Peacock Olympics | How to Watch?

Peacock surely had an illuminating effect on the Olympics broadcast. NBC’s streaming wing was what we needed for the 2022 Beijing Olympics which just got concluded. Peacock Olympics and Olympic Replays are part of the Olympic experience. NBC as you know, the 2022 Winter Olympics of China had coverage of almost 18 nights, 2400+ and hence you can indulge in it. If you have missed it and want to know about it, this piece will deal with all the facts about the Peacock Premium Olympics. In no time you will know all about it.

Where to Watch the Winter Olympics 2022?

We all know that the Winter Olympics was telecasted back in February, if you want to catch all the highlights since NBC will be telecasting the footage. You should try to get an account made on Peacock as it’s the streaming brand and will be providing Olympics on Peacock. The experience will be fantastical for you. As you know there is no point knowing the Peacock Olympics schedule, as the games have officially ended. But you can still watch all the actions that happened in Curling, Figure Skating, etc.

NBC’s Broadcast of the Winter Olympics

First of all, do understand that NBC has been streaming the Olympics for a very long time. The Winter Olympics had its third debut after Pyongyang, Sochi, and now Beijing. All the popular sports can be watched on Peacock and you will be able to watch most of the games on the Olympics page of Peacock. so Olympics Peacock is not a distant dream after all. Let’s know about descriptive and analytical shows on Olympics on Peacock:

The Olympics Show

The Olympics is an experience overall and the Peacock TV Olympics is a surreal moment in itself. The Olympics show is an amazing show and can help you in understanding the game in its entirety. Any Olympics buff out there who cannot leave their screens. Well, do understand that you might want to go over the watching the Olympics formula on Peacock. Revisit them and watch them again since it can give you the little ride Team the USA had in their journey.

Olympic Ice

Olympic Ice is another great show that you need to watch out for. Let us, first of all, know what the show is all about. The Peacock Live Olympics was a thrill. And the same thrill can be seen in the figure skating game. You need to have a great amount of flexibility, unimaginable grace, and hunger to go all out for the title. This show examines How team USA performs at the Figure Skating in Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022. How many medals did the USA bag? How the Figure Skating team pushed their boundaries and achieved miraculous success. It’s a story of heroes and How they conquered the toughest game of the Winter Olympics.

Winter Gold

As we all know many major countries gun for glory in these games. Now the question is simple: do they attain glory and give it their best and bag a medal. Well to know more about that you need to rewatch this show on the Peacock Olympics page. It features some of the most exciting, damning, and darkening performances of the Olympics and How people pushed their guts to the maximum and gained prestige and glory.

Top Highlights

The day in the games and the sporting events is a combination and sequence of events exciting, momentous, tragic, or flustered. Well, with all of these very intense moments and captivating highlights, you need to make sure that you watch the Olympic highlights but the only thing is this will be long and tiring. But an Olympic buff might not leave it easily. This can be almost 100 hours of content.

Can You Watch the Olympics on Peacock?

Can I watch the Olympics on Peacock? Peacock especially has some of the best shots of the Olympics and since if you had DVR, but forgot to record. Just do not worry, you can simply head over to Peacock and watch it. There can be many moments that you as a viewer might have missed and you now regret that you missed them. 

The great thing that NBC has managed to do is they have saved all the footage of the Olympics and just through simple steps and assessing the highlights section and also the particular games division by category option, you can stream your favorite sport that competed in the Olympics.

All you need is to have access to footage now here comes two options: How to watch the Olympics on Peacock? And How to watch the Olympics for free? Let us know more about it.

How to Watch the Olympics on Peacock?

See if you want a recap of all events on Peacock of Olympics you need the Premium and Premium Plus Plan. Both these plans come at different price points: Premium is available for $4.99/month. In case you want to download content and watch it free you need to use the Premium Plus Plan. The cost of the plus plan is $9.99/month. To watch, let us know more about Peacock.

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Steps to Sign Up

  • First of all just key in the Peacock home page URL on your browser.
  • Now all you need to do is click on the ‘Join now’ option which will be visible to you on the top right.
  • After clicking it you will be filling in some basic details and know more about the plans.
  • Once you have signed up, now select the plan.
  • Once you have finalized the plan, just key in your credit card details.
  • Once that is done you will be charged for an auto-renewal Payment. There is no free trial of the premium subscription.

Steps to Sign in

Once you are done creating your account head over to the peacock home page. Click on the sign-in option. Fill in your credentials and log in. Now enjoy watching the best content as well as the Olympics on Peacock.

Medal Tally of Winter Olympics 2022

The US featured in the fifth position on the Winter Olympics medals table. The top rankers of the game included Norway, ROC, Germany, and Canada (as it was expected). Norway, a small tiny country in Scandinavia, has always surprised everyone at the Winter Olympics. The country has a total of 16 golds, which is twice that of the US team. And also more than double the 2nd ranked Russian team which has 36 medals. China the host features here in the 11th spot. Japan on the other hand became the most ranked Asian country with 3 gold and 18 total medals. 

How to Watch Olympics Offline?

Olympics replays would be available on Peacock, and thus, you can watch them Online. If you fear that it will soon be removed from the platform, download them to make them available offline. For downloading, you can make use of Y2mate Peacock Downloader which is one of the best downloaders out there which you can use to download any media content from Peacock or any other OTT platforms. This downloader has some of the great features that aid your downloading job to make it more effective.

Final Words

Revisit Winter Olympics 2022 held in Beijing. This piece has all the info for you. Do scroll a read.