I reviewed the NoteBurner video downloader.

If you do a search using the keyword "NoteBurner," you will probably find Apple Music and Spotify conversion applications at the top of the list, but this company has actually also developed software for saving videos from paid video distribution services. Many of you may be curious about this, so we will start with some basic information about the product.

NoteBurner Video Downloader Basic Information

Products vary depending on the site you use, so we use the Netflix downloader as an example here.

Netflix videos are in .nfv format, so it is not easy to play them on non-official media players. However, NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader is made specifically for Netflix, so it can convert videos to mp4 format for downloading, and along with keeping HD high quality, it also supports subtitles and audio in multiple languages. You can choose from monthly, yearly, and perpetual licenses. The monthly fee is about 2,700 yen including tax, the annual fee is 8,000 yen, and the buy-out fee is almost 20,000 yen.

Advantages of NoteBurner

The author has actually downloaded and used the NoteBurner product, and has summarized some of its advantages.

There is a free trial version and the price is reasonable.

Although the number and length of videos that can be downloaded is limited, it is possible to download a free trial version, try it out anyway, and then subscribe to additional videos. The monthly fee is also quite reasonable among the many video downloading software available. And what's more, it supports team plans that can be used on multiple devices. If you are a subscriber to one service and want to download exclusively for that service, this is the service for you.

Easy operations such as batch downloading

The service is easy to use: log in to Netflix, search for a movie, select a movie from the list, and download it. For example, you don't have to repeat the process for full-length dramas and variety shows.

iOS version available

This is a great service for iOS users, as there are some products that you may find useful but are not compatible with iOS. You can check the details on the official website, and you can easily download videos by following the same procedure as with Windows.

Disadvantages of NoteBurner

Next, we will discuss the disadvantages of this service, including some points to keep in mind when using it.

There are usage restrictions that cannot be circumvented.

According to NoteBurner's official website, with an individual plan, you can use the download service on only one device. With a team plan, it's about twice as much, so it's not quite as easy as it sounds. Note that if you cancel your Netflix account itself or if the expiration date has passed, you will not be able to use the download function.

Not available on multiple sites.

NoteBurner's video downloader is developed as a dedicated product for each service, so if you want to download videos from other sites, you will have to purchase another product. Even if the price of each one is low, it can add up to a considerable amount of money, so from a cosmetic standpoint, it may not be suitable for those who have registered for multiple distribution memberships. I would love nothing better than to have multiple functions combined in one software, but I am wondering if there is any solution to this problem.

Therefore, I would like to introduce to you the most powerful download software that allows you to download videos from almost any site on the Internet with a single click.

Y2Mate Downloader

Y2Mate is a software that downloads videos in high quality and offers significant advantages over NoteBurner.

Compatible with a wide variety of websites

Like NoteBurner, Y2Mate has specialized platform products, but as long as you download one of them, you can download from any website with a single URL. You can access them directly from the built-in browser, so you can download while you watch, so you won't be bored while you wait! Downloading starts automatically when playback starts, so the necessary operations are very simple.

Higher image quality than NoteBurner

Y2Mate saves 4k and even 8k high quality videos on your device as long as the video quality is supported by the streaming service. If the video has subtitles, Y2Mate automatically searches for them and downloads the audio at the same time. There are many other formats to choose from, not to mention mp4, so you can see for yourself.


In this article, we have introduced NoteBurner, a downloader software, as well as a recommended alternative downloader. Everyone has his or her own needs in terms of usability and demand for features, but we hope you will take this opportunity to download Y2Mate downloader and try its excellent features for yourself.

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