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Pazuvideo vs Y2Mate: How to Choose a High Quality Video Downloader

Have you heard of Pazuvideo, a software program for downloading videos? While there are many sites and software for saving videos, we will focus on Pazuvideo and review its usability and functions. If you are having trouble downloading videos, please take a look at Pazuvideo.

What is Pazuvideo?

Pazuvideo is a tool that downloads videos in MP4/MKV format from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Max. These are the tools to download videos in MP4/MKV format from these distribution platforms. You can purchase each product on their official websites, and each site seems to have slightly different features.

How to use Pazuvideo

Pazuvideo's products themselves are available in Japanese, but unfortunately the official site is in English, so it may be a little inconvenient to check how to use them.

Here we will explain the basic usage of Pazuvideo using Netflix as an example.

First, download the product from the official site. You can also add subscriptions later, so download the free version for now.

Once the installation is complete and the software is launched, the Netflix website will automatically launch.

Log in from this window to search for and download videos from the other software.

Note that you cannot close the window if you are not logged in.

You can click on the gear button to configure various settings.

pazuvido fees

Pazuvido offers a basic monthly subscription if you purchase any of the products individually; prices vary slightly from one to another, but the basic price is $14 to $16. You can buy all five products at once, but it will cost you a whopping $320(about$320 ). For a tool that can only be downloaded from a specific site, this may be a bit pricey.

My impression of Pazuvideo

In general, my honest impression is that it is a little difficult to use. It is also a problem that one software can only handle specialized websites. Further, when I checked the details of the software, I found that it supports up to 1080p quality, but some sites may only support 720p. It may not be suitable for those who use multiple distribution services. It is also compatible with macOS.

Alternative to Pazuvideo: Y2Mate Downloader

Here is another multifunctional download tool for you.

Y2Mate Downloader is a software that allows you to download videos from most sites on the web in high quality, and it has a number of significant advantages over Pazuvideo.

Support for a Wide Variety of Websites

Like Pazuvideo, Y2Mate has platform-specific products, but as long as you download one of them, you can download from any site with a single URL . You can access them directly from the built-in browser, so there is no need to open a separate window like with Pazuvideo.

Higher Quality than Pazuvideo

Y2Mate saves 4k and even 8k high quality videos on your device as long as the video quality is supported by the streaming service. If the video has subtitles, Y2Mate automatically detects them and downloads the audio at the same time. And you can do all these settings on a single screen.

Easy to use

With Y2Mate, simply click on the distribution service icon on the official website to access it, or copy and paste the URL of the video, and downloading will begin automatically. This means that you can watch full-length movie works, for example, while downloading. Furthermore, downloading multiple contents at once saves a lot of time! You can see all the items you are downloading in the item management on the left side of the screen.

Choice of price plans

Another big advantage Y2Mate has over Pazuvideo is that it offers multiple pricing plans, including monthly, yearly, and lifetime. Of course, you can try it for free at first. For Lifetime, you will have access to all of Pazuvideo's dozens of times richer features for less than half the price of Pazuvideo.

Pazuvideo vs Y2Mate

(data) item Pazuvideo Y2Mate
Supported sites Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max More than 1000 websites
High image quality support Up to 1080p (720p in some cases) Up to 8K (depending on distributor)
Subtitles and supplementary sound support Not available Yes
How to operate Somewhat complicated Easy
Batch download No Yes
Fee Plans Monthly, perpetual license (bulk purchase of 5 products) Multiple plans including monthly, annual, lifetime, etc.

Monthly: $14 - $16 (single product)

Perpetual license: $320 (bulk purchase of 5 products)

Monthly: $19.9 (all-in-one)

Perpetual license: $149.9 (all-in-one)

macOS Support Yes Yes
Free version None 3 full movies available for download


How was it? In this article, we compared two video download tools, Pazuvideo and Y2Mate, which are specialized for specific distribution platforms, but are a bit more complicated to use and have limited support for high quality video. Y2Mate, on the other hand, supports a wide variety of websites, is easy to use, offers excellent quality, and offers multiple pricing plans. We hope you will take this opportunity to try it out.

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