Life of Crime on HBO. Is it available?

Life of Crime is an excellent documentary produced by in-house HBO productions. For HBO this documentary means a lot and for a lot of daily viewers of HBO as well. It navigates the lives of addicts, people who indulge in substance abuse, and How their transition or the so-called ‘issues’ stem from very crippling poverty.

This movie is a continuation of some of the magnificently rich films that filmmaker Jon Alpert has made. It has texture, tonality, and an undercurrent that makes you feel for all the men who got deviated from the route not taken. Let us know more about this incredible documentary film.

What Exactly is ‘Life of Crime: 1984-2020?’

Life of Crime-1984-2002, focuses on three timelines and the unending misery of three friends who are drug addicts. They are trying every possible attempt to support their disastrous habit. They will go down but they will take every preferred step to continue inhaling valium, and coke which was the hit drugs back them. In the timeline of 1984, Rob and Freddie are friends. They had to suffer crippling poverty.

They go on stealing groceries from the supermarket. When asked by Jon, the director of this documentary How do you support yourself? He said that the crime is their subsistence and they do not have any other. Cut to the same Deliris, she was a college-educated woman with a decent job. She got hooked up with them and she was also a civil servant. She also indulged in substance abuse as much as her friends. She started hooking up for money, with no care about the detrimental consequences that she might have to face.

In the 1990s it seems Freddie was still in Jail for theft. Talking about Robb, he was bitter about the lack of social services that persisted in Newark, New Jersey. He has no idea how to deal with the problem? As he is hungry and needs assistance. Deliris is still indulging in prostitution to support herself. She might get aids, but she is addicted to substance abuse and cannot stop.

In the 2000s a similar thing has happened, the garb of their bad habits have not left all of them. Rob is in jail while Freddies has been chased again by his parole officers. He is running away from the police again for a crime/felony he has committed. He asks Jon, “What do I do John?”

Jon replies,” You know, you just have to turn yourself in”. At that moment Freddie replied, “I don’t know man, it will be a miracle if I survive for another three years.

The story of all of them centers on them being ‘in and out of Jail’ and that’s the only nuance that this story occupies. It forces you to think How few bad choices can ruin your life? It’s a guide to real things that can happen when you force yourself to do things that you might not indulge in shortly.

Is ‘Life of Crime: 1984-2020’ on HBO?

Life of Crime is a documentary made by HBO. You can watch this beautiful realistic documentary on HBO, HBO Max, and HBO Now. In HBO you can experience the trials and tribulations one faces in their lives. You can watch them all on various HBO platforms including the HBO streaming app. To watch this masterpiece, you can subscribe to the HBO channel through your cable operators like at&t services, Hulu Plus Live TV subscriptions, and DirecTV. You can also sign up in your HBO Max to watch this masterpiece.

How to Sign Up For HBO Max?

Signing up for HBO Max is a very easy affair to watch Life of Crime. So here is the thing, if you want to watch HBO Max on smart TV the accurate procedure is to connect to your activation page on another device. And open your activation link on your phone. You can simply access it on the settings and activation key. These will be a few digits that you have to key in on your smart TV and you can access the HBO Max services. You have to do all of this by connecting to your cable TV streaming service like AT&T, Hulu plus Live TV. You just have to choose signup and select a TV service you have subscribed to. Now just key in login credentials to your cable account. After that just activate and watch the shows.

Users who access HBO Max on its own can subscribe through this method:

Steps to Sign Up on HBO Max

  • First of all, visit the homepage of HBO Max. You will find it here.
  • Now you have to click on ‘signup’.
  • Now you will find two types of plans on your screens. One plan shall cost you $9.99/month and $99.99/year, while the other will cost you $14.99/month and $149.99/year.
  • Now on the next page, you will be asked to fill in your details. Here, you have to fill in your name, email, password, and related information.
  • Now you will have to key in payment information and process the payment.
  • Please remember that you need to update your card details to avail of the services.

Where is the cast of ‘Life of Crime: 1984-2020’ now?

What happened to Freddie?

Freddie was the one who started stealing groceries just for subsistence. But then it turned out to be a bad addiction for him. Slowly he got enveloped completely in the act. He knew no two ways to get away from it. He was also a drug user, he had a family and after serving two paroles, he couldn’t face them. In 1999, he relapsed and was found dead in his apartment.

What happened to Rob?

Rob was the one who learned to steal and got addicted to drugs from Freddie. He got into drugs because his father could only afford to do a minimum wage job. He was poor and tried his best to get away from drugs. He along with his parole officers did try to turn his life around. He was mostly rejected from all jobs. He was working in a mall. He also helped people who died taking drugs. But his fate got him by the claws and in 2002, he was found dead in his apartment. He was bloated and his body was in a state of decomposition. There is no doubt he died of a drug overdose.

What happened to Deliris?

Deliris on the other hand had two perfectly healthy children. The children started detaching from her mother. She thought that she will lose her children if she continues doing prostitution and drugs. She also was afraid of catching aids. She worked as a drug abuse activist and helped the needy to get away from drug abuse. But she too had to face the wrath of her fate. In 2020, when COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the minds of people. She had to get back to taking drugs. And she relapsed, but this time she could not run away from her fate. And she died from a drug overdose.

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Final Words

Life of Crime: 1984-2020 is a very sad movie. You can catch it on HBO whether it's HBO Now, HBO Go, and HBO Max. It does touch your heart and shows you how your behavior can affect you as a person. It also depicts how you as a person can go to great lengths to just preserve the being you have become, a drug addict, and the repercussions it can have on us as humans. It’s a deeply touching story.