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Watch and Download Amazing Shows at Peacocktv.com/Vizio with Easy Steps

During the Covid pandemic, people had too much time on their hands when the world was stuck inside their homes. To fill that time, some adopted hobbies while others enjoyed watching TV shows and movies. That was when streaming services surfaced like mushrooms to fill the gap, and it's still going strong.


peacocktv.com/Vizio is one such service from Peacock TV that you can watch from peacock tv/Vizio and enjoy all your shows. Today we are talking in detail about the following things in this article:

  • What is peacocktv.com/Vizio premium?
  • How you can activate it by visiting peacock tv.com/Vizio activate
  • How to get peacock on Vizio smart tv

What Is Peacock Tv and Vizio?

Peacock TV


Peacock TV is a streaming service that shows movies, sports, and other content from NBCUniversal on peacocktv.com/Vizio for you to watch peacock tv on Vizio and other devices. There are many exclusive shows like the "Modern Family," "The Office," and many more.

You can also watch the latest movies on the service after their box office has been shown for 45 days. You can watch shows on-demand or stream regularly available shows. And here is the guide to watch Peacock sports if you want to know more about Peacock.

Vizio Smart TV


The best place to watch peacocktv.com Vizio is on Vizio smart TV devices, one of the best Smart TVs on the market. You can spark your imagination with their FHQ screens and watch peacocktv.com tv/Vizio shows in your living room with comfort.

They have many FHD and FK smart TVs with different screen sizes that all can be connected to the internet via your Wi-Fi to watch peacock tv on Vizio.

How Can I Watch Peacocktv.com on Vizio?

Are you ready to watch Peacocktv.com/Vizio on your Vizio Smart TV and enjoy all the best shows and movies from Peacock tv/Vizio? We will teach you how to get the most out of Peacocktv.com/Vizio premium if you Peacock tv.com/Vizio upgrade. Let’s begin.

Peacocktv.com on Vizio

Which Models Are Supported?

All Vizio Smart TVs natively support peacocktv.com tv/Vizio from 2016 and above. You can either watch it on Smart TV internet with capabilities or upgrade at peacocktv.com/Vizio to use your smartphone via airplay or Chromecast. Let’s get down to peacocktv.com/Vizio streaming business in these three methods on how to get peacock on Vizio smart tv.

Watching Peacock tv/Vizio from the App on Vizio Smart TV

  • The first method is to visit the peacocktv.com Vizio page to either sign up or make a new account.
  • You can also upgrade at peacocktv.com/Vizio to the peacocktv.com/Vizio premium version here.
  • After you have done these sign-in steps and peacock tv.com/Vizio activate, you can start with the download process.
  • Go to the home screen on your Vizio Smart TV.
  • Find the app store in the apps and search for peacocktv.com Vizio.
  • Here you should select "Add to Home," and the app will start downloading.
  • After it's downloaded and installed, you will now see the peacocktv.com tv/Vizio app on the Home Screen.
  • Open the app, sign in with your credentials. You can now watch all your peacock tv on Vizio!

Watching Peacocktv.com/Vizio via Apple Airplay


  • The Sign-up or Sign in steps for peacocktv.com/Vizio are the same as those above.
  • Install the app on your iPhone from peacock tv/Vizio after the signing-in process, which will redirect you to the AppStore.
  • Once installed, you need to sign in on the app, which you can verify from peacocktv.com tv/Vizio page.
  • The next step, make sure both your Apple device and Vizio Smart are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • From the Peacock app on your phone, start any content and press the share button.
  • On the share menu, press the Airplay icon so that you can select your Smart TV when it asks.
  • The app will show all your content, and you will see peacock tv on Vizio TV.

How to Get Peacock on Vizio Smart TV via Google Cast?


  • The first step of signing in to peacocktv.com/Vizio is the same as above, but this time is on your Android device.
  • You can, though, do the same with your iOS device for peacock tv/Vizio via the Google Cast.
  • Don’t forget that you can watch the best shows if you have peacocktv.com/Vizio premium by an upgrade at peacocktv.com/Vizio.
  • Don’t forget to peacock tv.com/Vizio activate.
  • Download the app on whatever device you are using and open it.
  • Make sure both mobile and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network to watch peacocktv.com/Vizio
  • Follow the same steps as with Airplay, but for Android devices, you have to select casting.
  • Your peacock tv/Vizio that you are playing on your mobile device is now being mirrored on your Vizio Smart TV.

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How to Download Peacock Videos?

Peacock is a fantastic streaming service offering more than 7,500 hours worth of shows and content, all free with peacocktv.com/vizio for the free version. If you decide to use the peacocktv.com/Vizio premium version, you get twice the amount of content for a small fee of $5 per month.

Now consider watching all these shows on your mobile, from the peacocktv.com/Vizio page, and that too without the internet. Now you must be wondering what trickery this is. How is this even possible for streaming-only services? So here is the answer.

Y2Mate Peacock Downloader is an app that downloads show, movies, and other digital content online from peacocktv.com/Vizio in at least 720p quality, which you can use on any device. You can watch these downloads without the need for the internet, and amazingly fun with lots more shows if you have done the peacock tv.com/Vizio upgrade.

Furthermore, Y2Mate is available on almost all popular devices, even gaming platforms, and helps download content bulk. Such a fantastic downloader it is helping many people who can't stream on mobiles due to their budget when they are out and about.

The Guide to Use Y2Mate Peacock Downloader

Here are the essential steps to download peacocktv.com/Vizio shows and content, especially if you have made the peacock tv.com/Vizio upgrade.

  • The first step to downloading the content of peacock tv/Vizio with Y2Mate, you need to download the Y2Mate app on your smartphone or other device or visit the website.
Y2Mate Peacock Downloader
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  • Open the navigation tab and find the VIP Services. There you can see a lot of services that Y2Mate offers collaboration with, and their shows.
  • If you don’t find your favorite show from Peacock TV, you can find the link to the show on peacock tv/Vizio.


  • Paste the show link on the search bar, and the option to download appears. Just click that and download your favorite show.
  • You can download it in many formats such as MP4, MOV, M3U8.


The best about streaming services is that most of them give out coupons or schemes every few months, which you can use to subscribe for much cheaper. This helps you to switch to a cheaper service if you are on a budget. Peacock TV is a fantastic app with tons of content for a low price.

The other best thing about Peacock TV is that it is supported by Y2Mate downloader; you can download any show in MP4 quality and take it with you to watch in other places when you don’t have internet.

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