internet can access the TF1 group's programming for free by visiting myTF1, the website run by the organization. He was the creator and owner of the video-sharing website Wat.tv. He invested in OverBlog, a provider of blog hosting.

An interactive forum divided into several parts is another feature of myTF1.

In order to combat piracy and dissemination through digital video distribution networks, TF1 (and its subsidiary WAT) has chosen to employ a logo that utilizes technology created by INA (such as Dailymotion). This was done to combat these two dissemination methods. Canal Plus and Dailymotion 1 are already utilizing this technique, which uses digital fingerprints to determine the origin of films.

Is myTF1 Free?

The free MYTF1 app, accessible over mobile data and WiFi, has features including replaying the channel's programming as well as special video bonuses and extracts. More than 6000 programs and 80 hours of content are made available online for free at least seven days a week.

The service MYTF1 allows you to see audiovisual programming via MYTF1 MAX, read-only and without the option of saving, for free or a cost.

myTF1 Review

You cannot watch anything if you opt not to accept cookies, which is a requirement. Your information is shared by these cookies with US-based businesses. Great! One less client is with us.

Eight consecutive ads, unable to adjust the video quality while replaying, and no native compatibility for displays with an aspect ratio of 18:9...Both the absence of the Chromecast capability and the need to sign out of data collecting violate the GDPR.

How to Download myTF1 videos

Now you may wonder how to download myTF1 videos. Since it doesn't provide the download function, you can only use a third-party downloader to save your favorite videos from myTF1. Utilizing this strategy couldn't be simpler if you choose Y2Mate Downloader. You must start by installing Y2Mate Downloader. If you want to download your favorite myTF1 episodes or series and watch them offline without commercial breaks, Y2Mate Downloader is the best option. Additionally, it allows customers to download HD videos quickly.

Y2Mate Downloader Features

This is the one you should choose the most because it is your finest option if you want to watch movies in the best quality currently available. You should choose this one because it is your greatest option if you want to watch movies in the best quality currently available. The Y2Mate Downloader can handle music and video files with up to 5.1 audio channels and a resolution of 1080p. These two abilities are very outstanding. These two characteristics are truly exceptional. It should therefore be able to perform incredibly effectively when used as a video downloader, for obvious reasons.

EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, and AAC 2.0 are just a handful of the audio file formats that the Y2Mate Downloader is compatible with. The audio channels that most closely reflect your own preferences are available for selection. This gives you the option to choose the channels that give you the most pleasure, allowing you to have the most enjoyable viewing experience that is physically possible. This enables you to enjoy watching in the most enjoyable way possible from a physical standpoint.

It is no longer necessary to endure an endless barrage of irritating advertising because this is no longer the custom. This is due to the fact that this technique is no longer accepted. Enjoy the fact that the products you downloaded do not contain any marketing at all as you unwind. By using the Y2Mate Downloader, it is now possible to obtain video download rates that are the least distorted and the fastest possible under the circumstances. This is the case since Y2Mate created the Downloader.

Method 1: Download from Website

There are generally two methods to download myTF1 videos: first, use the built-in browser; second, use the URL. You can follow the instructions below:

Step 1

How to Download myTF1 Videos

Open Y2Mate and enter myTF1 website in the built-in browser on the homepage.

Step 2

How to Download myTF1 Videos

Log in to your myTF1 account and play the video you want to download. Then, Y2Mate will automatically start to analyze it. And you can click "Download" after the analysis finishes.

Method 2: Download with URL

Step 1

Open Y2Mate and click "Paste URL" on the right side.

How to Download myTF1 Videos

Step 2

How to Download myTF1 Videos

Copy and paste the URL of your favorite myTF1 video. Then, customize the output setting and choose "Download".

FAQs about myTF1

1. How can I watch myTF1 on my TV?

If you are not a myTF1 MAX subscriber, you can watch myTF1 on your TV only via a box operator. If you are a myTF1 MAX subscriber, you can go to the mytf1.fr website or the myTF1 mobile application on your TV.

2. Where to find the episodes of Ici tout commence?

You can find Ici tout commence from Monday to Friday at 6:35 pm on TF1 and find all the replay, extracts and bonuses every day on myTF1.

3. How to connect to myTF1 replay?

You need to login to your myTF1 account to access the MYTF1 live stream and replay. If you go to the myTF1 website, Chrome and Safari are recommended. If you use the myTF1 application, please update it.

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