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Pluto TV Review – The Best Stream-All Platform with Best Downloader!

When you are off work, and it's time to relax, a dilemma haunts us: what and where to watch? There are so many streaming websites that it's hard to choose. Disney+ subscribers can't view some top-rated shows and movies exclusive to Netflix without subbing, so in the end, you are left to choose more than one service, which isn’t sustainable.

Pluto TV Review

So, if you are looking for one and all solutions, then Pluto movies is your answer because it is a free streaming and downloading service. Today we are presenting the Pluto TV review in this article. So let’s begin.

What is Pluto TV?

While most might know Pluto TV as a must-have movie and shows downloader, it is much more than that. It is a streaming service with over 200 channels in its panel that is free and owned by Paramount. You can see shows and content from other excellent streaming services here.

Pluto TV Review

If you are a movies fan, then you’d be glad to know Pluto movies have a great library, and you are bound to find something you love here. So now that you know what Pluto TV is actually about, Pluto TV pros and cons.

Pluto TV Pros and Cons

Whenever you want to subscribe to a service, you need to know Pluto TV pros and cons because it gives you a clear picture of the service’s worth. People seldom shift from one service to another, as many don’t like change. So let us look at the Pluto TV pros and cons and see why it is worth your time and effort.


  • The service is free to register, which is terrific.
  • Pluto movies provide many household names and brands on its channels and store.
  • You can't find a massive assortment of on-demand movies and shows in a single location.


  • The 1st Pluto movie con is that you won’t find the latest content here, which will still be exclusive to their respective platforms.
  • A few TV channels have their truncated version available.
  • For now, there isn’t any DVR functionality though you could use a 3rd party downloader such as Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader.

Is Pluto TV Safe?

This is the section of the Pluto TV review where we have already discussed many things about Pluto movies and some of the Pluto TV pros and cons. Now we move on to a critical question that comes to mind for all online services and websites, is Pluto TV safe? Yes! Without a doubt, it is and won't sell your data to other parties. Why do we give a positive answer to is Pluto TV safe?

Pluto TV Review

Because it is the product of Paramount company, has many stakes in the entertainment industry, and is a well-renowned name. This service is especially perfect for those that don’t have time to see which show is hot and which platform has its exclusivity.

So, if you want to learn some more about Pluto TV safe and how you can activate its service on any platform or device, don’t forget to read more about Pluto movies in the “How to Get Activation Code for Pluto TV on All Devices?” article.

Can You Watch Pluto TV on Mac?

The next question after the “is Pluto TV safe” is Can you watch Pluto TV on Mac? Because there are many Mac users out there who are devoid of basic and essential apps like this.

So no, now, there is no Pluto TV app on the Mac, and the only option left for Pluto TV fans is to watch it on a browser. Follow these simple steps to enjoy Pluto movies on your Mac computer.

  1. Open the safari app on your Mac computer or laptop. You can even choose any other web browser, as the process is similar.
  2. Search for the Pluto TV website through any browser.
  3. Choose from tons of Pluto movies and shows and start enjoying them.

Pluto TV Review

This is the easiest method to enjoy all Pluto TV shows on the internet anywhere you are.

How to Download Pluto TV Movies?

Isn’t it a bummer that halfway through the Pluto TV review and reading some f the most essential and critical Pluto TV pros and cons, you get to know there is no app on Mac? How will you be able to record or download it?


Well, you don't need to fret as we have mentioned above that there is a way, even without the inability of Pluto TV DVR functionality. Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader is the perfect solution for Pluto movies. It is a fantastic downloader that lets you download Pluto movies with 1080p quality and fast! Here are some of the unique features of Y2Mate Pluto TV Downloader. 

And you can download Y2Mate right now by clicking the links below.

Supported Platforms

Didn’t we say Y2Mate is the all-in-one 1080p downloader for Pluto TV while also supporting more than 1,000 platforms? Whether you are a Disney+ or a Netflix fan, they have it and can download any show or movie.

New Episode Download Automatically

Now you don’t need to read about Pluto TV pros and cons, as let us tell you that no other app gives scheduled downloading of your favorite shows and each episode the date and time it airs. How smooth is that?

Encoding Supported

The best download quality supported by Y2Mate is M3U8 and MPD, so now you don’t have to worry about 1080p videos looking choppy. Enjoy your favorite shows in this superb HD quality.

Downloader, Not a Recorder

Y2Mate has advanced Ai protocol as it can easily detect the link and the data that the link holds and then extracts your favorite Pluto movies and shows from there. These videos are downloaded with top quality and blazing-fast speeds, and you won't ever need any other platform.

Here are some additional features about Y2Mate that we are sure you want to know about, even after some excellent Pluto TV pros and cons.

  • Download anything you want, and don't pay for streaming and internet services by watching the content as often as you want.
  • HD quality video is not just about video, but also must have great sound quality. The platform supports AAC 2.0 with amazing clarity and space saving of EAC3 5.0 audio tracks ensuring you get the best entertainment possible.
  • You can even configure your Pluto movies so the app can download everything, and you can watch them even offline.
  • Easily download any subtitle file in SRT format and use it on any device, not just your Mac or PC.
  • The best part about Y2Mate is that it downloads all content without ads. You will never want to watch anything online once you try Y2Mate.


So dear readers, now that you have read the complete Pluto TV review and learned a lot more about Pluto TV pros and cons, is there any query left? We have diligently answered two burning questions here: "is Pluto TV safe?” and “Can you watch Pluto TV on Mac?”. Furthermore, we have shared the one in all downloader Y2Mate which will be your only and best solution for future entertainment needs.

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