How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline

In the field of VOD and television streaming service platforms, Pluto TV is one well-known name. Over 52 million people utilize it each month as of this writing.

We'll cover all you need to know about Pluto TV in this article, for example, "What is Pluto TV?", "Why do you need to download Pluto TV videos?" and "How do you download Pluto TV videos?"

What is Pluto TV?

One of the primary leading TV service platforms, Pluto TV provides its users with access to more than 250 channels. For viewers of all ages and interests, it offers a variety of live TV channels, including sports channels, food networks, kids' channels, live news channels, and numerous other networks. Its programming spans more than 100,000 unique hours in total.

For individuals who want to watch the television material they want but don't want to pay a lot for it, Pluto TV is a great choice. Pluto TV is actually free, which explains why.

How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline

What to Watch on Pluto TV

Pluto TV provides access to over 190 distinct live television streams. Additionally, it enables you to see about 190 various live TV broadcasts.

The entertainment programming on Pluto TV is the most well-liked by viewers, particularly the comedy and film sections. Viewers will get access to networks including BET Pluto TV, Buzzr, Comedy Central, IGN, NASA TV, Pluto TV Cars, Fuse, MTV Pluto TV, Paramount Movie Channel, and more with the help of Pluto TV.

Anime All Ages, After School Cartoons, Totally Turtles, Dora TV, Nick Pluto TV, Nick Jr. Pluto TV Kids, and more programs are available for children and teenagers.

How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline

Pluto TV offers a variety of sports channels, including Fox Sports, MLS, Big Sky Conference, and others.

CBSN, Cheddar News, CNN, NBC News, Sky News, BBC, CNBC, Fox Business, and MSNBC are a few examples of live news stations.

Numerous devices, including Android and iOS phones and tablets, Android TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4s, and Rokus, support the Pluto TV channel.

Why Download Pluto TV Videos?

It is simple to stream material from various networks and channels, especially when using Pluto TV. You only need an active internet connection on the compatible and supported devices stated in the above section to access all of your favorite channels and content.

Pluto TV has officially said there is no downloading function. You need watch Pluto TV on the Web. Just go to: https://Pluto.TV. For the best viewing experience on your desktop/laptop, please use Chrome or Firefox. Watch Live TV and On Demand programming. You can manage closed captioning and volume on screen.

What happens, though, if your internet connection isn't working? How will you now use Pluto TV to obtain and stream your wanted and preferred content?

All you need is a third-party downloader to save all your favorite Pluto TV videos.

Use Y2mate Pluto TV Downloader

Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader is the ultimate software for Pluto TV offline viewing. You can download any videos from Pluto TV on your device with the help of this downloader.

Features of Y2mate Pluto TV Downloader

These are the wonderful features of Y2mate Pluto TV Downloader:

High-Level Audio and Video Quality

This tool downloads the video in 720P Full HD Resolution with an audio bit-rate of 125 kbps. You won’t find any difference in the quality of streaming and offline downloaded videos.

Bulk Download

If the video belongs to a series, then the software will gather information about the entire series, so that you can download all the episodes in bulk. The cherry on the top is that it auto-downloads the upcoming episodes of the series.

Save Subtitles

If you rely on subtitles, you don’t have to worry as the software takes care of it. Before you download your preferred videos, you could choose dubbed audio and subtitles to meet your needs. Subtitles can be integrated right into the video or can also be downloaded as a separate .srt file for late use.

Built-in Browser

The built-in browser of Y2Mate ensures the same contents as the original video website, and you can search and download videos. There is no need to move out of the application, which makes the whole process easy to handle.

Quick Guide to Download Videos with Y2mate Pluto TV Downloader

Here's a quick guide to help you download Pluto TV videos with Y2mate Pluto TV Downloader.

Step 1: Select "Pluto TV" from "VIP Service"

After finishing the installation, please open Y2Mate Downloader and click "VIP Services" on the left bar, then choose "Pluto TV".

How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline

Step 2: Search for the video

After opening the official website of Pluto TV, you can search for what you want to download.

How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline

For example, you want to download "Transformers: Dark of The Moon" from Pluto TV. You can click "Watch Now" to play the video, and Y2mate Pluto TV Downloader will automatically start to analyze and process the video.

How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline

Step 3: Click "Download Now"

After analyzing, Y2mate Downloader will remind you about the downloading settings: video resolution, audio, subtitles, batch download and schedule. Then, you can click "Download Now" or "Add to Queue", and the downloading process will start right away.

How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline

Step 4: Find downloads in "Your Library"

You'll see what you have chosen to download videos in the "Downloading" part of "Your Library".

How to Download Pluto TV Movies to Watch Them Offline

Final Words

You now have it. This article focused entirely on the live TV streaming service Pluto TV and how to download certain videos for offline watching.

Y2mate Pluto TV Downloader is the best choice for you to download from Pluto TV. Why? Let's talk about the top-notch videos that are absolutely free of ads, available in a wide range of languages, and have subtitles. The Batch Mode option is also very useful to us because it will help us save a ton of time and effort. Last but not least, who wouldn't like watching their favorite films and television episodes on Blu-Ray? Everything is included...

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