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Joyn Download: Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

In a world where streaming services are almost insurmountable, everyone has a reason for preferring one of them to another. The top names remain Netflix and YouTube because they are available across many countries. However, there are many other good streaming services that are available to residents of specific countries. For example, the Paramount Plus streaming service is only available to people living in America and its provinces. Similarly, there is Joyn, a streaming service meant for German residents. 

What is Joyn?

Joyn (Joyn GmbH) is founded in 2019 as a streaming service just like YouTube, HBO Max, Netflix, Discovery Plus, and the rest. It is actually not available to everyone - the interface is completely written in the German language; hence, if you do not understand German, you would find it difficult to navigate the site for streams.
Regardless, there are so many good videos and movies available on Joyn - most of them are available for free. According to the company, Joyn is a cross-channel entertainment streaming platform that offers an extensive range of free content with numerous live TV channels, on-demand titles, series, documentaries, and sports content.
All the content you'd see on Joyn is available from the libraries of ProSiebenSat.1, Discovery, and other Joyn content partners. So, there is actually a lot of stuff to enjoy on the platform. Furthermore, the company offers Joyn PLUS+ - a premium version of the regular Joyn streaming platform. 
Joyn+ includes additional pay-TV channels, more on-demand content, exclusives, and originals. The Joyn mobile app is available for free on iOS & Android devices, smart TVs, PS 4 & 5, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. Actually, the company seeks to create a comprehensive German over-the-top (OTT) platform of cross-channel content.

Can You Download Videos on Joyn Streaming Service for Offline Streaming?

Offline downloads have become a key feature looked out for by streamers because it helps them watch their favorite episodes while on the go. But unfortunately, not all streaming services support the feature and Joyn is one of those services.
Maybe this is because the service is still new (launched in 2019); probably, as the service stays for a longer time, it may integrate the feature. But at the moment, you must be connected to the internet to stream a content on Joyn. More so, the Joyn is mainly a free streaming service - although it has a premium service where subscribers can gain access to Exclusive and Originals, along with an extended library of on-demand titles.

Joyn Streaming Service Subscription Cost

Unless you want to gain access to the service’s premium offers - Exclusive content and Originals - Joyn remains free for you. You can even stream on the web version without registration. Yes, Joyn is similar to YouTube in many ways, and that’s what makes it pretty popular among so many people.
The premium service offered by Joyn is called Joyn PLUS, and it costs €6.99 per month. As expected, you'd be getting more offers with this subscription, including an ad-free experience. 
While the basic plan offers 55 channels, the premium plan unlocks 61 linear channels and unlocks the HD versions of up to 6 pay-TV services, which include ProSiebenSat Fun, Kabel Eins Classics, Sat.1 Emotions, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and Eurosport 2.   

You can download Joyn with Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

Joyn Download: Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

While Joyn does not allow you to save videos for offline viewing, the Y2Mate Joyn Downloader will help you with that. This software app works for downloading videos and TV shows from the Joyn streaming network. It is an intuitive piece of software with tons of impressive features you’d love to explore.

Features of Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

The Y2Mate Joyn Downloader supports Batch Mode and Fast Speed Mode, these two features allow you to download multiple Joyn movies/episodes at a very fast speed. Hereunder is an overview of Y2Mate Joyn Downloader's best features.

1. Download Any Joyn Video in 1080p Full HD Quality 

With the Y2Mate Joyn Downloader, you can download any video from the Joyn streaming service in clear FHD quality, up to 108p.

2. Save Downloaded Videos to MP4 Files to Play on Any Device 

This downloader saves Jyon videos in MP4 format so you can play them back on any device - both mobile and PC. MP4 is generally supported on many devices and even software media players.

3. Download Multiple Episodes Batch Mode and Fast Speed 

Thanks to the Batch Mode and Fast Speed support, you can download multiple Joyn videos at a go, at a fast speed.

4. Save Metadata Info to Manage All Your Videos 

Furthermore, the Y2Mate Joyn Downloader will save your Joyn videos along with their metadata info. This includes the movies’ titles, captions, thumbnail, and other relevant info. When movies are downloaded with their metadata, it makes managing them easier, especially if you use media servers like Plex.

How To Download Jyon Streaming Videos Using Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

There’s no big deal here - you just need to download and install the Y2Mate Joyn Downloader software on your computer, and then follow the steps below.

First Step:

Joyn Download: Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

When you launch the software app (after installation), click on the Joyn card (check under Streaming Services)

Second Step:

Joyn Download: Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

Sign in to your Joyn streaming account,  and find the video you want to download and start playing it.

Third Step:

Joyn Download: Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

As the video plays, you’d get a prompt, click on “Add to queue” or “Download” to save the video to your PC. If the video you choose is part of a season of episodes, then you can select to download all the videos of that very season, or just download one episode. 

Fourth Step:

Joyn Download: Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

After clicking the "Download" option, you can find your downloading videos under "Your Library" > "Downloading" and check the status.

Why Choose Y2Mate Joyn Downloader?

The Y2Mate Joyn Downloader is super intuitive and easy to use. It is also fast and runs smoothly on all Windows computers. This software downloader can grab any video you find on the Jyon streaming network. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Below are some common questions you may want to ask about the Joyn streaming service.

1. Is Joyn Streaming Service Available Globally?

Yes, the service is available globally; however, if you don’t understand the Dutch language, you may find it difficult to navigate the platform.

2. What’s Available on Joyn

The basic version offers up to 55 live TV channels from the Discovery family of Networks and ProSiebenSat.1. Also, the service offers content from other partners.

3. Does Joyn Stream Original Content?

Yes, Joyn has series of Original content you can stream on the network, but you need to be a Joyn+ subscriber to enjoy such exclusive offers.

4. How Much is Joyn Premium Plan?

Joyn PLUS+ costs €6.99 per month and extends the number of live TV channels you’d get to 61, along with other premium offerings.


In conclusion, if you're looking for a way to grab the interesting movies and episodes you found on the Joyn streaming service to your PC, the Y2Mate Joyn Downloader is a good tool to use. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use. More so, it saves your movies with their metadata info - IMPRESSIVE.

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