Playon Amazon Not Working

If you have been into DVR streaming, you would find the PlayON service to be one of the most unique and exciting services. However, it has also been at the helm of destroying the business prospective of a host of streaming services. That is exactly what causes the streaming services to stop working on PlayON. If you are facing the issue of PlayON Amazon not working, the tips here can prove to be much helpful.

Why PlayON Amazon not working – A few reasons

PlayON has been a model that cuts into the revenue of the streaming services. It does let you record Amazon videos with ease on the service. This is one of the reasons why most of the streaming services tend to be a little dejected with the PlayON DVR service. This is exactly why the streaming service update their back end and thus the streaming service stops working on PlayON. PlayON then has to update the app and services so that the streaming service can be made operational. This can take time, and in the meanwhile, the streaming service stops working.

Playon Amazon Not Working

The technical glitches in the streaming service can also be a reason for PlayON Amazon not working. The technical issues can either be on the streaming service, in this case Amazon Prime or with PlayON.

Whatever be the reason, it may be worthwhile to check out a few of the fixes to address the issue of PlayON Amazon not working.

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How to fix PlayON Amazon Not working?

I went through a few of the reasons why PlayON Amazon stops working all of a sudden. I could check out a few of the options that are available at my disposal and found a few of them addressing the issue more effectively.

Let us check out the best fixes that can address the problem of PlayON Amazon not working.

Fix 1- Check if your Amazon Prime account is active

The first issue can be with your Amazon Prime account. Check if your Prime account is active. If you have not yet paid your subscription or not renewed your Prime subscription, you are bound to be facing the issues with your PlayON Amazon.

Playon Amazon Not Working

Make sure that your Amazon Prime Video account or Amazon Prime account (as the case maybe) is active. If not renew your subscription and check. This should ideally be helpful in solving the issue of PlayON Amazon Prime not working.

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Fix 2 – Make sure your internet connection is working

A non-working, slower or faulty internet connection can be one of the reasons that can cause the error where you would find Amazon app not working. You would need a minimum connection speed of 25 Mbps to achieve a proper streaming. If that is not the case, your internet connection can be a culprit.

If you are on a lower plan, get your plan updated to the higher one. In certain cases, you may also need to change your ISP if the problem persistently affects you.

Fix 3 – Check it out on other devices

There can be a solid reason that the issue may be with PlayON alone because of some technical glitch. It would be advisable to check Amazon Prime on other devices or services. Even the device may have a few issues.

Playon Amazon Not Working

Check if Amazon Prime works with other devices. You can check it with the other streaming devices that the Amazon Prime is compatible with. If you can get Amazon Prime working properly on other devices, it can be assured that the issue lies with PlayON.

Fix 4 – Restart and reinstall PlayON

You can check if restarting your PlayON device resolves the problem. Some of the minor technical glitches are likely to be resolved with a simple reboot or restart. You can turn of your PlayON Home or PlayON Cloud and turn it on again to see if that fixed the issue for you.

Playon Amazon Not Working

You can also consider reinstalling PlayON. Yet another good option is to reinstall Amazon Prime on PlayON. If you are facing a few minor technical glitches, this step should help you resolve the error.

Fix 5 – Use the latest HDMI cables

The cables that are outdated can also be an issue and make you find PlayON Amazon stop working. If you have any outdated cables, you can consider replacing them to see if that solves that problem for you.

The PlayON services would need a minimum of 1.4 HDCP standard for a proper functioning. Investing in a good quality HDMI cable can also resolve the error for you.

Fix 6 – Get in touch with PlayON support

If none of the fixes above help you in resolving the error, the next best thing would be to contact the PlayON support. They should be able to assist you with the appropriate solutions.

Here are the steps need to assist you in contacting the PlayON support –

For PlayON Home

  • Go to Settings and then select Stop Server
  • Restart the server and click on Support
  • This will create logs that will be sent to the customer support

For PlayON Cloud

  • Click on Submit -> Submit Trouble request -> Submit
  • Wait for a while to see if the issue is resolved

Can you have any good alternative to PlayON?

Of course, PlayON is a good tool and provides you with a huge list of advantages. Even then the issues such as PlayON Amazon not working can make you make frustrated and that is perhaps why you may be looking for the alternatives.

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To sum it up…

Well, PlayON has been one of the most unique options that you would find all the more unique and exciting for getting access to the streaming content from a variety of streaming services. However, there are times when you may be facing a few issues with PlayON services, one of them being PlayON Amazon not working. The tips above should help you find how to fix the issues related to PlayON Amazon not working.

In case you are looking for a powerful alternative to PlayON, the Y2Mate Amazon Video downloader should prove to be a great choice. Check it out once and make sure that it meets your individual preferences.

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