Is My Hero Academia on Netflix?

My Hero Academia is the real deal in the anime kingdom. The kind of influence it has on anime lovers is amazing. So, the first question rather than adjusting to details, Is it available on Netflix? Well, the answer is ‘yes’ but remember it’s ‘yes’ for some countries and ‘no’ for some. So, ‘My Hero Academia’ has amazing listings of episodes which are up until Season 5 and it’s 25 episodes. However, that’s only limited to Netflix regions like India, Japan, and South Korea. Let us know more about the show and how you can stream it?

What is My Hero Academia and Why Should I Watch it on Netflix?

My Hero Academia is written by Kohei Horikoshi which was a Manga then it transitioned to becoming an anime show. The story space is about ‘Quirks’ also known as the superpowers of superheroes. People here have extraordinary superpowers and they use them to imprint the world. Izuku Midoriya, just like a typical Japanese Anime plot where the central character reconfigures his destiny because he has the will to do so, happens here as well.

Later, Izuku meets the best of the best in his superhero world and his teacher takes him under his wing. Up until then, Izuku was kind of an embarrassment in his field. He got recognition and was about to replace his own idol/teacher. My Hero Academia has become such a big deal that the anime show was roped in to promote Avengers Endgame on its show. Isn’t this insane?

So, Is My Hero Academia available on Netflix? The answer to that is ‘yes’. You can watch this fantastic anime piece on Netflix. You can stream all of its 25 episodes but do remember all the episodes are not available. You have to use VPN to gain access to these shows. In some places in Asia like India and Japan, it is available. However, that’s not the case with European Nations and the USA as this show is not available there except for Germany where you can access season 1. From VPN you can use NordVPN, Express VPN, etc. whatever floats your boat.

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How Many Seasons of My Hero Academia are Available on Netflix Right Now? When will the Next Season be Released?

In regions where this show is available on Netflix, there you can access all the episodes. As far as the production is concerned, it has been crafted by the Bones production company from the manga of the same name. In total, this anime has 5 seasons. In the 5th season actually, there were a total of 25 episodes. People who were keen on watching could pick their favorite episodes. As far as the next season is concerned, production teams are working on the project; the next deadline is suspected to be October 2022. Anime production can take some extra time because of the strain they face on maintaining efficacy and quality.

Who Are the Main Characters in My Hero Academia and What are Their Superpowers/ Abilities?

So, as far as the list of characters is concerned, there are fandom pages crafted or designed only for fans of this anime. Now, as far as the list of the main characters is concerned, let us look at some very important and heavy characters from the show The list will include. Izuku Midoriya, Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, Katsuki Bakugou and Toshinori Yagi (All might)

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya is kind of the central character as he also carries the story forward. The crux of him and his range of bestness can be determined by his grit and determination and that has been recognized by Toshinari Yagi as he can see what exactly he is made of? Izuku was always an outcast in the land of Quirks. He was the 9th One for all and got passed by mighty all might. He was in Class-1 A, but couldn’t graduate as demons were tracking him down as he was being powerful and he left school to save students and teachers.

Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura is the primary antagonist. He is part of the All for one which sort of flips the better part of One for all. He is a pure devil and he intends to demolish All Might. He wants to gain control of All for one. He has also merged the Meta Liberation Army with the League of Villains to celebrate the behemoth of darkness.


Dabi is also an influential element in the story, but the difference between Dabi and Izuku is Dabi chose the League of Villains and became part of Paranormal Liberation Villains. With time you can see Dabi achieving finesse in his evilness.

Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki also wants to be part of ‘One for all'. He is a strong candidate that has the might and guts to challenge Izuku. But he lacks major qualities that could place him ahead of the curve. But still, he can try his luck in achieving all in one supremacy.

Toshinori Yagi

Toshinori Yagi is the symbol of peace that all of us should embrace. He completely stands out and carries ‘all for one’ with great ease and determination. He shows people that with the power you need good traits of being humble. He chose Izuku as his successor as the ninth member of One for All. He was one of the greatest Superheroes having the best quirks. As he passed his special recognition title thus he retired. And hence Izuku had to give his best to completely dismantle the ‘All for One’ goons.

What are Some of the Best Episodes of My Hero Academia that I Should Watch on Netflix First if I'm New to The Series?

My Hero Academia in itself is a very succinct and accomplished anime series. However, there were some moments in the series that somehow marked a strong impression and left an influence. Let’s discuss those moments, times, and episodes.

Tomura Shigaraki: Origin (S5, Episode 24)

This episode established the reasons for Tomura’s exceptional heinous and brutal character. He has a traumatic and stressed childhood. His name changed from ‘Tenko’ to Tomura which means mourn over death. Shigaraki is the last name of All for One.

Sad Man's Parade (S5, Episode 22)

This episode is where Twice shined thrice or amazingly great. This was the last unending fight between the Meta Liberation Warriors and Heroes. Twice cloned himself and he appeared everywhere confusing a lot of people.

Should I Read The Manga Or Watch The Anime First For My Hero Academia?

It will be a worthwhile task to first explore the Manga and then watch the anime. Since the recreation of a story takes place in the mind. Once you watch it all the memories get consolidated and you create happiness and remain ecstatic.

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Final Say

My Hero Academia is both in the forms of Manga and Anime. It’s a great watch however limited to Netflix. Watch and enjoy!

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