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How to Turn Off Apple TV?

Apple TV is an amazing streaming box with an amazing set of apps for you to use. You can stream some of your favourite Apple TV Plus shows. However, you do need to turn off your TV for some time to get some rest and let your Apple TV rest too. In order to provide your TV rest, you need to turn off your Apple TV. So, how do you actually go about turning off your Apple TV? Hence, in this piece, you will be guided to do that. So, here we start:

How to Turn Off Apple TV?

Sleep Does Not Mean Off

You need to understand that sleep does not mean off in any manner. Sleep is just a low-power acquiring state where the system turns off all the background work but remains still for critical actions. So, please do not think that sleep means that. So, you need to properly turn Apple TV off not just leave it and put it to sleep. The issue does not go away just like that. Another concern that people might have is the case of energy efficiency. At best your Apple product will use 0.3 watts of energy for its electricity consumption in a year. It will be hardly $5 on average in America, however, please take this into account as well as the nature of pricing systems applied in different states in the United States in regard to electricity tariffs.

How To Turn Off Apple TV With the Remote?

One other basic function to turn your Apple TV off is simply long pressing your basic button. In order to know about the basic button, you can simply press a display screen button on the remote. Press it for a long duration. You will see ‘sleep now’ and ‘cancel’ as options. I would recommend that you choose ‘sleep now’ and turn your Apple TV off.

In case you want additional help, you can always read up more on online help from Apple itself, here is a nice explanation of turning your Apple TV on and off.

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Turn Off Your TV Set

In case you are finding an issue, or still struggling to turn off your TV set, you can simply turn your TV off by unplugging the Plug. You can use the TV company’s remote and then turn it off through the remote. You can use the receiver to turn the TV off.

Automatic OFF Settings

In order to use a preset that will turn your Apple TV off if left unused, you can do too. You have to access settings first.

  • Now to go to ‘General’

How to Turn Off Apple TV?

  • Then select ‘sleep after’.

How to Turn Off Apple TV?

  • Now set it at your convenience.
  • The options are ‘never’, ‘13 minutes’, ‘30 minutes’, ‘half an hour’, ‘an hour’, 5 hours and 10 hours options. You can just set it as per convenience.

How to Turn Off Apple TV?

Access Control Centre Menu

The control centre is similar to the ‘Windows Start’ page we have before logging ourselves in. You can press the ‘Home’ button for 3 seconds and see the menu appear. You will have a ‘sleep’ option there you just need to access it and select it.

How To Turn Your Apple TV App Through Settings?

You can also turn your Apple TV app through settings. In settings, you will see an option called ‘sleep now’. You need to simply select it.

Use Your iPhone Remote App to Turn Apple TV Off

You can also access the iPhone remote app and turn it off. For that just make sure to pair with your Apple TV streaming box. Once it’s done, as long as you have internet you can just go to the remote interface and hold on to your ‘home icon’. And then you will see the ‘sleep screen’ fall down. Tap on sleep. This is an amazing feature since it's like a remote-control service in order to control your device.

In case nothing works, unplug your TV or you also have the option to remove the HDMI cable of your Apple TV from your actual TV.

Restart Your Apple TV

In case, your Apple TV is stuck and is not turned off despite your trying. You can reboot your TV as in restart for things to work correctly after some time. To restart, all you require is to make sure to hold ‘the home’ key and ‘menu key simultaneously. Your device will restart and then you can simply turn it off. It turns off in most cases.

How to Turn Off Apple TV?

Is It Hard to Turn On Apple TV?

It's not hard to turn on Apple TV. Just any button in the Siri remote you can press and your screen will be in ‘active mode’ again. But do remember to turn on the physical TV too you need to plug your chord into an electricity port.

How to Turn Off Subtitles and Closed Captions On Your Apple TV?

It's very easy actually, just follow these steps and after that, you can enjoy the best of what subtitles and closed captions can offer. Here is how you can turn off subtitles on Apple TV.

  • Open your settings app on Apple TV.
  • From the list of options just click on ‘general’.
  • Now open ‘accessibility features’ on the general page.
  • Now deselect ‘subtitles and captions’, this will turn your closed captions off and vice versa.

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Customize Subtitles On Apple TV

In case you want to change the features of your written font as well as their BG colour you can change all. All of it is available in the accessibility settings. Just go to the accessibility and then select ‘style’. Here, you will have access to some of the most amazing font styles, bold and italic options, and more control over the captions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple TV automatically turn off?

Apple TV does go to sleep but this sleep is more of a closing of all the third-party apps while the system apps function normally. The electricity used however is still meagre.

Why can't I turn off my Apple TV?

If you are stuck in just one window it can necessarily mean that your system is lagging. In situations like these simply press the Home and Menu buttons to initiate a reset and reboot feature of Apple TV.

Can you manually turn on Apple TV?

Apple TV is a streaming box while the actual TV is your actual smart TV set. Controlling power access to the actual TV determines whether Apple TV works or not. So turn off your TV and hence as a result the Apple TV service will also turn off.


If you made it this far, I hoped you liked the read. See, all these tips and techniques to turn your Apple TV off from power off to subtitle and CC off, all this delicate info has been covered in this writeup.

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