Upload Season 2 | How to Watch it Offline

What is Upload Season 2

Have you ever heard of Upload, the TV series? The first season of Upload aired on May 1, 2020, and then became widely acknowledged. For example, Upload Season 1 was rated as "Fresh" by 88% of Tomatometers, and the Audience Score was 87% on Rotten Tomatoes. As an American science fiction comedy created by Greg Daniels, it is much more than just a joke about humanity and the development of technology in the future. Now there has been Upload Season 2, which is also full of praise. So, what's going on with Upload Season 2? When is Upload Season 2? What's the cast of Upload Season 2? How many episodes in Upload Season 2? Read on, and you'll get the answers.

Upload Season 2 Release Date

On May 1, 2020, all the 10 episodes of Upload Season 1 were originally released, and seven days later, it was announced that the TV series would be renewed for the second season. Upload Season 2 was fully delivered on March 11, 2022. But due to the pandemic restrictions and testing, there was less amount of time for the crew to shoot 10 episodes. Thus, there are only 7 episodes in Upload Season 2, 3 episodes fewer than the first season.

Upload Season 2 Cast and Characters

Main Cast and Characters

Nathan Brown is played by Robbie Amell, a 27-year-old computer engineering graduate and newly deceased computer programmer who is uploaded to Lakeview's digital afterlife.

Nora Antony is played by Andy Allo, a lady who is alive and also Nathan's afterlife handler.

Nathan's girlfriend is Ingrid Kannerman, starred by Allegra Edwards.

Zainab Johnson is Aleesha, Nora's employee who is Luke's handler.

Kevin Bigley stars Luke, a former army corporal and Lakeview resident who befriends Nathan and is dating Mildred.

New Cast and Characters

Matteo, Nora's new boyfriend, is played by Paulo Costanzo in Season 2. Aside from the kiss between him and Nora, the trailer doesn't reveal anything about their relationship, such as how they met or how long they've been together. Another newcomer is Mackenzie Cardwell, who plays Tinsley, a new customer service angel at Horizen. If you watch the whole Upload Season 2, you'll learn more about these two new characters.

Upload Season 2 Storyline

Upload Season 1 introduces the central idea of Uploading, also known as uploading your thoughts to a server upon death. Nathan Brown, a former computer engineer, is transferred to the extremely expensive afterlife known as Lake View, where he meets Nora. She is one of the Customer Service representatives employed by Lake View. The two begin to feel a connection even though Nathan is still technically dating his girlfriend of a lifetime, Ingrid.

Nora informs Nathan that she is in love with Nathan in Upload Season 1 final, ending with a dramatic cliffhanger. If it wasn't impressive enough, we find out that Ingrid has posted herself online to remain with Nathan for the rest of her life. We're aware Nathan is in love with Nora; however, now that she's got a new partner, will he negotiate with Ingrid, or will he try to reclaim Nora? "You shouldn't abandon something you're sure is good only because of some bumps in your way," Nathan said in Episode 8.

In the first season, we learn that her father, Oliver had a hand in Nathan's tragic death. Nathan could confront Oliver regarding his sinister plans or even divulge his obtained memory files to the authorities to help catch Oliver. Nora and Aleesha may also want to use the Horizen information to stir the digital market for the afterlife and make uploading available to all, regardless of income level.

Upload Season 2 Critic Reviews

Upload Season 2 has been rated higher than season 1 on Rotten Tomatoes: it achieves a 100% Fresh rating and an average score of 7.4 out of 10. Some think that there is no TV series quite like Upload, or it's one of the best modern romantic comedies "with a clear nod to the future". Many fans of Upload on Reddit don't feel satisfied and think the second season ends up so abruptly. One critic points out that Upload is not as "disruptive as it thinks it can become. Yet he also believes that Upload Season 2 is "thought-provoking and entertaining enough".

Where to Watch Upload Season 2

Now you must wonder on which streaming platform Upload Season 2 is available. Is it on Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, or HBO Max? The bad news is that you can't watch it on any one of the websites mentioned in the question. But if you're a fan or subscriber of Amazon Prime Video, you can stream the 2 seasons and 17 episodes of Upload. Yes, Upload TV series is only available on Amazon Prime.

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How to Watch Upload Season 2 Offline

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