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Best Joyn Download Option: Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

Everyone has a rationale for favoring one streaming service over another in a world where they are virtually impossible to avoid. Because they are accessible in several nations, Netflix and YouTube continue to be the leading names. For citizens of particular nations, there are numerous additional excellent streaming options. For instance, only residents of America and its provinces have access to the Paramount Plus streaming program. An analogous streaming service for German citizens is Joyn.

What is Joyn?

As a streaming service, Joyn (Joyn GmbH) was established in 2019 and is comparable to YouTube, HBO Max, Netflix, Discovery Plus, and the others. Since the entire user interface is written in German, it is actually not accessible to everyone. If you do not speak German, you may find it challenging to search the website for streams.
Regardless, there are a ton of great videos and movies on Joyn, and the majority of them are cost-free. Joyn is a cross-channel entertainment streaming platform, according to the firm, that provides a wide selection of free material, including a number of live TV channels, on-demand movies, TV shows, documentaries, and sports programming.
The ProSiebenSat.1, Discovery, and other Joyn content partners' catalogs contain all of the material you would find on the platform. Therefore, there is a lot to appreciate on the platform. The business also provides Joyn PLUS+, a premium variation of the standard Joyn streaming platform.
Additional pay-TV channels, more on-demand programming, exclusives, and original content are all included with Joyn+. On iOS, Android, smart TVs, PS 4 and 5, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, you can download the Joyn app for no cost. The company actually wants to build a thorough German over-the-top (OTT) platform with cross-channel content.

Can You Download Videos on Joyn Streaming Service for Offline Streaming?

Streamers now prioritize offline downloads as a major feature because it allows them to view their favorite episodes on the fly. But sadly, Joyn is one of the streaming services that does not support the feature.
Perhaps this is a result of the service's recent introduction (in 2019); as the service continues to exist, it may eventually add the feature. However, right now, in order to stream material on Joyn, you need to be online. More specifically, Joyn is mostly a free streaming service, while it also offer a premium option where users may view Exclusive and Originals as well as a larger selection of on-demand movies.

Joyn Streaming Service Subscription Cost

Joyn is still free for you unless you wish to access the premium features of the service, such as Exclusive content and Originals. Even without registering, you can stream on the website version. Yes, Joyn shares a lot of similarities with YouTube, which accounts for a lot of its popularity.
Joyn's premium service, known as Joyn PLUS, has a monthly fee of €6.99. As anticipated, this subscription will give you access to more offers and an ad-free experience.
The premium plan grants access to 61 linear channels and the HD versions of up to six pay-TV services, including ProSiebenSat Fun, Kabel Eins Classics, Sat.1 Emotions, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and Eurosport 2. The basic plan provides 55 channels.

You can download Joyn with Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

Joyn Download Offline: Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

Although Joyn does not permit it, the Y2Mate Joyn Downloader will enable you to store videos for offline playback. The Joyn streaming network can be used to download movies and TV shows using this software application. With a ton of interesting features you'd love to discover, it is a simple piece of software.

Features of Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

With the help of the Batch Mode and Fast Speed Mode capabilities of the Y2Mate Joyn Downloader, you may download numerous Joyn films and episodes at a breakneck pace. The top features of Y2Mate Joyn Downloader are listed below.

1. Save all Joyn videos in 1080p full HD quality.

You can download any video from the Joyn streaming service in crystal-clear FHD resolution, up to 108p, using the Y2Mate Joyn Downloader.

2. Convert downloaded videos to MP4 files so they may be viewed on any device.

With this downloader, Jyon videos are saved in MP4 format so they may be viewed on any computer or mobile device. In general, MP4 is supported by a wide range of hardware and even software media players.

3. Save numerous episodes Fast Speed & Batch Mode

You may quickly download several Joyn videos at once with Batch Mode and Fast Speed support.

4. Manage All Your Videos by Saving Metadata Information

The Y2Mate Joyn Downloader will also save your Joyn videos' metadata information. This provides the titles, captions, thumbnails, and other pertinent information for the movies. It is simpler to manage movies when they are downloaded with their metadata, especially if you use media servers like Plex.

How To Use Y2Mate Joyn Downloader for Jyon Download

There’s no big deal here - you just need to download and install the Y2Mate Joyn Downloader software on your computer, and then follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Joyn Download Offline: Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

When you launch the software app (after installation), click on the Joyn card (check under Streaming Services) and sign in to your Joyn streaming account.

Step 2:

Joyn Download Offline: Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

When you have successfully logged in, find the video you want to download and start playing it.

Step 3:

Joyn Download Offline: Y2Mate Joyn Downloader

As the video plays, you’d get a prompt, click on “Add to queue” or “Download” to save the video to your PC. After Joyn download finishes, you can find your downloaded video in "Your Library".

Frequently Asked Questions about Joyn

The usual queries about the Joyn streaming service are listed below.

1. Is the Joyn Streaming Service accessible worldwide?

Yes, the service is accessible worldwide; but, if you don't speak Dutch, it could be challenging to use the site.

2. What is the content offered by Joyn?

Up to 55 live TV channels from ProSiebenSat.1 and the Discovery family of networks are available in the base edition. The service also provides content created by other partners.

3. Can you stream original content on Joyn?

Yes, Joyn offers original series that you can stream on the network, but to take advantage of these special deals, you must be a Joyn+ subscriber.

4. What Does the Joyn Premium Plan Cost?

Joyn PLUS+ costs €6.99 a month and adds 61 additional live TV channels in addition to other premium services.


In conclusion, the Y2Mate Joyn Downloader is a useful program to utilize if you're looking for a way to download the intriguing movies and episodes you discovered on the Joyn streaming service to your PC. It is quick, dependable, and simple to use. Additionally, it stores your videos together with their metadata information - AMAZING.

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