[Must Read] JAIHO's Attraction and How to Download Videos

Do you love movies? Did you know that JAIHO is a movie subscription service that allows you to watch top-notch movies 365 days a year?

JAIHO is a movie subscription service for movie fans that delivers a new movie every day for 365 days. It offers movies that will stimulate your senses and curiosity, such as masterpieces, classics from the history of cinema, and masterpieces that have been applauded somewhere in the world.

But do you want to know how to download and watch those movies offline? Here we explain how.

The Appeal of JAIHO

JAIHO is a movie subscription service dedicated to movie fans, offering new movies every day, 365 days a year. The film selection focuses on diversity and internationality, selecting masterpieces by masters that should be seen at least once in a lifetime, classics from the history of cinema, and films that are little known in Japan but have gained recognition elsewhere in the world. From this selection, one film is chosen per day and distributed for a limited period of 30-60 days. This allows viewers to enjoy a variety of films throughout the year. The service costs 770 yen per month (tax included).

What is Y2Mate DRM Downloader?

Y2Mate DRM Downloader is a tool that allows users to download videos from major movie and video delivery services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO, and Hulu. You can also download from JAIHO, ABEMA, U-NEXT, FOD, Paravi, and other Japanese distribution services.

Below is a detailed description of the main features of Y2Mate DRM Downloader:

  • DRM Removal: Effectively removes DRM protection from video content.
  • Format conversion: After the DRM protection is removed, digital content can be easily converted to convenient formats such as MP4 and MKV. This allows users to easily watch and use the content on different devices.
  • High-quality output: Y2Mate DRM Downloader is able to maintain high image quality up to 4K after DRM removal and format conversion.
  • Ease of use: With its user-friendly interface and simple operation, this tool is easy for anyone to use.

How to Download Videos Safely

This article will show you how to download videos from JAIHO using the Y2Mate DRM Downloader.

1. install Y2Mate DRM Downloader on your PC.

2. open the website where the video you want to download is located and copy the URL of the video. 

3. launch Y2Mate DRM Downloader and paste the copied URL into the URL input box. 

When the video is played, a settings window will pop up. 

Select the download format and quality, and click the "Download" button to start downloading.

How to enjoy the downloaded video

Downloaded videos can be viewed directly on your PC or transferred to your smartphone for playback.

  • VLC Media Player: This is a free, open source, cross-platform media player that supports almost all media file formats.
  • Windows Media Player: This is a media player included by default in the Windows OS and can be used to play videos and music.
  • QuickTime Player: This is a media player provided by Apple and is included by default in Mac OS. It is primarily used to play MOV format videos.
  • MX Player: This is a high-performance video player specifically designed for Android devices and supports a wide variety of formats.
  • KMPlayer: This is a versatile and easy-to-use media player that supports video files in a variety of formats.


JAIHO is a movie subscription service for movie lovers, offering new movies all year round, and with the Y2Mate DRM downloader, you can download videos from various platforms, not just JAIHO, for offline viewing. Please take this opportunity to try it out.

Y2Mate DRM Downloader
Download videos to your PC and keep them forever with Y2Mate DRM Downloader! With support for a variety of formats and picture quality, it offers a better experience than regular download software. In addition, it offers a full range of subtitle functions.


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