7 Best Paramount Plus Downloaders to Save You Money and Energy

In today's fast-paced world, streaming services like Paramount Plus are our primary entertainment sources. But sometimes, issues like poor internet connections, travel restrictions, or the need to watch offline may hinder streaming. This is where Paramount Plus downloaders become useful.

In 2023, with a sea of downloader choices, picking the best one might be a tough task. We have simplified this for you by presenting the top 7 Paramount Plus video downloaders. We've taken into account elements such as speed, quality, and user-friendliness to bring you the most dependable and effective options.

1. Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader

Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader enables you to download Paramount Plus shows in 1080p for offline viewing. The best part is that Y2Mate can download DRM-free Paramount+ videos. After downloading, you can play Paramount Plus shows offline on any devices without worrying video file compatibility. Plus, its batch and auto-download features make it effortless to download all your favorite genres from Paramount Plus with fewer waiting time.

Y2Mate Paramount+ Downloader for PC
Your Best Mate to Download Paramount Plus for Offline Viewing.
  • Download 1080p Paramount+ videos without quality loss.
  • Auto download and batch download Paramount Plus videos.
  • Enjoy ads-free videos offline even with Paramount Essential account.
  • Save subtitles and meta information from Paramount+.
  • High success rate thanks to stable software updates and maintainence.
  • Don't need Paramount+ APP.
  • Free trial for 30 days and 7-day money-back guarantee.
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2.  SameMovie Paramount Plus Downloader

SameMovie is the best Paramount Plus video downloader designed to help users download 1080p movies and TV shows from Paramount Plus. Whether you're looking to build your personal movie collection or just want to watch your favorite shows on your own schedule, SameMovie puts the power in your hands.


SameMovie Paramountplus Downloader provides you with 5.1 sound and batch download quality. But the average download speed of SameMovie is slower than Y2Mate. Besides, it can also keep subtitles from Paramount+, you can choose to download subtitles into SMI/TTML/VTT files.

The using method is to copy and paste the URL of Paramount+ videos into SameMovie Paramount Plus Downloader.

3. VidiCable

VidiCable enables you to download from Paramount Plus, Amazon and other 10+ sites. The biggest advantage is that Vidicable is a all-in-one downloader, but it also means that Vidicable will be much more expensive than other Paramount+ targeted downloaders.

VidiCable All-in-one

As for features of Vidicable, it also supports downloading 1080p Paramount+ videos for offline viewing. But the differences of Vidicable lies in that Vidicable records videos rather than directly download videos from Paramount+. The video quality may be affected by recording and the speed will be restricted by device.

Moreover, it is worth noting that Vidicable Video Downloader is only compatible with Windows, which limits its accessibility to users with other operating systems.

4. MyStream Paramount Plus Downloader

MyStream Paramount Plus Downloader is also a top Paramount Plus video downloader that lets users to download movies and TV series from Paramount Plus without DRM. MyStream does not require you to paste the Paramount+ video's URL because it has a built-in browser.

MyStream Paramount Plus Downloaders

MyStream can download Paramount+ videos with subtitles, a convenient feature for users who require them to enjoy their content. And MyStream also has the batch download feature. You can download 3 Paramount+ videos at the same time.

5. Audials 2023

Audials, which is more similar to Vidicable, is a powerful screen recorder that can record Paramount Plus for offline viewing. Audials can reocord videos from various platforms, including Paramount Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. You can choose the quality of their downloaded videos, including 720p and 1080p.

Audials 2023 allows you to skip commericials of Paramount Plus, which is a progress for screen recorders. And it offers a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users with varying technical expertise.



But it is a pity that Audials does not offer a monthly plan for users, but only an annual plan. That would be bad for someone who only has short-term Paramount Plus download offline needs.

6. Kigo ParamountPlus Downloader

Kigo Paramount+ Downloader can fast download movies from Paramount+ to MP4 or MKV formats. Moreover, Kigo ParamountPlus Downloader works well with Mac and Windows systems.


The software UI design between SameMovie and Kigo ParamountPlus Downloader is quite similar. You need to paste URL for downloading Paramount Plus videos in up to 1080p. Is Kigo ParamountPlus Downloader safe? The answer is definitely yes. Kigo stresses that this software is for personal use only. And you can also enjoy batch download feature.

7. CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader

CleverGet Paramount Plus Downloader is relatively a new one in the market, but the overrall downloading quality of CleverGet wins the heart of users. CleverGet offers an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and use the software.


CleverGet Paramount+ Downloader is a tool that lets you download any subtitle file from Paramount+ in SUP/SRT formats. It also allows you to save Paramount Plus content as an MP4 file. However, its user interface and instructions can be difficult to comprehend, particularly for those new to using video downloading tools. It may not be the best fit for beginners.

Comprehensive Comparsion of 7 Best Paramount+ Video Downloaders

The 7 best Paramount video downloaders mentioned above can meet your needs for offline viewing of Paramount Plus, and basically support advanced functions such as batch downloading and subtitle downloading. So which one should you choose?

The author believes that when the functions are similar, what needs to be considered should be the download speed and success rate of the software during actual use, as well as the price. After trial and comparison, the author summarized the following table for your reference.

  Speed Success Rate Monthly Plan Annual Plan Lifetime Plan
Y2Mate 10X 95% $25.90 $64.90 $129.90
SameMovie 5X 85% $14.95 $59.95 $129.90
Vidicable 2X 88% / $119.90 $259.90
MyStream 6X 90% $19.90 $59.90 $139.90
Audials 2023 1X 80% / $59.90 /
Kigo 5X 80% $14.95 $59.95 $129.90
CleverGet 5X 75% / $35.97 $59.97

If you care about the download speed and quality of Paramount+ Video Downloader, Y2Mate Paramount+ Downloader is your first choice. It also supports downloading 3 Paramount+ videos for free. It is the most generous free trial among all software, and the comprehensive experience matches its price.

If you only have short-term downloading needs, the monthly subscription of SameMovie ParamountPlus Downloader is the most recommended, and the success rate is relatively higher.

The least recommended thing is screen recording software like Audials, because if you want to download a Paramount+ movie, you have nothing to do except wait for the movie to play from beginning to end, which takes 2 hours.


This article has compiled the 7 best Paramount Plus Downloaders for you! So, whether planning a long-haul flight or simply wanting to binge-watch your favorite show without interruptions, read on to discover the best Paramount Plus downloader for your needs.

After reviewing and comparison, Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader stands out as the best option. It offers a range of features, including fast download speeds, various quality options, and compatibility with multiple devices and operating systems.

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