How to Pair Apple TV Remote

Apple TV is one of the excellent media streaming boxes, and you would find it offering you a perfect option for enjoying a great degree of performance. However, it isn't easy to work with an Apple TV without a remote. That is precisely why it is quite essential and vital to check out how to pair Apple TV remote.

How to pair Apple TV remote?

The steps involved in how to pair Apple remote to Apple TV would largely be dependent on the remote that you are using. It would primarily be based on the type of remote such as a Siri remote or Apple TV remote.

If your Apple TV remote isn't working - Apple Support (IN)

Most of the time, the steps would include pressing multiple buttons and having an eye on the status of the LED on the TV. The method would be slightly different for the older remotes, which are known as Apple remotes.

Which Apple TV remote do you have?

Determining which remote you have would decide the steps involved in how to pair the Apple TV remote. Check out which remote you are using and move ahead to find the ways to find how to pair Apple TV remote with ease.

The Apple TV 4K comes with a remote called Siri Remote. It works seamlessly in regions that support Siri. However, if you are in an area where Siri is not supported, you would find the remote works as the simple Apple TV remote.

The remote that comes with apple TV HD is almost similar to the latest model of the remote; it does come with a few d=slight and minor differences. The second and third-generation Apple TVs come with the silver-colored Apple Remote.

Let us check out the best methods on how to pair new Apple TV remote with no hassles.

How to pair Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD (4th-Gen) Remote?

Here are the steps involved in how to pair Apple TV remote on Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD (4th-gen) –

  • Switch on your TV and set it to the right HDMI port.
  • Stay around 3 to 4 inches away from the TV when holding the Volume Up and menu buttons for around 5 seconds
  • When you are prompted, place the remote on top of the TV.
  • You should get a message indicating that the remote has been paired with the TV

If the TV is not able to pair with your remote, unplug the TV from the power source, and then power it on after 6 seconds. Try the above steps once again.

How to pair Apple TV (3rd, 2nd, or 1st Gen) Remote?

Pairing the older remotes can be slightly different. Here are the steps that you would find rather simple and easy -

  • Switch on your TV and set it to the right HDMI port
  • Hold the right and menu buttons together simultaneously.
  • You should get a confirmation message on your screen.

Your TV and remote should now be paired together.

What to Do When an Apple TV Remote doesn't Connect?

If your Apple TV remote is not pairing for any reason, you can follow the best method to address the issue. It can be due to your remote or your TV. Following a few simple examples can help let you fix the problems with your remote and how it pairs with Apple TV.

Here are a few of the tips that can help address the concern where the Apple TV remote does not pair –

Change the position of the remote

Repositioning the remote can be one of the good options to fix the issues you may be facing with your Apple TV remote. The remote should neither be too far away nor too close to the TV. A standard distance of around 3 inches is recommended for optimum functionality.

Remove the sources of interference, if any

If your remote connects with your TV via Bluetooth, it may be susceptible to interference. The wireless interference can stop your remote from the pairing. In case you have other devices and wireless devices or even Bluetooth devices interfering with your TV. Shutting down the sources of interference or removing them can be a good idea to check if you can pair the Apple TV remote.

Check the battery

It would be advisable to charge the remote to check if the battery has gone down. If the batteries have become old, you may also need to replace the batteries. Changing the remote battery would be advisable if you have an older remote.

Reboot your Apple TV

Unplug your Apple TV from the power source for around 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. This will make your Apple TV to reboot. Wait till the reboot process is completed, then try pairing your remote again.

Check if you have the right type of remote

If you are replacing the remote, make sure that you have brought the correct type of remote, and ensure that the new remote you have bought is compatible. The Apple TV remote and Apple TV HD work with the Siri remote and is compatible with first and second-generation TVs. The other types of remotes would include the Apple TV remote or Apple Remote, which works with the 4K and HD TVs. If you have an older TV, they will only work with the Apple remote, and Apple TV remote or Apple TV Siri remote would be incompatible.

Can you watch apple TV shows offline?

If you have your Apple TV remote not working and checking out the options for fixing it, it would be advisable to download your favorite Apple TV shows and watch them offline until your remote usually begins working. It would be a good idea to look for a good third-party Apple TV downloader for this purpose.

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To sum it up…

Apple TV is perhaps what provides one of the best experiences with respect to your entertainment levels. However, a non-working Apple TV remote can perhaps be what would make it a very disturbing and annoying experience. The steps outlined in the above discussion should help you in how to pair Apple TV remote with ease and simple steps.

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