A Complete Guideline on Peacock TV/Samsung

Peacock TV is one of the most popular platforms that brings you timeless entertainment every time. So, having Peacock TV/ Samsung was a big blow for fans, who went crazy over the news. Peacock TV on Samsung is no wonder the best collaboration that didn't exist till the year 2021.


Peacock TV Samsung is what the world needs. However, some people don't know how to get Peacock on Samsung TV. Fret not! You're at the right palace. We will guide you through all the steps of Peacock TV/ Samsung.

Moreover, you can also get your questions answered if Peacock is not working on Samsung TV. So, without further ado. Let's get it!

What Is Peacock TV/Samsung?

Peacock TV is a popular and top-class platform that has a wide range of shows, movies, series, and more. Peacock TV was identified as an independent channel, but it later collaborated with various platforms, including Roku TV.

We got Peacock TV/Samsung or Peacock TV on Samsung on June 8, 2021. All fans went crazy because the news was one of their dreams. Having Peacock Samsung TV was no longer a dream. By using Peacock TV/ Samsung, you can stream all the premium and freemium content of Peacock TV on Samsung TV.

Peacock TV/Samsung

You can use the Peacock TV/Samsung to stream top-tier shows limitlessly. Whether it is "One of Us is Lying" or the on-point comedy shows "Saturday Night Live." It is always good to watch it whenever you want to watch it.

Moreover, the best thing about having Peacock TV/Samsung is the convenience of watching your favorite and entertaining content when you want. Plus, you don't have to care if you have missed the aired episode, as you can find it on it.

How to Get Peacock on Samsung TV?

Once you get your answer to is Peacock on Samsung TV, then the next question is clear how to get Peacock on Samsung TV? That's what we need the most! Peacock on Samsung TV is easy to get and doesn't require much effort.

How to Get Peacock on Samsung TV?

You'll just need to follow the steps to get Peacock TV/Samsung. However, for the newbies or our loving fam! We've put together a step-by-step guideline on how to get Peacock on Samsung TV.

You can follow the steps conveniently, as it doesn't consume much time and effort. So, let’s dive right into it!

  • Switch on your Samsung TV and press the "Home" button.
  • You’ll see the “The Menu Tab” pop-out window.
  • Hop on to the App section and navigate to the search bar.
  • Locate Peacock TV by typing its name on the search bar.
  • Now, click the "Install" button to proceed with the installation.

Voila! You're done installing Peacock TV on Samsung. It was super easy, right? Nothing can stop you from streaming your famous shows on Peacock TV/Samsung.

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How to Deal with Peacock not Working on Samsung TV?

Peacock TV/Samsung is the best entertainment world that you'd ever want. Despite the goodness, many of the audience deal with Peacock not working on Samsung TV. They always think that Peacock not working on Samsung TV is because their server is down. However, most of the time, that's not the case.

Therefore, for our folks, we’ve put together a list of methods that you can apply to verify why Peacock not working on Samsung TV. You can carefully follow all these methods one by one and figure out what's the problem with them!

 Deal with Peacock not Working on Samsung TV

Method #01 Unplug your device

Most of the time, unplugging your Samsung TV device can solve many problems. So, this is the first method.

  • Switch off your device through the remote.
  • Also, unplug your device from the switch and wait for at least 2-3 minutes to let it cool down.
  • Plugin your device and switch it back on!

See if it solved the problem. If not, then move to the next step.

Method #02 Update Peacock TV/Samsung

The next step to fix Peacock TV/Samsung is tricky, but you can easily accomplish it if you follow along. You'll just need to update Peacock Samsung TV, and you might fix the issue in no time. So, let's check if this fixes the Peacock Samsung TV issue.

  • Switch your Samsung TV and hop on to the "Settings" tab.
  • Next, move to the applications tab and locate” Apps to Update."
  • Locate Peacock TV and run the firmware checker. Note that it would only take a few minutes to complete it.
  • Now, check if you have any updates that you didn't install. If yes, then install them.

This will most likely fix all the issues that Peacock TV/Samsung might not be working at your place. Also, if they aren't available, hop on to the next step.

Method #03 Try resigning into your Peacock TV

There might be an account validation issue on your Peacock Samsung TV. Therefore, it keeps you out and stops you from accessing the account. So, to verify that, follow these steps and fix the issue.

  • Open the Settings tab and locate the log-out button.
  • Click it, and it will direct you to the sign-in window.
  • Relog into your account by entering your personal information, etc.

It is most likely to solve the Peacock TV on Samsung not working. If not, then we have to finish the last method.

Method #04 Reinstalling Peacock on Samsung TV

This is the last method that could help you to fix Peacock TV/Samsung issue. However, before you uninstall the Peacock TV from Samsung, it’s better to check your internet connection.

It might be ridiculous for you to check it, but please do check it one last time, as it might save you from trouble. If your internet connection is fully stable, let's reinstall Peacock Samsung TV.

  • Hop on to the Storage unit of your Samsung device.
  • Locate the “Installed apps” tab and scroll down to locate Peacock TV.
  • Click on the "Uninstall" button to remove Peacock from Samsung TV.

Now, skip to the above guideline, where we explained how to get Peacock on Samsung TV. This is the final method to fix the Peacock on Samsung TV issue. If it still doesn't fix, you might have to wait for some time, as the server might be down for a while.

How to Download Peacock Videos with Y2Mate?

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Watching your favorite Peacock on Samsung TV is no longer a dream after 2021. In this guide, we tried to answer all your queries, including is Peacock on Samsung TV, how to get Peacock on Samsung TV, etc.

Moreover, if you want to download Peacock TV videos on your PC, try Y2Mate. It is available for Netflix, Peacock TV and other platforms.

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