Kamen Rider Geets broadcast info, cast and synopsis of the latest episode starting in september!

Masked Rider Geets, the latest in the tokusatsu Kamen Rider lineup, has begun airing as of September, and this article provides a summary of its basic information and distribution information.

Masked Rider" has grown into a content known to all Japanese, and its latest work, Masked Rider Geets, has been on air since September of this year. For old fans and those who are not familiar with the series, we would like to introduce all possible information about this new work.

Basic Information on Masked Rider Geets

Masked Rider Geets is a special effects TV drama produced by Toei that has been airing every Sunday from 9:00 - 9:30 on the TV Asahi network since September 4, 2022. Currently, the first episode has just aired.

The main character who transforms into Geets is a mysterious boy named Hidetoshi Ukiyo. He is said to be a confident genius who says, "I am the one who will win in the end," which is actually the catchphrase of the film.

It was also revealed that Masked Rider Geets will appear in "Kamen Rider Revise The Movie: Battle Familia," which opens in theaters on March 22. It seems that we will be able to see his fighting style prior to the TV series.


Synopsis of Masked Rider Geets

Before watching the movie, the most interesting thing is the synopsis of the story. Here is the main storyline, taken from the official website and Wikipedia.

The game Desire Grand Prix is a game to protect the peace of the city from the threat of the mysterious enemy Jamato. It is said that the winner, the Dezaijin, will be given the right to realize an ideal world. The participants of the game transform into masked riders and compete for the score they get by defeating enemies and helping people.

Sakurai Keiwa, a university student in the midst of job hunting, is suddenly attacked by the mysterious monster Jamato. He escapes and meets celebrity influencer Kurama Nene, who is rescued by Buffalo Masked Rider and Polar Bear Masked Rider. However, the polar bear masked rider Gotokuji Takeshi / Kamen Rider Shiro is suddenly attacked by a giant Jamato, and vanishes before the eyes of Keiwa and his friends.

Eiji transforms into Masked Rider Geets and defeats Jamato, explaining to Keiwa that these events are "a game to remake the world.

When Keiwa wakes up again as the city is being rebuilt, a mysterious woman, Tsumuri, appears before him and tells him, "From today on, you are a masked rider," and hands him a design driver and ID core.

It is a somewhat very intriguing story, but if you are interested, please watch it in real time.

Kamen Rider Geets Casting Information

Masked Rider Geets/Hideyoshi Kan as Ukiyo Eisu

Hideyoshi Kan plays the role of Eisu, a mysterious man who participates in the Desire Grand Prix. What kind of activities will he show us? You will have to wait and see what he will do.

仮面ライダーギーツ/浮世英寿(うきよ・えーす)役 簡秀吉(かん・ひでよし)

Keiwa Sakurai as Masked Rider Tycoon by Ruga Sato

He is a university student in the midst of job hunting, though he is a tycoon based on a green raccoon.

桜井景和(さくらい・けいわ)/仮面ライダータイクーン役 佐藤瑠雅(さとう・りゅうが)

Yuna Hoshino as Kurama Neon/Kamen Rider Nago

This celebrity influencer comes from a rich family. This young lady with both wealth and good looks transforms into Masked Rider Nago.

鞍馬祢音(くらま・ねおん)/仮面ライダーナーゴ役 星乃夢奈(ほしの・ゆな)

Kazuto Mokudai as Azuma Michinaga/Masked Rider Buffer

He is a mysterious man who transforms into Masked Rider Buffer, a purple cow motif, but he seems to have an unusual hostility toward Geets.

吾妻道長(あづま・みちなが)/仮面ライダーバッファ役 杢代和人(もくだい・かずと)

There are many other characters in the movie, so please visit the official website for more information.

How to watch Masked Rider Geets

Watching the TV broadcast in real time is of course fascinating, but you can actually enjoy the show through online distribution as well.

Kamen Rider Geets is available on TELASA, Toei Tokusatsu Official Fan Club, and Amazon Prime every Sunday or Wednesday at 10:00 am.

Here we would like to introduce how to watch it mainly on TELASA.

TELASA is a subscription-based platform that allows unlimited viewing of all available dramas, movies, and animations. You can choose from a number of subscription plans starting at 618 yen per month, but you can also take advantage of a 2-week free trial period. By registering now, you will be able to watch one episode that has already aired and the next two weeks of streaming for free.


How to download Kamen Rider Geets

It is convenient to watch Kamen Rider Geets via online distribution, but in case you want to watch it where you don't have internet access or want to save it on your PC, here is a download tool with excellent features developed exclusively for TELASA.

Y2Mate TELASA Downloader

Y2Mate TEL ASA Downloader is a TELASA-specific video and audio downloader. It is so easy to use that even beginners can download their favorite video content with just a few clicks.

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After installation, start the software and watch Kamen Rider Geats by copying and pasting the displayed icon or URL of the distribution screen, and the download will start automatically. There is no other download tool as convenient as this one. It can be used commonly on other distribution sites without any problems, so we hope all Kamen Rider fans will use this product.

We are looking forward to seeing Kamen Rider Geats and its future development.

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