How to Use AceThinker and Fix AceThinker Website Not Loading Correctly?

Are you missing online lectures or the company's core meetings because you are preoccupied with something else? Screen recording and saving for later use will be extremely valuable and boost your efficiency. Managers and streamers might use the screen to ensure that remote workers perform a steady trickle of the task or the game they want to upload on YouTube.

AceThinker may be an alternative if you require a free tool for annotating, adding watermarks, and even trimming when downloading screen recordings of important meetings, online courses, live shows, or live game clips.

However, this article is for you if your AceThinker site is down or you want to learn more about what is AceThinker, can AceThinker free screen recorder change Windows settings, and its best alternatives. Under this piece, we will guide you through the approach for resolving if the AceThinker website not loading correctly, AceThinker how to record screen with system sound, and an alternative solution for keeping your productivity in check.

What Is AceThinker Free Screen Recorder?

Screen recording is ideal for a wide range of everyday tasks, from software development and quality assurance to service quality, direct assistance, and even as part of sales procedures and operations - the applications for screen recording are nearly limitless.

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder is an internet service that allows you to store your finest sessions and view them whenever you have time. One of the most apparent advantages AceThinker Free Screen Recorder provides is the ability for participants to record and store information from an event to share with teammates who could not participate.

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder allows users to capture, preserve, and communicate thoughts easily. For further queries on AceThinker how to record screen with system sound, or AceThinker stop recording, you must read the below piece.

Features of AceThinker Free Screen Recorder

  • AceThinker Screen Recorder allows you to record both a high-quality screen recording and clear audio.
  • You may also roll in on your recordings using a webcam. This cutting-edge feature is significant for taking your job efficiency to the next level.
  • You can adjust, add, or remove system sounds using the input settings or an external microphone.
  • With these exceptional features, users may create any form of screen recording, including games, online meetings, and educational films.


AceThinker Free Screen Recorder works on all platforms, including Mac and Windows. It offers Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Windows 11 with 64-bit OS support. Also required is Mac OS X 10.8 or later (macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave included), and iPhone 4 with AceThinker aren’t in the market.

Do you know if AceThinker Free Screen Recorder supports iPhone or if an iPhone 4 with AceThinker is available? AceThinker supports iOS 7 to iOS 12, but iPhone 4 with AceThinker is not available.

Acethinker How to Record Screen with System Sound?

Do you want to know how to record a screen with system sound using AceThinker? Then keep reading because we'll walk you through the steps of recording screen on AceThinker with system sound.

  • First, tap to access its online browser and launch the site to learn AceThinker how to record screen with system sound.
  • To use this free online screen recorder without downloading, click "Start Recording."
  • Navigate to the settings icon, confirm the recording settings, and initiate recording.
  • When you're through with the recording, touch the stop button to end it and store the recording for you.
  • You may either download the recordings or upload them immediately online.

Can AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Change Windows Settings?

AceThinker free screen recorder change Windows settings like you may customize the keyboard with your hotkeys. Furthermore, AceThinker free screen recorder change Windows settings by modifying the output audio and video files regarding frame rate, quality, and format.

In addition, various ways to record the video to AceThinker free screen recorder change Windows settings. You can use your webcam or screen and even integrate both to capture an ideal recording.

This recorder allows you to adjust the video recording settings, the output sound, and more, but only a little in AceThinker free screen recorder change Windows settings. So, if you're looking for know-how on it, then it's better to let go, as there is no such functionality in AceThinker free screen recorder change windows settings.

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How to Deal with AceThinker Not Working Properly?

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder is a fast screen recorder that records in real-time. However, there are certain instances where the recording should be more sound. Such an issue is when the recording lacks audio or when the AceThinker website not loading correctly. The following are some of the most often reported problems and possible solutions to them.

AceThinker Website Not Accessible

Have you ever encountered the error of AceThinker website not loading correctly? If yes, then you're probably not alone. As it is a free online web service that offers screen recording, you're most likely to encounter problems like the AceThinker website not loading correctly. Let’s get to know how to fix it!

  • The first step to fix the AceThinker website not loading correctly is to check your internet connection. The website won't function properly if there is low bandwidth or dead spots in the Wi-Fi signals.
  • By refreshing the site, you can fix an issue causing lagging in the recording, and if there is stuff that isn't included in AceThinker free screen recorder change Windows settings.
  • However, if the issue still needs to be fixed, then it means the AceThinker website is down.

Cannot Enable System Sound

You must use your system sound for the video; you'll have to click on the microphone button.

  • You’ll see four options available. However, the number could increase if you use a separate mic system.

  • Now, choose the first option to select "System Sound" as the output audio type to enable system sound.

Now, you can enable screen recording yourself anytime you want, and you have just unveiled the answer to AceThinker how to record screen with system sound.

The Video that I Recorded is Not in HD

Many audiences tend to face this issue while screen recording their favorite show. AceThinker free screen recorder allows you to adjust your video quality before recording the video. Here's how you can do it to record HD videos.

  • Go to the website of AceThinker's free screen recorder.
  • Select the frame that you want to start recording the video. Now that you've adjusted the frame for video recording, the next step is choosing the video quality.

  • Now hop to the text boxes next to the "Custom" toggle bar. For high-quality pixels, type 960 x 540, 780 x 320, etc. These are the ideal ranges for getting the best quality video.

AceThinker Stop Recording for Windows

When encountering problems, such as AceThinker stopping recording, Windows users should always install it as an administrator.

  • Navigate to the main web page, press "Start Recording," and then from the screen's page, select "Download Launcher."
  • After the download is complete, navigate to the installer's file folder and right-click.
  • Select "Run as administrator," then follow the setup wizard to complete the installation.

AceThinker Stop Recording for Mac

If the identical problem occurs on a Mac device, the instructions below will help you resolve the problem.

  • Run the "Finder" tool from the Mac desktop's "Dock," then click the "Go" tab, pick "Go to Folder," and type "/Users" in the field provided.
  • Click the "Users" folder, then select "Shared," and finally drag the "Mac Online Launcher" to the "Trash" bin in the pop-up window.
  • Then, through the Free Screen Recorder Online website, reload the launcher.

The Best Alternative to AceThinker: Y2Mate

Do you have any trouble downloading the videos? Or just want to skip facing the AceThinker glitches? Consider using a different way to download your favorite clips or movies. Y2Mate DRM Downloader is the finest solution. You may download high-quality video files with subtitles for your favorite episodes.

So, Y2Mate is the best alternative that you can use. It allows you to download videos from over hundred platforms, including the utterly renowned ones, i.e., Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, Hulu, Crunchy Roll, etc.

Moreover, it supports a batch download option that saves time and energy. You can even download subtitles and audio tracks from the source's website and download it with the video.

Plus, the best part is that it is reasonable, which can help you receive plenty of benefits without worrying about paying for expensive price plans.

Final Thoughts

In this guideline, you’ve found everything related to AceThinker Free Screen Recorder, how to record videos using AceThinker, AceThinker Free Screen Recorder change windows settings, and more.

You should give Y2Mate Downloader a shot as it is a more versatile and efficient video downloader. Moreover, it supports various platforms, including Netflix, Disney Plus, and so on! So, check it out if you're annoyed with the downloaders or the platforms and want to download videos in HD without hassle.

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