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Quante persone possono guardare Netflix insieme contemporaneamente?

Netflix! The name is enough to captivate the interest of everyone and make the most of their spare time. Having a massive library and increasing user base, the platform has some compelling Originals across multiple genres. So definitely, it lures everyone to sit back and watch their treasured titles in their comfort.

After signing up for a Netflix subscription, you may think about how many profiles can you have on Netflix. After all, you would love to improve the entertainment experience of your surroundings.

Stay for a spell to find and comprehend how many profiles you can have on Netflix and learn profound information about Netflix add profiles. You'll also be in to access the best method to save Netflix originals for an offline watch and binge-watch your chosen titles in your comfort. So let's find out how.

A Glance at How Many Profiles Can You Have on Netflix at a Time!

With a Netflix profile, users can access all Netflix originals, dramas, and other movies, TV shows, etc., featured on the platform. But amid all this, you may think about how many profiles you can have on Netflix. So if you are a Netflix subscriber, here’s the good news: you can add up to 5 Netflix profiles by easily sharing them with all your close ones.

Each profile gets access to its own:

  • Profile lock
  • Games save and handle
  • Maturity level
  • Subtitle appearance
  • Viewing restrictions
  • View activity log
  • Playback settings
  • Ratings
  • Email
  • My list
  • Personalized suggestions on movies and TV shows (based on watch history)

However, you must know that some of these features are unavailable for the Kids' profiles. Since you now know how many profiles can you have on Netflix, let's quickly find out how to add a profile on Netflix and share your purchased plan with others.

The Easy and Swift Method to Add a Netflix Profile

Netflix add profile is absolutely free, and the platform hasn't charged its users ever to share the entertainment experience with others. So if you have a Netflix subscription, check how to add a profile on Netflix at no extra cost.

Step 1:

Download and open Netflix, head to the Manage Profiles page, and add a Netflix Profile on devices made after 2013.

Step 2:

Select Add Profile by tapping the Netflix profile icons or hamburger menu (More).

Step 3: 

Name the profile. For instance, you can watch and experience Netflix Kids once you click Kids.

Step 4:

Click Continue or Save, so the new profile should now display the existing profiles on your account.

Wanna discover the process to delete Netflix profiles on your account? Tune in to this link to learn the easy process.

How to Get Custom Netflix Profile Icons

Since custom images let users personalize their video-viewing experience, Netflix lets users customize their profile with the profile images without any trouble. Have a look at the process below to check how you can add Netflix profile icons to your Netflix account.

Step 1:

Open and log in to your Netflix account from a web browser on your computer system, mobile phone or tab, etc. You'll see all the listed Netflix add profiles with differentiated names under them.

Step 2:

Click the + icon to add your custom profile.

Step 3:

Fill in the profile details to get started.

Here's how you can make a custom profile picture for Netflix. Read on to know more.

Step-by-Step Process to Lock a Profile on Netflix

Though Netflix enables its subscribers to create, add and use multiple profiles simultaneously, what if you want to keep your watch history and recommendations private? Let us look at the process to lock your Netflix profile with a few mouse clicks.

Step 1:

Move to the main account page of Netflix and select the Profile & Parental Controls option, then tap the Profile you desire to lock thereunder.

Step 2:

Click the Change option next to the option for Profile Lock.

Step 3:

Type and enter your password for your Netflix account and hit Continue.

Step 4:

Tick the tiny checkbox next to 'Require a pin...'

Step 5:

Finally, set your profile pin by entering the four digits profile pin. Once done, press the Save option.

That was relatively easy to help you with how to lock your Netflix profile. Once done, you will always need this pin to access the locked profile.

Finding the best Netflix video downloader can be a wholesome struggle. So instead, check this link out to get insights into the detailed review of the top 10 Netflix video downloaders and pick the best program for yourself.

As you now know how many profiles can you have on Netflix, you might want to have your hands on the best way to download and keep your treasured Netflix videos for a limitless time. Unfortunately, due to licensing agreements with the creators, you never know when your favorite movie or series might leave the platform.

So now tie into Y2Mate Netflix Video Downloader to save your best-cherished shows and other videos to watch them at your comfort at any time. So let's get into the details of this intriguing downloader.

Y2Mate Netflix Video Downloader: Save Your Best Netflix Videos Offline

Y2Mate Netflix Video Downloader is our chosen pick to download and watch offline all your favorite media content from any Netflix profile on your device. The software ensures a streamlined and efficient option to save Netflix originals, dramas, movies, series, TV shows, and much more at an HD quality of up to 1080p with 5.1 audio.

The Y2Mate program brings content from more than 1000 platforms and detects any videos to remove the DRM encryption encoded in M3U8/MDP formats before downloading them.

The software analyzes the video source and downloads it in a high resolution instead of recording it. You can save metadata information with the videos to manage it efficiently. In addition, Y2Mate offers a demo version with free trials to newcomers so they can make use of its features.

Key Features

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Supports regional Netflix websites like the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and France
  • Downloads video in HD quality at unmatchable audio tracks
  • Keeps videos in widely used MP4 and MKV formats
  • Supports saving subtitles with the videos
  • Supports an accelerated speed for quick downloads
  • Removes DRM protection from the videos
  • Downloads new episodes automatically
  • Downloads multiple videos, TV episodes and movies at once
  • Supports 4K downloads
  • Features a built-in browser for quick access

How to Use Y2Mate Netflix Video Downloader to Save Offline Videos

Y2Mate Netflix Video Downloader can be your best pick to download and save your selected videos, movies, or TV shows for a limitless time. Here's how.

Step 1: Start the Y2Mate software

Bring the Y2Mate program from its official website to your system and launch it to initiate its services.

Step 2: Select and open Netflix

Go to the VIP Services menu in the left panel and select Netflix OTT service. Enter the required details to access your Netflix account.

Alternatively, copy and paste the OTT website's URL into the address bar (on the homepage) and click Enter to access.

Step 3: Find and play your selected video

Navigate your Netflix account to see all the videos and choose the video you want to download. Once found, tap to open and play it.

Step 4: Adjust your video's output settings prior to its download

As the video plays, a popup window will display automatically to customize the output settings of video resolution, audio, dubs, subs, etc.

After your settings are finalized, press Download Now to keep the video on your device forever.

The Concluding Thoughts

Netflix is a great platform that makes the perfect place to binge-watch intriguing videos during a sleepover or any house party. We have already cleared the air about how many profiles can you have on Netflix to share your subscription with your loved ones and enhance their video-watching entertainment.

But concerning Netflix limitations and video availability constraints, you might need help to watch your favorite genres in your comfort zone. So you can use Y2Mate Netflix Video Downloader and save your cherished Netflix originals, movies, series, etc., in HD quality to improve your viewing experience.

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