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How To Turn Off Closed Captioning On Peacock

Peacock is NBC’s streaming wing, and NBC is a very big network in the States. Peacock has some great content on NBC and also movies of the franchise. One can enjoy the movies without any issues. The content is rich in variety, ideas, and evolving paradigms. Now, How do we turn off Peacock subtitles? Peacock subtitles can easily be turned off and the way to do it is there in all available platforms. Just make sure that you follow all the steps cautiously, and we will guide you through it.

How To Turn Off Closed Captioning On Peacock

How to Turn Off Closed Captioning On Peacock?

We all require subtitles, however people who are proficient in the language find it interesting that they have access to Peacock, but since they are able speakers of the English language. They do not feel like they need to use closed captions on peacocks. Turning off closed captions is an option that can be done from a variety of streaming devices whether phone, smart TV, or Chromecast, however, it is imperative to know the steps. Let's know the steps:

How to turn off closed captioning on Peacock on a PC

If you know to turn off closed captions on Peacock, then the entire process itself is a breeze with no hindrance. One can simply just expect the subtitles to turn off. Peacock has the quality of being simple. Some might see this as an unattractive and rather hopeless quality. But on the whole proper and adequate assessment of the pace of the server and the webpage works smoothly. So, how to turn off closed captioning on Peacock has become an easy problem.

Step-by-step guide

  • Open your browser, visit Peacock’s home page and fill in your important details.
  • As soon as you gain entry to Peacock’s website. Search for a title on its home page.
  • Click on the one that you like.
  • As soon as the video plays, you have to move your mouse cursor; just give it a twirl.
  • You can see a whole lot of options at the bottom of the screen.
  • On your extreme left, you can see a comment box type icon. Click on it.
  • Now in two separate boxes, you will find audio and subtitles.
  • In audio, you can watch the language. In subtitles, select ‘off’ instead of English.

How To Turn Off Closed Captioning On Peacock

  • Wait for at least 30 seconds so that the changes get applied.
  • Once it is applied, you can watch without hindering yourself with subs. You can also do the entire process while putting your video on pause.

How To Turn Off Closed Captioning On Peacock

How to turn off Closed Captioning on Peacock on mobile phones

iPhone app

Peacock is platform accessible, and it’s supportable on all platforms. That makes Peacock as an app very important in terms of having access. It is also one of the big five streamers in the league of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney Plus, and then comes Peacock. So, it’s natural that it supports a wide variety of accessible platforms. Here is how to turn off cc here:

Step-by-step guide

  • Download your Peacock app from the apple store.
  • Open the app and look for a movie that you think you should watch without subs.
  • Now once the movie gets played, swipe upwards, and you will see a comment-type icon.
  • Click on the icon, and then you will see a left-side window opening.
  • For subtitles you will see on there, you simply need to tap on the off option.

How To Turn Off Closed Captioning On Peacock

on Android

Turning off CC on Peacock on an android phone is easy. In phones, the process itself is so fast, and it hardly takes a lot of time. These are the steps that need to be followed:

Step-by-step guide

  • Download Peacock from Playstore, and wait for it to install.
  • Once the installation is complete, key in your id and password.
  • Once that’s done, you will be taken to the home screen.
  • Simply pull up the screen and you will see a text icon also called ‘text bubble’.
  • Simply choose on/off. Here you need to choose 'off' to get rid of the subtitles.

How To Turn Off Closed Captioning On Peacock

How to Turn off closed captioning on Peacock on Firestick

Firestick is an essential streaming platform as this common platform itself provides deep-seated linkages to other platforms as well. What works for Firestick is that it is nicely accessible and easy to navigate around. You need to download the Peacock app from the Amazon store. Once you have downloaded it, launch it. The caption change on Firestick can only happen through a remote.

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Step-by-step guide

  • After the app is downloaded, launch the app and sign in to Peacock.
  • Now select a video of a movie/series that you want to play.
  • As the content plays itself, press the ‘menu’ option.
  • You can see the directions option on your Firestick. All you need to do is move and select the subtitle option.
  • Choose simply the default subtitle and then press on off.

How to Turn off closed captioning on Peacock on Roku

The Roku remote is amazing. And the process of even changing the subtitles is not extremely hard. What one shall require is just pressing the “*” sign and then choosing the language, and then tapping on/off.

How to turn off closed captioning on Peacock on Apple TV

Apple TV requires a remote for you to turn off the Peacock’s subtitles. The steps are the same as Firestick. Just that the interface is different and the remotes of both the streaming platforms and TV sets.

  • Get the Peacock off of the Apple store
  • Once you have the app, log in with your credentials.
  • Once you get an entry to the home page, let the video play.
  • You can see an option called ‘closed captioning’ at the bottom.
  • Click on that and turn that off, and it’s done.

How to turn off closed captioning on Peacock smart TV?

Every smart TV has its platform. For instance, LG’s Web OS and Samsung’s Tizen are exclusive platforms hence the possibility of updates is not at all there. But with the Peacock smart TV app, things are not at all bleak. You can have any running OS. The system will work and complement the app even if the updates are not on point, which is usually seen in the case of the exclusive OS.

Two keys are very important in the case of using Peacock, one is the select key and the other is the ‘menu’. Both these keys are very important. And these keys are only required to change the subtitle of given video content on a smart TV. In some TVs, it will be in ‘select’ button and some menus’. All you need to do is select subtitles after that and select no to not use it.

How Can We Download Movies or Series from Peacock?

Downloading movies or web series from Peacock is easier with a software program known as Y2Mate Peacock Downloader, which offers a wide range of options that aid your download and offer a great experience. Batch download, HD Video, and subtitles download are a few of the best features of this tool

Final Thoughts

People who know and speak English or who want to understand foreign accents can try removing the subtitles and then watch shows. Here, you can find a list of solutions to how to turn off closed captioning on Peacock on various devices and OS platforms. Do scroll a read.

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